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COVID Catastrophe: What Is Freedom Worth to You?

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Fellow world citizens, here we are, at the most-critical time in history, and the future of our freedoms and humanity as a species are on the line.

I live in the United States and have been ashamed to be living in this country, especially as the staged COVID play wears on and I endure lie after lie disguised as health guidance for the masses to take experimental, toxic and deadly shots and freedoms vanish like an owl in the inky midnight sky.

But with a look around at what’s going on in other nations—thanks to Telegram, MeWe, BitChute, Rumble and brazen websites for uncensored vision—it’s not a pretty picture in Australia, Canada, France, Italy and other countries either.

U.S. President Joe Biden, I’m going to flip the script on you: My patience with you for shaming 37 percent of Americans for choosing not to take any COVID shot and half the country for not being “fully vaccinated” is running thin. Moreover, I and many others are livid over your unconstitutional attempts to force businesses to mandate COVID shots. You have no authority, and your actions amount to crimes against humanity, are treasonous and should, if there is any justice left, land you in prison for your remaining days!

Watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Question COVID Vaccines on the 2020 Campaign Trail

We’re not a year into this administration, and it’s shaping up to be the worst the nation has ever seen. Joe Biden has gone from asking “Who’s going to take the shot?” while on the 2020 campaign trail, in a nod to the dangers of rushed shot development, to declaring that he would not mandate injections and then, months later, slamming his foot on the gas pedal with his eyes closed and wanting to shoot up every man, woman and child in the States as quickly as possible as dead bodies—mostly from COVID shots, despite a blare of white noise to the contrary—pile up.

Who can believe this reckless and lethal liar?

And who, in their right mind, can believe any of this is about a virus with a survival rate north of 99 percent? You have a greater chance of getting killed walking your doggie—unless you take a COVID shot, as doing so heightens your chances of dying, as we’re learning.

Australian COVID vaccine protester - Fruit-Powered
An Australian protester proudly and confidently raises a sign that sums up the feeling many have had throughout 2020 and, especially, 2021, as COVID-shot pressure mounts by the week and freedoms vanish in countries around the globe.

Ugly Interests Are Running the Show, With Vaccines the Queen Piece in a Destructive Chess Match

Of course, Joe Biden is largely a puppet, as are most, if not all, leaders in other lands. The world’s wealthiest individuals—also known collectively as the cabal or Deep State (stop calling these people flattering names such as “the illuminati” or “the powers that be,” conceding that they have power over us)—such as Bill Gates, co-chairman and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, are steering the global agenda, and this man with a frown for a smile has been promoting vaccines since the late 1990s.

By pushing vaccines in Africa and India, Bill Gates led thousands of people to face crippling injuries and deaths, the powerful documentary Indoctornation makes clear. And since Bill Gates became the world’s leading advocate for vaccination, the number of vaccines children receive in countries such as the United States has soared over the past few decades, and so has the diagnosis rate for autism spectrum disorder. Now affecting 1 in 54 children—all the way up from 1 in 10,000 just 40 years ago—autism spectrum disorder is projected to affect virtually every child alive in the United States come 2041, with hundreds of millions of kids in other heavily vaccinated countries affected, too. Unless Americans and parents across the world can wake up in time and reject all vaccines, argued by a growing chorus as likely the leading cause of autism spectrum disorder, then few children will escape the clutches of autism spectrum disorder.

Bill Gates on Vaccines “Producing Childhood Deaths” and “Reducing Population Growth”

The world will be left with a mixture of children, with some unable to function without care and others sharp as a whip but socially challenged. Altogether, American children on the spectrum require anywhere from $11.5 billion to $60.9 billion (2011 U.S. dollars) in health-care costs annually. Most or many of their offspring will be affected, too, resulting in a near-complete meltdown of the human species. All this because drug companies want to make a lot of money without having to go through the pricey R&D rigmarole for a potentially blockbuster drug such as Viagra and market it only to lose patent protection after 20 years. Plus, many of these autistic kids will be stuck in the pharma system as permanent customers throughout their lives.

