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Thank you!

Be joyful, grateful and fruitful!

Your website might be the best one on the Web!

Dr. David Klein

If you’re not familiar with Fruit-Powered, then hop on over and get ready to be inspired. Brian has put together an amazing, highly readable free magazine—definitely the best on the market today.

Anthea Frances Falkiner

Brian has a great ezine.

Don Bennett

I have been very impressed with Fruit-Powered Digest in general and the pieces you have published on friends of mine.

Brittany Taylor

So honored to call Mr. Brian Rossiter a friend and a great source of inspiration. You can’t find a more genuine, kindhearted person as well as a very talented and hardworking writer, teacher, mentor and so much more. You all owe it to yourself to follow him on

Jason Young

Just wanted to say I am enjoying reading your newsletter. … Thanks for the good work you do in this world! 🙂

Joy King

Your website is bursting—WOW!

Melanie Lotos

Your Digest RAWks! 🙂 Awesome job, Brian! … I love the way your site has evolved! It’s beautiful! 🙂

Reny Kattel

Conscious, thought-provoking magazine!

Jay Kaiser

Stunning! Awesome content and magazine-quality blog!

Jenny Lapan

We love your website—so extensive and good-looking!

Mikkel and Mads

Thank you for the amazing work and for all that you do to bring awareness to truth.

—Brenda Vance

Hey! Love the site. I’m a first-timer, but it’s so aesthetically appealing!


Thanks for sharing your marvelous magazine with the world. It’s always an enjoyable read and contains some golden nuggets of advice, wisdom, inspiration and insights.

—Rachel on Fruit-Powered Digest‘s Spring 2018 issue

On Fruit-Powered’s 2016 refreshed website theme:


—delightfulvegans on Instagram


—ryefrummond on Instagram

You have amazing recipes and great, positive posts.

—foodie_nutritionist on Instagram

Love your website.


Congratulations on the new issue. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for everything you do. 🙂

—Korani on Fruit-Powered Digest‘s Spring 2017 issue

Interesting story about Kveta and her journey. Always inspired and learning from others. 🙂 Cheers.


“Thank you Brian for this excellent article to help expose the horrific spraying of our skies with chemicals that make us sick. … Thank you and from the bottom of my heart for your aid in helping to inform people of the true nature as to what is really going on in our skies.”

—Linda on “Chemtrails Represent the No. 1 Health Issue of Our Time”

Congratulations for your highly inspiring website and articles.


We all certainly benefited from your resources and information.


I like your magazine very much and really enjoy all the interviews and other articles.


You did a great job on that food combining article. Thanks for getting the experts to address it and asking the same questions I was thinking, and then asking some even better ones too (like should nuts and seeds be combined). One of the most helpful articles I’ve read.


I really enjoy reading the stories on your website.


All of your newsletters and articles and interviews are great. You have quite a talent!


What a comprehensive interview. Thanks so much.

—Janet on “Bates Method a Valuable Tool for Improving Vision”

Thank you for your work and your presence. You are making a difference, and I, for one, am very grateful!


You have the best info!


Again: Thanks a lot for your work and your blog! The information and the interviews which you are providing are so awesome. 🙂 I’m really glad that I’ve found you. Please keep doing your great work!


Great site and resources. Thank you very much. 🙂


Thank you for your great website.


I love the work you do! [I] read all the issues of Fruit-Powered [Digest] and recommend it to my friends as well. Keep up the fantastic work!


I’m really enjoying all the great articles on your website. So glad that I subscribed!


Your website is a terrific resource for me, so thank you for that!


Great site [and] great product, representation, marketing and people.


Simply AWESOME!!!


I love your Digest, Brian! Keep the inspiring stories coming! Thanks.


I love Fruit-Powered Digest!  🙂


I get these in my e-mail inbox as I don’t want to miss any! They are so inspiring!

—Susanelizabeth on Fruit-Powered Digest

It’s a beautiful newsletter.

—Clare on Fruit-Powered Digest

Just have to take a minute to say a big ‘thank you’ for posting all these wonderful testimonies from people who have healed themselves with raw food.


Love all the work you do at Fruit-Powered. Really inspiring interviews and content all the time. So cool to see all my friends and fruit family being celebrated and sharing.


Your website has become a resource.


What a wonderful webpage and Facebook site—full [of] great information and inspiring messages. Thanks for your great contribution to the world.

—Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants

Wonderful articles! Love reading them all.

—Mere on the May 15, 2014, installment of Fruit-Powered Digest

Always a pleasure, Brian!

—Clare on the May 8, 2014, installment of Fruit-Powered Digest

Thank you for sharing your amazing site with me. I am truly enjoying it.


Your chin-up story was just what I needed.


This is a great newsletter! Thank you!

—Amy on the March 20, 2014, installment of Fruit-Powered Digest

I enjoyed this read today. … I’ve been enjoying my vegan diet immensely. I’m in my seventh month of being vegan. I am still trying to encourage others to eat vegan as well. … I really admire how long you have gone eating raw foods. So fabulous for you!

—Sandie on the March 13, 2014, installment of Fruit-Powered Digest

“I love your website and the value it adds to my life (as well as so many others!).”


I am so excited to have found this site! I was a frequent visitor of another popular raw forum, however, the atmosphere had become very negative. 🙁 Between this site and FullyRawKristina’s, I now have fun and positive resources to look forward to on a daily basis. Thanks!


Thank you for your recent Fruit-Powered newsletter. It is very interesting and has valuable content.

—Donna on the January 30, 2014, installment of Fruit-Powered Digest

The most fabulous thing I have found by going vegan and sharing my story with others is how many other people also are interested in learning more about it. … It’s just my perspective, but I think 2014 is going to be a revolutionary year for people regarding their diets. People seem to be more educated about animal cruelty and how eating animal products is harmful to your body. … Thank you for educating me regarding good food choices and how eating properly is the key to pristine health.


Thought you’d like to know that we just got a Vitamix as an engagement gift from my family! Superstoked to have it—thanks to your posts, I got hooked on green smoothies about a year and a half ago. I’ve been having one every day since!


Loved your interview with Dr. Graham. Keep up the great work.

—Dan on a special interview with Dr. Doug Graham, published in Issue 11 of Fruit-Powered Digest

Getting better with each issue!

—Aaron on Issue 9 of Fruit-Powered Digest

I just got a chance to read your newsletter—what a great issue! I particularly liked the part where Dave was saying how food doesn’t need to be super fancy, complex or decadent to do its job. … I’m also seriously beginning to consider adding a green smoothie to my morning routine.

—Sarah on Issue 7 of Fruit-Powered Digest

Excellent issue!

—On Issue 2 of Fruit-Powered Digest

Love your e-mag … . Have been looking for something like this for a long time, but no one has one. Keep up the good work!

—Helene on Issue 1 of Fruit-Powered Digest

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