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Favorite Resources

Following is a list of links to some of my favorite resources, which have enhanced my life.

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Natural Health Websites and Tools | Personal Development Websites | Website Development and Design | Website Tools | Productivity and Miscellaneous Apps | Books and Courses | Computers | Gold-Backed Currency | Mobile Phone Plans


Be joyful, grateful and fruitful!
Brian Rossiter,
Fruit-Powered creator

Natural Health Websites and Tools


Track Your Nutrition & Health DataCRON-O-Meter records nutrition and health data, including calories and macronutrient ratios.

Dr. David Klein

Dr. David Klein is the world’s foremost digestion expert, a longtime raw vegan and publishes several websites, including ColitisAndCrohnsCenter.com, DigestionPerfection.com and Fruitarian.info. He has counseled thousands, helping them achieve vibrant health.

Fruit God

Anne Osborne has been on the fruitarian path since the early 1990s and carries herself with an angelic presence. Her remarkable lifestyle has been celebrated in global news media. Check out her website and follow her on social media, where she shares colorful fruit photographs. Explore FruitGod.com.

Health 101

Don Bennett presents highly researched articles every raw food enthusiast and health-minded individual should read. Topics include nutrient scarcity because of modern soils and supplementation. His services help those perplexed with their health gain clarity and direction. Explore Health101.org.

Livin’ Free

Tarah Millen‘s Livin’ Free YouTube channel showcases the producer’s evolving interests, from a raw food diet to travel. Tarah’s made hundreds of videos that dive deep into a low-fat raw food diet and other natural health areas. Explore Livin’ Free.

The Raw Advantage

Chris Kendall is a registered holistic nutritionist and raw food lifestyle coach, leading raw vegan chef, health retreat host, yoga instructor and absolute wealth of knowledge about a range of natural living topics. Enjoy his engaging, spirited videos and articles. Explore TheRawAdvantage.com.

Raw Food Health

Andrew Perlot offers scientifically valid explanations for why a fruit-based diet is best, raw food recipes, advice for getting and staying on the diet and more. Explore Raw-Food-Health.net.

Rawsome Healthy

Paul Tarbath and Yulia Tarbath present rock-solid articles and videos on a low-fat raw food diet. They’ve led this lifestyle since 2009 and have spread their message around the globe, inspiring many to adopt vegan and raw vegan lifestyles. Explore RawsomeHealthy.com.

Raw Synergy

Alicia Grant is a wellspring of information about a raw food diet and natural living as well as regularly publishes outstanding, informative videos on a variety of topics from recipe creation to fasting, exercise and gemstones. Explore RawSynergy.com.

Super Healthy Children

Karen Ranzi shares wonderful articles and videos on healthful living, especially on how parents may entice their children to consume more fruits and vegetables and how best to help children along the autism spectrum disorder. Explore SuperHealthyChildren.com.

Gillespie Approach

Dr. Barry Gillespie created craniosacral fascial therapy by combining craniosacral therapy and myofascial release therapy. He’s on a mission to ensure every baby born receives a test to determine whether the newborn requires myofascial release work and whether the newborn has a brain cycle, meaning whether the brain expands and contracts, as it naturally should. Dr. Loose, who’s a personal friend and mentor of mine, has helped heal thousands of many health conditions, with folks flying in to Philadelphia from across the world to visit him in his King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, office. Explore GillespieApproach.com.

Personal Development Websites

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is the golden-tressed goddess of the personal development world. Her inspiring, powerful work effortlessly mixes life, business, relationship and spiritual coaching. She is a speaker, life coach, author, YouTube star and leading podcast host. Explore Christine Hassler’s magnetizing work and get ready to enhance your life from the inside out. Explore ChristineHassler.com.

Korani Light Centre

Korani Connolly is one my favorite human beings, and I’m honored to know her. She is world-renowned for her extraordinary work in color therapy, which can open your eyes to many things about yourself you simply never knew and enhance your spirituality. I’ve learned why I’m attracted to specific colors at precise moments and what these choices say about me. Working with Korani Connolly during her workshops or enjoying her book and audio productions will surely produce many insightful eureka moments. Explore KoraniLightCentre.com.

Website Development and Design

Anna C Design

Anna Chmielewska has helped give Fruit-Powered.com a welcoming, clean, snazzy and polished look since spring 2013 and made magic happen with three website theme upgrades. Anna Chmielewska has designed all six of my books as well as many more books for raw vegan trailblazers Arnold Kauffman and Karen Ranzi. I believe she’s the best designer in the raw vegan world and can help elevate your work. Explore AnnaCDesign.com.

Website Tools


123RF offers millions of stock photos, vectors, video footage, audio files and fonts. It’s a one-stop-shop for a digital storyteller and marketer to help bring your ideas to life!


SEMrushSEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit designed to help you improve your website’s SEO, or search engine optimization, and give you competitive intelligence. This app is supremely powerful, and the developers are constantly adding to and enhancing it.


SendPulse is a platform offering multiple marketing and communication channels with customers such as email, web push notifications and Facebook, SMS and Viber messages. It offers pay-as-you-go and monthly options and an attractive, robust feature set as well as very competitive pricing.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is one the most-powerful, convenient and time-saving plugins you can install on your WordPress website. Be sure to purchase the Add-Ons Bundle, saving you a boatload, to fully unlock the power of Shortcodes Ultimate.


Web HostingSiteGround has been my website host since summer 2015. I’ve enjoyed my partnership with the company, which provides outstanding hosting services, a range of robust add-ons such as Cloudflare CDN and peerless customer support.

Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is the leading WordPress backup service. It can connect with local or cloud-based storage and back up your critical data at scheduled times.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching PluginWP Rocket can supercharge your WordPress website’s performance, significantly dropping page load times while measurably boosting traffic. It’s a miracle plugin—and one you can’t do without!