This meltdown of the human species is eerily similar to what is happening right now with COVID shots in countries high and low and around the globe—and we really haven’t seen a glimmer of the full impact yet. We haven’t seen any or many offspring of vaxxed parents yet, but many babies have already been lost in pregnant women who took COVID shots.

Bill Gates, a former Microsoft chairman and CEO, is believed by many to have created computer viruses from which his computer software and hardware business could profit. Many believe he is deeply connected to the agenda behind the COVID catastrophe, and there is no question that this vaccine proponent is profiting tremendously, as he has acknowledged in interviews that vaccines have produced lucrative returns on investment.

Much health guidance on COVID and COVID shots has been coming down the pike from the World Health Organization (WHO), of which Bill Gates is a member. Moreover, Bill Gates has blatantly lied in interviews about health officials’ preparation for the COVID catastrophe, as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was a key sponsor for an October 2019 event called Event 201, broadcast via the web. Event 201 role-played pandemic preparedness efforts needed to reduce economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic mere months before governments locked down the world—and this was conveniently declared a “coincidence.”

“Now, here we are. We didn’t simulate this. We didn’t practice. So [with] both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in unchartered territory.”
—Bill Gates lying during a BBC interview, failing to mention the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s involvement in Event 201

Watch Event 201, a Staged Global Pandemic Exercise

In case you’re not aware, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has put up $2 billion for the development of a billion genetically modified mosquitoes carrying malaria vaccines in Florida—and the release of these terrifying creatures is under way already. Hasn’t Lyme disease, stemming from government-developed bioweapon ticks, caused enough pain and suffering for millions already? Do U.S. government health agencies do anything good or just green-light sicko agendas by the richest companies and ego-drunk, think-they’re-God billionaires without public debate? Does anyone feel about Bill Gates and his technology what film fans felt about Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson and his world-ending technology in Terminator 2: Judgment Day? Will the world’s biggest vaccine pusher experience a day in court over these tragedies playing out and affecting humanity, wildlife and ecosystems in unimaginable and, perhaps, irreversible ways?

“We’re taking things that are genetically modified organisms, and we’re injecting them into little kids’ arms. We just shoot them right into the vein.”
—Bill Gates

Watch Indoctornation‘s “The Real Bill Gates”

As Freedoms Erode and Employers Wrongfully Require Jabs, Hospitals on the Take Blow up COVID Numbers As the Death Toll and Adverse Reactions From COVID Shots Mount

A quick summary of how freedoms have been ripped from us over the past 18 months: We went from being told to quarantine, mask up and social distance to “flatten the curve,” with COVID cases nosediving right before COVID shots hit the market, in the final weeks of 2020. (A quick word about the masks: They have been proven to be ineffective and negatively impact health, triggering respiratory system difficulty and dental issues to even brain-development challenges in children, many experts have shared in a variety of sources.) At this time, the names of variants such as delta and lambda surfaced in the news media and, soon after, became the latest thing to fear, certain interests would have you believe, as COVID diagnosis and death counts allegedly accelerated. Although these “investigational vaccines” were given emergency-use authorization, demonstrably effective treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxycloroquine were not granted this authorization for off-label use. Instead, drugs such as remdesivir, believed to be far less helpful to patients but far more lucrative to pharmaceutical companies, were authorized. All the while, against this virus-vaccine backdrop dominating the news, an untold number of people lost their jobs, businesses and/or homes—with many industries completely disintegrating—and continue to suffer in these ways.

