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Corona Virus and Vaccine Fact Sheet

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Note from Don Bennett: Disprove any facts stated here, and you will receive $1,000. I offer this as an incentive to get you to dig deep into this. My opinions will be labeled as such. And there are a few questions I pose.

  • After the SARS-CoV-1 corona virus in 2004, natural herd immunity developed before a vaccine could be rolled out. Plans were refined by the pharmaceutical industry to prevent that from happening again.
  • The pharma industry is not a non-profit industry that exists for the public good. They are a for-profit industry whose goal is to maximize profits (like any other industry), and one way to do this is to constantly be coming up with new products to sell, and to sell them to as many people as possible.
  • Of all the industries in the world, the one that contributes the most money to politicians in the U.S. Congress is the pharma industry. They don’t do this out of patriotism. I’m guessing they want something in return.
  • When it was found that their childhood vaccines were harming children and pharma companies were losing lawsuits and having to pay out too much money, they used their influence with Congress to get a law passed that prevents people from suing pharma companies. Their vaccine products were and are still the only product in the world to have such liability protection. If you are harmed or killed by a vaccine, you can file a claim in “vaccine court” administered by the federal government. There is a cap on how much your award can be, assuming you win. To date, billions of dollars have been paid out, and this money comes from U.S. taxpayers.
“Of all the industries in the world, the one that contributes the most money to politicians in the U.S. Congress is the pharma industry.”
— Don Bennett
  • All the countries in the world are prohibited by regulation from running ads for prescription drugs on broadcast television, except for the United States (and New Zealand). The U.S. used to be prohibited from running these ads, but since running these ads were a way to give money to the networks so the networks’ news departments wouldn’t report on anything negative that pharma companies did, and instead would support their narratives, the pharma industry influenced Congress to do away with that regulation. While ads for over-the-counter drugs make money for the pharma industry, ads for meds that you cannot buy over-the-counter that must have a prescription cost more than the companies get back in sales generated from those ads. So the only reason a pharma company would run those ads is to give “leverage-free” money to networks. (Since the ads make no money for the pharma companies, and the networks know this, if the networks do anything to piss off those companies, the networks know that the company would easily pull those ads because they make no money from them, unlike the ads for over-the-counter drugs).
  • Mainstream news media do not report on many of the illegal and negative things that pharma companies do.
COVID - woman watching TV news - Fruit-Powered
  • Via the CDC and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, for COVID-19, hospitals in the U.S. were given financial compensation if they intubated patients (put on ventilators), and for those who died, to code their COD (cause of death) as “Covid-19.” [OPINION: This was done as a way to increase the death numbers to scare people into wanting the upcoming vaccinations.] After it became known that hospitals were intubating patients that didn’t require a ventilator (who would have benefited from just CPAP or BI-PAP), which increased their risk of dying and caused deaths, the CDC admitted that some hospitals took advantage of those financial reimbursements (actually, lots did). [OPINION: Since there has been “corporate capture” of CDC by the pharma industry, the purpose of those financial reimbursements were to incentivize hospitals to do what they did to increase the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 to incentivize the public to get the upcoming vaccinations.]
  • There are thousands of injuries and deaths being reported for those who’ve received the corona vaccines. And in 2004 when the Swine Flu vaccine killed 584 people, the vaccine was pulled from use.
  • There were many adverse events during the clinical trials of these vaccines, death being one of them. And the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has shown that as of June 11, 2021, there have been about 6,000 deaths from the COVID vaccines (and keep in mind that historically, only about 1% of actual events are reported to VAERS, which could mean 600,000 deaths). Even if you want to believe that this percentage would be higher due to the more public aspect of the virus and the vaccines, at 10% reported, that would still be 60,000 deaths, which would be on par with the number of deaths from the virus itself (people who were in a poor state of health to begin with). See But this death toll does not include the number of future premature deaths due to the vaccines.
  • No long-term studies were done to determine the risk of degenerative disease caused by the vaccines, when previous virus vaccines were found to increase the risk of cancer.
Mother and daughter wearing COVID masks - Fruit-Powered
  • Over 99.7% of those infected with this corona virus did not need to go to a doctor or hospital, and recovered just fine, just like previous corona viruses. And corona viruses don’t infect small children, so why are they made to wear masks?
  • Cloth or fabric masks do not help prevent people from contracting or spreading a virus. There’s plenty of science to back this up. See And if I know this, surely the CDC knows this, so why are they making the recommendations they do? Could it be because it feeds the “fear agenda”?
  • Social distancing of 6 feet does not help prevent the spread of a viral infection. Again, the science clearly shows this, so why this recommendation?
“Mainstream news media do not report on many of the illegal and negative things that pharma companies do.”
— Don Bennett
  • There are highly effective treatments for those in the high risk (of death) category (the 0.3% of the population; mostly the unhealthy elderly). These drugs have been around for a long time, are safe, yet they are not given an Emergency Use Authorization to be used “off label” to treat people who contract the virus who are at risk of dying, but these vaccines — which are not safe, effective, or necessary — were given EUA (and will soon receive full approval). The risk/benefit ratio clearly favors not continuing the vaccines, and yet they remain. Why do you think this is?
  • Historically, herd immunity is what has allowed us as a species to survive viral outbreaks. So why are we being led to believe that herd immunity can only come from the widespread use of vaccines? Yes, people die from being exposed to viruses because of being pushed over the edge due to their ill health (co-morbidities), and every year between 30,000 to 80,000 people die due to influenza viruses in the U.S. So why, if a similar amount die due to another viral outbreak (SARS-CoV-2) is there such a push to get everyone in the world vaccinated? Re-read the above for the answers.
  • Now that enough info has gotten out to the public about the inaccuracy of the PCR test for COVID-19, the CDC is recommending it no longer be used. The PCR test had a very high false positive rate. The inventor of the test said it was not meant to be used as it’s being used. COVID-19 was the first time in human history that the definition of a “case” of a viral infection was based solely on a test result (normally symptoms must be present). A high positive rate would scare people into accepting the upcoming vaccines.
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  • A virus’ mutations are always less lethal than the “original.” So this talk of the Delta variant requiring more masking, social distancing, and new vaccines is being done for what reason?

Bottom line: The risk/benefit ratio clearly suggests that the vast majority of people would be better off getting the virus than getting the vaccine. But the fear of death from COVID is what’s been pounded into our heads, not the justifiable concern for injury or death from the vaccines, which is the reality. And this is because of the big money that’s to be made from vaccine sales. I could say shame on all those who are going along with this, but the “go along to get along” and the lure of money in the form of campaign contributions, research grants, hospital incentives, and ad revenue is very powerful. And remember that people with sociopathic personality traits have no problem with misleading the public for personal gain.

Are you okay with being a “revenue-generating unit” (which is how you are seen by certain industries), and being taken advantage of, for the sake of profit, at the expense of your health? Then do something about it. At least research what you’ve read here. More at and /info2 and /info3, etc. This page is info18.

Corona virus and vaccine fact sheet - National Vaccine Information Center graphic - Fruit-Powered

The one question that everyone should be asking themselves.

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