Productivity and Miscellaneous Apps


Dynalist is a best-in-class list outlining app to help you organize your life. Jot down and keep close at hand all your personal and work notes—even your shopping and to-do lists—using this powerful, time-saving app. Install the Powerpack 3 plugin to supercharge your experience, embedding videos, web pages and more on your way to creating a digital scrapbook.

Dynalist will positively help you defeat browser tab overrun, which might be taking over your computer. I must save at least an hour a week by choosing Dynalist over Google Docs or Microsoft Word, what with my 500-plus documents a simple click and lightning-quick load away. Explore Dynalist.io to sign up for a free plan on your way to supporting the hard-working developers with a paid plan.


Inoreader is the premier RSS reader. This app is so powerful that you can move all marketing emails to it so that you keep your inbox free for the most vital communication such as with friends and family. I’m a guy who likes to follow lots of areas of interest, and my Inoreader is teeming with about 1,000 subscriptions, comprising a mixture of RSS feeds, email subscriptions, podcasts, YouTube subscriptions and even social media feeds. Inoreader is my dashboard to hand-picked current news and information, and I can quickly save the best information for easy access later.

Some say RSS readers are due for a massive comeback in an age of stress-causing email overflow and algorithm-influenced social media results. I’m on the professional plan, and it’s worth every penny in helping me achieve inbox zero. Dive into Inoreader.com and use this code (without the period) to save 30 percent off a paid plan and support continued development of an app you’ll soon call indispensable: 89891251.


Gmelius helps me keep my email in check and turns task-oriented emails into a drag-and-drop kanban board, complete with due dates and email reminders. The company is always improving this Gmail plugin, which is now aimed primarily at the business market. Discover whether Gmelius can help you achieve inbox zero while better managing responsibilities!


Notion is a fledgling but polished and evolving hybrid productivity app and your all-in-one home for notes and docs, knowledge base, tasks and projects, and spreadsheets and databases. It’s a very powerful app and one you can create as you dream it up, according to your needs. Explore Notion.so to sign up and get $10 in free credit toward a paid plan.


IDrive Remote BackupIDrive is often named as the best cloud-based backup service, offering easy setup, customizations and tremendous prices. Since the late 2000s, I’ve used Mozy, Carbonite, Crashplan and IDrive, with the latter offering the best experience. Explore IDrive.com to save 25 percent off on your first year or 50 percent off your first year as part of a two-year plan.


When you shop online, including on Amazon, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year simply by having Honey scout out the best deals! It’s free to use Honey, and saving cash through applying special discount codes can be oh so sweet!

Books and Courses


Scribd helps me absorb a wealth of books and audiobooks beyond the many more I purchase in other digital marketplaces. Think of it like the Netflix of books and audiobooks. Upon my completion of Breakthrough Rapid Reading training, I’ll be on a mission to absorb 150 to 250 books a year, and my Scribd subscription can help make this possible.

Knowledge is power, and if you want to fly as high as you can in life, you need to learn how to soar in many areas! Explore Scribd.com and score two free months of reading!

Pixlr Deals

Pixlr Deals is an e-commerce offshoot of the Pixlr line of photography and design apps, offering steeply discounted courses in topics such as business, computer languages, photography, productivity and even neuro-linguistic programming. Click Deals.Pixlr.com to gain a cool $10 in credit toward purchases after your first $10-or-greater purchase in becoming superhuman with your knowledge!


Google Pixelbook

I entered the Chromebook world with a cheap kit in autumn 2014 and upgraded to a stunning, affordable new Toshiba model the next year. By the time I found some powerful tools to help take my work to a higher level, I needed a Chromebook with 8 GB of RAM that also served as a 2-in-1 tablet, running Android apps in addition to Chrome OS.

Enter the Google Pixelbook, which was the only Chromebook on the market, at the time, that met my needs. This is a remarkable high-powered machine that flies despite the numerous open tabs this Fruit-Powered user throw at it. It’s the best computing experience I’ve ever enjoyed, and running Chrome OS, Android and Linux with rumors of Windows on the way make it arguably the most-versatile computer available.

I bought a tiny, quiet, power-saving and inexpensive Beelink Gemini X55 for the final Windows programs I need to run—and to have a local data copy. But make no mistake about it: Chrome OS and Chromebooks are the present and future in the computing world.

Gold-Backed Currency


Karatbars offers many ways to save your hard-earned fiat currency, backed by nothing except rapidly declining public trust, in gold, which is always valuable, especially in times of economic downturn. Karatbars started as a gold-buying company in 2011 in Germany, making it easy for people to buy notes and cards embedded with small amounts of gold as opposed to having hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront for large gold denominations. Karatbars entered the cryptocurrency world in 2018 with its KBC and KCB coins, and early investors have already multiplied their money many times over in one year.

Karatbars offers affiliates ways to grow this stable, thriving and growing currency to help others achieve their dreams. Some are comparing Karatbars’ cryptocurrency offerings with Bitcoin before Bitcoin skyrocketed in value or even better than having Apple, Google or Microsoft stock in the early days of these tech giants. Get on this train and fast!

Learn what it’s about by joining a Zoom meeting Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time—and tell Daren, the host, that Brian Rossiter invited you. Contact me if you would like help getting set up with a Karatbars account or want me to connect you with an expert on my team.

Mobile Phone Plans

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers the cheapest mobile phone plans in the United States. When you pay up front for several months or a year of service, you stand to save big with this T-Mobile partner. I’m paying just $20 a month for unlimited talk and text plus 8 GB of data. The cheapest plan is just $15 a month. Pretty sweet! Earn $15 in renewal credit on MintMobile.com.

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