A long and growing list of employers began requiring, in summer 2021, COVID shots, with many in opposition declaring such requirements to be illegal as well as discriminatory. (Resources designed to help employees are available via, and These pressures are creating anxiety and stress in millions of people, some of whom are quitting their jobs, with others getting fired. This workforce loss has created endless problems, with 2,100 Chicago, Illinois, students having no bus drivers to pick them up and a hospital in Lowville, New York, hitting pause on its ability to help deliver babies. Other transportation services such as air travel have been affected, with pilots and crews leaving their jobs and some of the vaxxed having trouble flying planes, with blood vessels bursting in mid-air and strokes leading to deaths. How long until planes start going down from vaxxed pilots suffering from heart attacks at 30,000 feet? (And Delta Airlines has the gall to charge the nonvaxxed $200 monthly extra to cover rising insurance premiums!) Still others are caving and allowing themselves to be jabbed—and there likely will be no one who doesn’t regret his or her decision.

How many of these employers will be on the hook for damages in cases of death and adverse reactions? How many employers with their full staffs fully vaxxed will even be in business in a few years, as some anatomy experts warn of rapid deaths among those jabbed?

Dr. Sean M. Brooks Gives Doomsday Prognosis for the Jabbed at Ohio School Board Meeting

Sports leagues and arena and stadium owners haved leaned heavily on athletes, coaches and fans to get COVID shots, with only a few, including Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley, putting up a fight. Cole Beasley recently said he will buy road tickets for any unvaxxed fan who travels to see a Bills game because proof of the jab is required at home games at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. Notably, Tom Brady, who, at 44, continues to play quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a world-class level and is fresh off his seventh Lombardi Trophy win, took COVID shots. Tom Brady, who has reimagined diet and training for athletes to improve performance and longevity, famously passes on nightshade veggies over inflammation concerns but, strangely, consented to take these toxic shots. Some suggest he was possibly influenced by a sister who works at Pfizer or, possibly, because the rest of his team lined up to take needles. I thought this man, who I’ve looked up to for his consistent and sustained successes on the football field, would’ve resisted and even retired before consenting.

Hospitals have trumped up the number of COVID diagnoses, through faulty PCR tests, producing as much as 97 percent false positives, and deaths to amplify the scare and fuel demand for COVID vaccines. Along the way, hospitals have profited significantly from these falsehoods, raking in a cool $13,000 per COVID diagnosis and head-spinning $39,000 per COVID-related ventilator hookup, according to Vaccines Are Dangerous author Curtis Cost in a Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis interview.

Here’s something else that’s interesting: If you were to check flu statistics for your state or country, you might find that this illness mostly went into hiding during the coronavirus hysteria. Keep in mind that, worldwide, between 3 million and 5 million flu cases are reported annually, with as many as a half-million deaths coming as a result.

Lately, hospitals have received similar pressures to downplay the number of adverse reactions and deaths connected to COVID shots. Reports have surfaced alleging medical groups have pressured doctors not to link COVID shots to deaths and illnesses, and The U.S. Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) has done the same with employers requiring COVID shots.

Amazingly, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control does not consider a person to be fully vaccinated until 14 days—14 days!—have eclipsed since a first Janssen COVID shot or second Pfizer or Moderna COVID injection. More than 80 percent of hospitalizations and deaths connected to COVID shots happen in this time frame, Dr. Joe Mercola of the popular natural health website reported recently. This strategy helps the CDC keep the COVID-shot death count and number of adverse reactions much lower than reality would reveal—and the public is being lied to yet again.

Watch WhatsHerFace’s Probe of the Emergence of COVID Variants

Still, figures on the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) website, managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration, show about 15,000 deaths and about 700,000 adverse reactions, as of late September 2021. These figures total more cases than all vaccines combined in the past decade, and yet Joe Biden, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the U.S. president—a man who was involved with the CDC’s patenting coronaviruses in the early 2000s, Indoctornation shows—clamor for the masses to take a shot, with incentives from multimillion-dollar lottery tickets to sporting-event tickets being offered for taking the jab. Correction: Multiple jabs, that is, to ensure you’re “fully vaccinated.” To keep locked in step with governments’ jab dance and latest and greatest guidance, you might have to get poked three or four times—and maybe even monthly, if Big Pharma and Bill Gates get their wish.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to sell your soul and become an unidentified transhuman species—thanks to the inclusion of messenger RNA (mRNA), never previously used in human beings and coded to produce a spike protein that can modify your genes by transforming your DNA—and are down with taking substances such as graphene oxide, aborted fetal cells (not vegan, by the way), a cocktail of unknown heavy metals and possible tracking mechanisms in your bloodstream, all, supposedly, in the “name of health,” does this grim forecast of shots on the reg give you some serious pause on whether to take only the first COVID needle in your arm?

