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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Autumn 2021-Winter 2022

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Hello, readers. We’re 19 months into COVID madness, and the temperature is rising across the world with regard to COVID-shot heat and vanishing freedoms. If your life’s been in a tailspin or you’re feeling disillusioned, I hope you and loved ones are able to find small things to be grateful for as we work together to improve the world.

I also hope that you’re able to connect with loved ones in celebrating the spirit of community and oneness, highlighted in this issue’s featured image. In a world pulled apart by segregation over COVID shot mandates and policies, it’s easy to overlook all the many things we have in common with our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors despite the positions we take on whether to vaccinate or not.

I got zapped by people in a community I once was deeply part of—experiencing the crushing feelings of having vitriol spewed at me in the form of personal attacks and outrageous assumptions—all for my good-natured attempt to provide illumination on this vaccination issue. I had to take a huge step back and remember that not everyone’s going to view information that’s important to me with an open mind and open eyes. The bonds we have, although tested, need more nurturing than ever to challenge agendas coming down the pike from governments across the world.

Please Share Fruit-Powered Magazine With Family and Friends to Help Combat Censorship

I am excited to share with you the longest and most-powerful Fruit-Powered Magazine issue ever. This issue runs just shy of 34,000 words and is the result of the efforts from me and several contributors sharing their time and insights.

If you’re not aware, our world is suffering from immense amounts of censorship. Beyond censorship from governments and in the mainstream news media, internet search engines and social media platforms are restricting people from finding and sharing information, especially natural health information.

So I ask, if you enjoy these stories, I hope you can pay it forward to help Fruit-Powered Magazine reach as many folks as possible by kindly sharing the link to the magazine’s main page with family and friends. Your help is appreciated and might help save lives and our freedoms!

It’s my contention that the whole world needs to read these illuminating, inspiring and powerful stories!

Now let’s get into this fantastic issue!

A Rallying Cry for the World to Awaken and Rise to Challenge Large Influential Entities

In the autumn 2021-winter 2022 issue’s lead In Season story, “COVID: Catastrophe: What Is Freedom Worth to You?”, I peel back the curtain on what is playing out with COVID, COVID shots and freedoms as well as offer some action steps you can take to help challenge those who are putting the squeeze on us. I also probe censorship issues and how we wound up with pharmaceutical companies running the show as an extension of the cabal’s wishes.

This story contains 30-some videos and links to dozens of sources so you can explore what some other notable folks have to share. It runs just shy of 10,000 words and will take some time to digest, but I believe it’s an eye-opening and jaw-dropping account of where we are, how we got here and where we’re going. This story is a rallying cry for all to become aware and rise up and to use their energy to help enlighten others. We have limited time to turn around this ship, so I hope you take all these compelling messages to heart and do your part to protect humanity and our freedoms!

Caroline Cory Invites Us to Tap Into Our Superhuman Powers

Caroline Cory put out a remarkable film on empowerment at the perfect time, summer 2020, a few months into the COVID mess. I caught this movie in early 2021 on a streaming service and wound up buying it twice: one digital copy for me and another for a friend.

This movie transports you into a world in which it’s revealed just how powerful human beings are via extrasensory perception experiments. These demonstrations are so remarkable that I couldn’t shut up about this movie for several months, mentioning a number of scenes by email and phone to family and friends and showing loved ones various clips from the move.

In the Closeup interview “Caroline Cory Exposes Our Superhuman Powers,” this visionary filmmaker breaks down some different scenes in the documentary and explains what led her to her work as well as the subject matter of her next project. It’s my hope that you’ll explore Caroline Cory’s work and find ways to apply your hidden superhuman powers in your everyday life, just as this force of nature has in hers!

All About Texas Fruit Festival From the High-Energy Tiffany Garres

Throughout spring and summer, fruit-loving Texas residents have been lucky to call Tiffany Garres one of their own. This remarkable woman has grown the Texas fruitarian community week by week and month by month, culminating in Texas Fruit Festival.

Tiffany Garres’ infectious energy transferred to me, as I enjoyed reading her powerful and captivating email and social media messages. I reached out to invite her to contribute a story on her efforts over the past several months, and Tiffany Garres came back with a stunning Spotlight feature piece, “The Importance of Fruit Festivals.”

Get moved by Tiffany Garres’ passion for a fruitarian diet and inspired to build a fruit-loving community in your neck of the woods. Can you imagine how the planet would begin to shift if every community had regular meetups—topped off by annual festivals—centered on enjoying fruit and talking about natural health? Discover what this wonder woman achieved in Texas at a challenging time, no less.

Matt Bennett Is a Treasure in the Raw Vegan Community

Videos and social media posts from Matt Bennett have caught my eye in recent years. Matt Bennett has been on the raw vegan path for a decade and has produced wonderful work on his Raw Intuition website.

“Matt Bennett Rises Over Asthma and Eczema on a Raw Vegan Diet” is a powerhouse of Raw Vegan Transformations story—the 116th such piece—about a man who got a taste of health through juice fasting and never looked back, finding a raw food diet on his way to pursuing peak health. Matt Bennett has gone on to build a website, YouTube channel and social media presence, helping inspire scores of people new to a raw vegan diet and veterans themselves.

