Favorite Resources

Favorite Resources

Following is a list of links to my favorite resources. I share links to some vital natural health websites, the Fruit-Powered developer and designer’s website as well as providers of website tools and productivity apps that have made my digital life better.


Be joyful, grateful and fruitful!
Brian Rossiter
Fruit-Powered creator

Natural Health Websites


CRON-O-Meter records nutrition and health data, including calories and macronutrient ratios.

David Klein

David Klein is the world’s foremost digestion expert, a longtime raw vegan and publishes several websites, including ColitisAndCrohnsCenter.com, DigestionPerfection.com and Fruitarian.info.

Fruit God

Anne Osborne has been on the fruitarian path since the early 1990s and carries herself with an angelic presence. Her remarkable lifestyle has been celebrated in global news media. Check out her website and follow her on social media.

Health 101

Don Bennett presents highly researched articles every raw fooder and health-minded individual should read. Topics include nutrient scarcity because of modern soils and supplementation.

The Raw Advantage

Chris Kendall is a leading raw vegan chef, yoga instructor and wealth of knowledge about natural living. Enjoy his engaging, spirited videos and articles.

Raw Food Health

Andrew Perlot offers scientifically valid explanations for why a fruit-based diet is best, raw food recipes, advice for getting and staying on the diet and more.

Rawsome Healthy

Paul Tarbath and Yulia Tarbath present solid articles and videos on a low-fat raw food diet. They’ve led this lifestyle since 2009 and have spread their message around the globe.

Raw Synergy

Alicia Grant is a wellspring of information about a raw food diet and natural living and regularly publishes outstanding, informative videos on a variety of topics.

Super Healthy Children

Karen Ranzi shares wonderful articles and videos on healthful living, especially on enticing children to consume more fruits and vegetables and how best to help children along the autism spectrum disorder.

Website Development and Design

Anna C Design

Anna Chmielewska has helped give Fruit-Powered.com a welcoming, clean, snazzy and polished look since spring 2013 and made magic happen with three website theme upgrades. Anna Chmielewska has designed all six of my books as well as many more books for raw vegan trailblazers Arnold Kauffman and Karen Ranzi. I believe she’s the best designer in the raw vegan world and can help elevate your work.

Website Tools


Web Hosting
SiteGround has been my website host since summer 2015. I’ve enjoyed my partnership with the company, which provides outstanding hosting services, a range of robust add-ons such as Cloudflare CDN and peerless customer support.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin
WP Rocket can supercharge your WordPress website’s performance, significantly dropping page load times while measurably boosting traffic. It’s a miracle plugin—and one you can’t do without!

Productivity Apps


Dynalist is a best-in-class list outlining app. Jot down, simply organize and keep close at hand all your personal and work notes using this powerful, time-saving app.


Notion is a hybrid productivity app and your all-in-one home for notes and docs, knowledge base, tasks and projects, and spreadsheets and databases.

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