If you’re still the kind of person to shout “conspiracy theory” over facts of, yes, a conspiracy designed by “officials”—and a lot of people are wont to do so as a cover for their laziness and ignorance—let’s ratchet up this argument and see how you feel about coronavirus jabs, or gene therapy, which failed in development for 19 years, in a minute.

The COVID Catastrophe Is Flat out Global Genocide and World War III

Now, even with deaths from and adverse reactions to COVID shots totaling about 700,000 just in the United States, several natural health experts featured in filmmaker Jonathan Otto’s fearless, groundbreaking and censored (there’s a clue that there’s something to see!) Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis video series echoed a 2009 Harvard University study’s results in arguing that the voluntary, little-known and notoriously challenging-to-use VAERS website captures perhaps as few as 1 percent of true cases.

If, indeed, this 1 percent estimate is a firm basis, then we could already have as many as 1.5 million deaths and about 70 million adverse reactions from COVID shots among the 209 million who have taken at least one injection (all statistics based on September 10, 2021, data)—just in the United States. This would mean that 1 in 3 of the jabbed are suffering from adverse reactions! Run some figure estimates worldwide, and the math will show that this orchestrated scamdemic, or plandemic (even the White House press secretary says it), already goes down as one of the biggest slaughters in recorded history.

Let’s call it what is truly is: The COVID catastrophe amounts to global genocide that is, most definitely, World War III on humanity itself via the bioweapons that are COVID injections by governments, pharmaceutical companies and global health and economic organizations, including the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum, with mainstream news media and tech companies complicit.

Watch Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Issue Dire Warnings About COVID Shots

Scary? Now consider the fact that a significant percentage among the 3.35 billion worldwide who’ve received at least one COVID shot as of late September 2021 could still face extreme adverse reactions or even die in the coming weeks, months and years—and more and more shots are on the way. Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas, Texas, has mentioned in interviews that some people’s symptoms—including neurological symptoms such as tremors and paralysis—developed six to nine months after taking shots. For some others, adverse reactions might still manifest over a longer period of time.

Are you chilled to the bone yet?

And this isn’t all! The U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration, another federal agency that’s earned a gold-star track record over the years, especially for “approving” Pfizer’s COVID shot—even though it’s truly and undeniably not approved, many have contended—reports 640-plus drugs are in development to treat COVID-19! Talk about big business! And what kind of side effects might these drugs present to the public, one wonders.

In Braveheart times, people stormed castles and chopped off heads for orchestrating catastrophes on a much-smaller scale than the one we’re in the throes of these days. And rulers were overthrown as new leaders rose to power to lead the people with actions that are for the people, not against the people.

View Adverse Reactions Caused by COVID Shots

The effects of variants such as delta and lambda, many natural health experts declared throughout the Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis video series, are the direct result of COVID shots. Whereas variants are always less virulent and, thus, less dangerous than original strains, these mutations’ transmissibility has increased by the presence of vaccines in recipients. This means that, if you have or were to get COVID shots and face adverse reactions or die, hospitals would label you as being infected with COVID. Hospitals would add your case to the growing coronavirus case numbers, further fueling vaccine hysteria among those deaf and blind to alternative news media (read: the truth) and amplifying calls for a segregated society from half of Americans and various percentages of citizens living in other countries throughout the world.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who has worked for GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has written an open letter to the World Health Organization, arguing that mass-vaccination campaigns give rise to dominance of selective variants. He maintains that the number of COVID cases will, resultingly, balloon despite health officials’ and presidents’ pleading to the public that COVID shots will bring down the numbers.