Matt Bennett also shares “Matt Bennett’s Top 5 Tips for Long-Term Raw Vegan Success,” full of sage advice that’s bound to help anyone new to a raw food diet or even those who’ve hit some rough patches and need some steering. This treasure in the raw vegan community is no stranger to recipe creation, having put out numerous exciting recipe videos, and he serves up a “Cucumber Dill Rollups” recipe for readers to enjoy.

Don Bennett Gives the Skinny on the Corona Virus and Vaccines in a Can’t-Miss Fact Sheet

Don Bennett takes a powerful, simple and straightforward approach with his “Corona Virus and Vaccine Fact Sheet.” Readers can glean quite a bit of information from this latest Don Bennett Says … piece, presented in a list of bulleted points.

You stand to learn facts about the SARS-CoV-1 corona virus outbreak, in 2004, along with the pharmaceutical industry and the influence it has on elected leaders, mainstream news media and TV commercials. You’ll gain some knowledge about masks and social distancing that runs counter to mainstream guidance. You’ll also learn about how the number of reported deaths and adverse reactions from COVID shots and any other shots isn’t representative of the true numbers.

Don Bennett, who I consider to be an outstanding researcher who’s shared world-class health information for many years now, is so confident in his fact sheet that he’s offering a $1,000 reward for anyone willing to dig in and research to disprove any fact.

Who Doesn’t Want Love, Money and Health? Alicia Grant Can Open Your Eyes on How to Get These Into Your Life

Do you struggle with love, money and/or health? If you have trouble in one or more of these areas and you want to make improvements, you’re going to love Alicia Grant‘s latest Finding Your Synergy with Alicia Grant story, “Release Energy Blocks to Get the Love, Money and Health You Crave.”

Alicia Grant has been a highly influential person in my life over the years. Her story in Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s autumn 2020-winter 2021 issue, “Rising in Consciousness With Advanced Meditation Practices,” turned me on to the extraordinary work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has some of the best information on the planet. Alicia Grant returns in this magazine with another story that has the potential to help you elevate your life in ways you never dreamed of!

Learn how energy blocks can wall you off from the life you want to live and what you can do to release them. Plus, Alicia Grant has a special offer for the first five readers of her story who reach out to her! Look for the green box with a gold button a third of the way into her story.

Karen Ranzi Shares Vital Autism Information at a Time When Vaccines Dominate the News

I’ve known Karen Ranzi since seeing her speak at an event in autumn 2012 and am happy she’s contributed Insight From Natural Health Leaders stories to Fruit-Powered Magazine since October 2013. In her latest The Best in Family Health by Karen Ranzi story, this expert on creating and raising healthy children tackles autism, the subject of her latest book, Heal and Prevent Autism: Natural Solutions That Work.

With vaccines squarely in the spotlight, dominating the news all around the world since December 2020, Karen Ranzi’s “Autism Symptoms and Causes Plus Healing Autism Naturally” is bound to attract readers wanting to learn about top autism causes, which include vaccines, and healing solutions. This engaging article contains excerpts from Karen Ranzi’s latest book. If you’re a soon-to-be parent, parent of young children or even a grandparent or great-grandparent, you might wish to pick up Heal and Prevent Autism: Natural Solutions That Work for yourself or loved ones. The autism spectrum disorder diagnosis rate is now at 1 in 54 children, with projections to affect half of American children in the next decade.

Discover How You Can Go From the Throes of Back Pain to Enjoying a Pain-Free Life

In Brian Rossiter‘s latest Raw Food and Health story, “Enjoy Effective and Lasting Back Pain Treatment,” I break down back pain causes, symptoms and conditions while highlighting a remarkable treatment option that has helped me for more than a decade completely eliminate back pain.

Chronic back pain affects almost everyone at some point in their lives and can cause all sorts of disruptions in your life, as you may very well know. For 10 years, while I suffered every day from wicked back pain, I wish I knew about the powerful and highly effective back pain treatment I present in this story.

If you are affected by back pain or have a loved one who’s been suffering from this debilitating health condition, please send the link to my story, as the information I share might resonate with them and help them get out of a serious jam and even save them a lot of money in the long run.

Take Your Health to the Next Level Via the Finest Diet and Exercise Programs

One of my greatest passions is to work one on one in helping people eliminate chronic pain and position them to experience peak performance through my Posture Exercises Method. Are you one of the millions out there suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, sciatica or other chronic health conditions? As someone who’s committed to doing posture exercises for 98 percent of the days in the past 11½ years, 100 percent of the days in the past five years, reversed severe chronic pain and gotten into supreme physical shape (by far, the best shape of my life, at 44, and I keep going up), I know my Posture Exercises Method can deliver lights-out results.

I also enjoy helping people get on board with a plant-based or fruitarian diet through my Raw Vegan Coaching Program. I have a mind for details, and it’s knowing about, understanding and applying a variety of details that can make or break a person who’s wanting to go raw vegan, as I’ve seen so many times over the years. If you’re wanting to lose weight, get off pharmaceutical drugs, triumph over health conditions and/or experience boundless joy for life, let’s connect so I can help you thrive. Given the state of the world, I think that learning about and leveling up your diet is more important than ever before.

Both of these natural health services are offered in my Fruit-Powered Life Force Center. If you’re seeking guidance, I’d be happy to serve as your holistic health coach in what I believe to be the finest diet and exercise programs available. With these services, I can work with anyone anywhere via video chat.

Invest in your health and whole life in these ways!

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Create supreme vitality in your life!
Brian Rossiter

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