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Alicia Grant Always Striving for Peak Health on a Fruit-Based Diet

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‘We, As Humans, Have a Sweet Tooth for a Reason. Fruit Is Our Friend, Not Our Enemy.’

Headshot of Alicia GrantAlicia Grant has put herself to many tests in searching for solutions to several health issues, but a fruit-based raw food diet is the one that lifted this 42-year-old woman from Orange County, California, to reach great heights in health and in the health movement.

2 thoughts on “Alicia Grant Always Striving for Peak Health on a Fruit-Based Diet”

  1. Was the fast Alicia went on a water fast to heal her digestion and food sensitivities? I am about to begin the 80/10/10 diet and am concerned it will be ineffective due to my leaky gut. I would love to know if beginning with a water fast would be in my best interest!!

    Thanks so much

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