“As mass-vaccination campaigns have started in the vulnerable population, not only vaccinated subjects but also not-yet-vaccinated younger age groups will become a breeding ground for new infectious variants. There can be no doubt that continued mass-vaccination campaigns will enable new, more infectious viral variants to become increasingly dominant and ultimately result in a dramatic incline in new cases despite enhanced vaccine coverage rates. There can be no doubt either that this situation will soon lead to complete resistance of circulating variants to the current vaccines.”
—Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche in
“Why Do COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaigns Promote Dominance of Selective Immune Escape Variants?”

Like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Peter McCullough has spoken out about governments’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He has worked tirelessly to dispel myths about COVID-19, from mask-wearing to quarantines, and present sound treatment options. Dr. Peter McCullough also cautions about the dangers connected to COVID shots, highlighting that recipients’ bodies attack their own cells, leading to cellular and tissue destruction. Spike proteins from COVID shots circulate, causing damage to blood vessel cells and culminating, for many, in blood clots, he says. He champions natural immunity, calling it “robust, complete, durable—it’s unbreakable” in a Brighteon interview and warns that, with each successive COVID shot, a person faces an 80-fold increased risk of experiencing side effects.

“We are very certain about this: The vaccine is directly killing individuals. … The vaccinated are, it appears to be, superspreaders. They are carrying large amounts of virus and then passing it to the unvaccinated, creating the delta pandemic. … The vaccine program … doesn’t work. It’s not safe.”
—Dr. Peter McCullough

Watch Dr. Peter McCullough Expose Governmental COVID Gaffes and Break Down COVID Vaccines and Treatments

A highly viral Facebook post (now up to 233,000 comments and 208,000 shares) from the ABC station in Detroit, Michigan, and reported on by The DC Patriot has a mixture of citizens and natural health advocates talking about how loved ones have been sickened and killed after getting COVID shots. WXYZ–TV had asked viewers: “After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19?”

Cuca Russell reported: “My hairdresser got vaccinated, and she’s in the hospital with complications, age 28. My cousin got vaccinated, and he had a stroke two days later, age 32.” Mike Vlasaty wrote: “I know someone who had a ‘heart attack’ a few days later after the jab.” One woman shared: “It was the Pfizer vaccination that KILLED both my husband and my aunt!”

Health-Care Workers Expose Dangers of COVID Shots in Project Veritas and Compilation Videos

Millions have died since the launch of COVID shots, and many of their loved ones are oblivious to the likely possibility that the shots themselves might very well be the cause. Just take a look at what is happening in Israel, where people are on their third COVID shots in a highly COVID-vaccinated land and winding up accounting for as much as 90 percent of new COVID hospitalizations because most are listening to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urge citizens to take more needles, with a fourth dose forthcoming.

In other countries such as the African nation Ghana, the story is radically different. With a population of 30 million, or 9 percent of the United States’ population of 328 million, Ghana has seen only 126,000 COVID cases whereas the United States has seen 42.5 million cases, or 337 more times the number of cases than in Ghana, as of late September 2021. Among these COVID cases in Ghana, 1,125 have died whereas 680,000 have died in the United States. This death count represents 604 more times the number of deaths that have occurred in Ghana. Finally, in Ghana, only 2.8 percent of the population has received at least one COVID shot whereas 63 percent of Americans have received at least a single COVID shot. The differences in the numbers of COVID cases, deaths and shots between these countries paint heavily contrasting pictures.

Number of COVID cases - September 7, 2020 - September 7, 2021 - comparison - Fruit-Powered
On September 7, 2020, there were 25,166 new COVID cases in the United States, with a seven-day average of 38,915. No one had received a COVID shot at this time. On September 7, 2021, there were 301,138 new COVID cases in the United States, with a seven-day average of 152,393. On this day, about 176 million were considered “fully vaccinated,” receiving two COVID shots, with more than 207 million Americans having received at least one shot. What do you think about this?

Additionally, numerous reports are surfacing about shedding, with some unvaxxed claiming they are getting sick from being in contact with those who’ve received COVID shots. In some cases, highlighted in Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis, male babies have experienced genital rashes and female babies have experienced genital bleeding after being in contact with vaxxed grandparents. The Telegram channels Vaxx Shedding and Transmission Experience are busy and growing, with about 12,000 members combined, as of late September 2021. Members are describing the rashes, sore throats, nosebleeds, fatigue, vomiting spells, swollen glands and lymph nodes, magnified Lyme disease symptoms, back pain, allergy symptoms, hair loss, excruciatingly painful and unusual menstruation, and other symptoms they’ve been experiencing after being in contact with vaxxed family, friends and co-workers.

It might very well be possible that some COVID shots are placebos so as to prevent everyone from falling ill and/or dying from these toxic shots, as this would be a red flag for even the most anti-conspiracy-theory person. It might also be possible that the push for multiple shots is partly to make you reliant on a Big Pharma that gets even bigger, and, as Dr. Peter McCullough says, with more shots, one faces greater risks of experiencing adverse reactions or even dying.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains the Shedding Phenomenon Connected to COVID Shots

“The COVID catastrophe amounts to global genocide that is, most definitely, World War III on humanity itself via the bioweapons that are COVID injections.”

How Major Interests Are Shaping the Narrative and Leading Many to Fear, Confusion, Control, Sickness and Death Via COVID Vaccines

If you’ve been confused about what is playing out in the world, especially if you like to read your big-city newspaper, tune in to CNN for news and check facts on Snopes, let’s take a good look at all the many parties controlling the narrative and shaping perception.

Governments are made up of politicians whose chief campaign contributors are pharmaceutical companies. Government officials such as those in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have been in and out of pharmaceutical company positions and government positions like some never-ending turnstile, pushing these companies’ products hard no matter which role they’re in.

The mainstream news media are sustained largely by pharmaceutical and health-care dollars. Half the U.S. evening news programs is TV spots, and half these spots are pharmaceutical commercials. Influential newspapers such as The New York Times run full- and half-page ads from health-care and pharmaceutical companies, and it’s well-known that all newspapers have struggled in the digital age as people wake up and consume news from scores of alternative sources, many of which present different kinds of information and different takes on the same topics.

It’s important to remember that almost all mainstream news media got America’s confusing invasion of Iraq in 2003 wrong, with only the former Knight Ridder wire service producing stories that challenged the George W. Bush-led administration’s line. The New York Times later apologized for getting stories wrong.

As for websites such as Politifact, Snopes and Wikipedia, which many trust, believing them to be independent sources, they have ties with powerful organizations with deep pockets such as Google, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with many anonymous donors, Indoctornation shows. This makes them apt to present information that casts these interests in a positive light while discrediting detractors, leaving the validity and truthfulness of their information suspect.

In Australia, France and some other countries, tens to hundreds of thousands have turned out in a steady stream of recent powerful freedom rallies—with some turning violent, and many instigated by police—and news media in these countries have lied about the numbers present to minimize and suppress their impact. Unless you’ve had your ear to the ground on Telegram, BitChute and some other “underground” social media and video platforms, you didn’t know about this unless you were there. As the heat has been turned up higher in Australia and France, Americans certainly aren’t seeing this preview of what’s to come in the United States on ABC’s World News Tonight. If, that is, Americans have the heart to protest like the Australians and French have.

Watch French Citizens Protest Vaccine Passports and Australian Police Use Pepper Spray Against Protesters

Big Tech Companies Are Strangling Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech

Big technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram are in the mix as well. In summer 2018, natural health websites—including Mercola, Natural News and Fruit-Powered—got pummeled after a Google algorithm update on the heels of the tech giant’s forging multimillion-dollar partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Joe Mercola reported that lost 99 percent of its keyword rankings in search results, meaning people weren’t and still aren’t finding his website when searching for natural health information on health conditions, for example. Instead, people are finding websites containing content the government, health-care establishment and pharmaceutical companies want you to see to keep you in their system as customers completely clueless about health and healing.

U.S. California Representative Adam Schiff, beholden to Big Pharma for campaign contributions, wrote Jeff Bezos in March 2019, imploring Amazon’s then-CEO to remove anti-vaccination videos from its Prime Video and disc-based offerings, calling them a “direct threat to public health.” Amazon complied. About the same time, Pinterest blocked content connected to vaccine searches, and YouTube blared that it wouldn’t allow users to profit from anti-vaccine videos with ads while beginning to suppress these kinds of videos and other natural health videos in searches.

Facebook and sister company Instagram have also played major roles in shaping the narrative. In early 2021, Facebook removed anti-vaccination groups—some with tens of thousands of members—and began terminating high-profile natural health accounts belonging to Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News, among others. On the topic of information suppression, it must be noted that Erin Elizabeth, who calls herself the most-censored woman on the internet, has done an extraordinary job of covering the mysterious and suspicious deaths of dozens of holistic healer deaths in the past several years. If these wise men and women are no longer alive to spread new natural health messages, it’s to the benefit of the health-care establishment and pharmaceutical companies and to the detriment of all those looking for alternative healing modalities.

If you dare speak out against vaccines on Fascistbook and Instasham, you get sent to a corner of the room, with algorithms kicking in to limit the reach of your posts while restricting your freedom of speech. I experienced just this in February 2021 and for several months after I published and shared “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Issues Coronavirus Vaccine Warnings,” an interview with the world’s leading vaccine researcher over the past two decades.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Ask Questions About COVID Shots You’re Not Allowed to Ask on Facebook and Instagram Ordered to Remove 15,000 Articles, With New Content Live for Just Two Days, in Crushing Blow to Freedom of the Press

Dr. Joe Mercola and his partner, Erin Elizabeth, are among the so-called Disinformation Dozen, charged with being responsible for the majority of misinformation about COVID vaccines on the internet. The New York Times lambasted this group, with The Washington Post and roughly 1,000 other newspapers throughout the United States making a mockery of fellow member Dr. Sherri Tenpenny over her positing a question during recent testimony—and not one bothered to contact her for comment.

Dr. Joe Mercola, who, with Erin Elizabeth, has received death threats, announced on August 3, 2021, that he was pressured to remove 15,000 articles published over the quarter-century history of his website and that new content would remain live for only 48 hours. To me, as someone who’s been directly involved in journalism for 17 years of my 25-year career, going all the way back to writing newspaper stories as an 18-year-old intern and counting nine years of publishing Fruit-Powered Magazine, this marked the worst day in U.S. history—even more than September 11, 2001, the day of events staged by the U.S. government as terrorism attacks. (The acts of terror were against the government’s own citizens. Sound familiar?) Why did I feel this way? That the U.S. government and other interests could force a website publisher to remove content against their agenda chilled me to no end. It is a severe blow to freedom of the press and to all the millions—billions, potentially—seeking information that’s counter to messages from the mainstream news media, health organizations and pharmaceutical companies. Plus, this action sets a dangerous precedent for even more draconian censorship measures to drop down like a hammer.

A wise friend pointed out to me, however, that Dr. Joe Mercola’s announcement was proof that his highly researched and no-hold-barred content on the dangers of COVID vaccines, among other topics that were giving certain interests fits, was negatively impacting plans for a completely controlled population—and many millions of deaths, just in the short-term future—via COVID shots. If his work weren’t having an impact, why would these interests hit the panic button? The cabal is losing control, as their diabolical plan is not going as well as expected.

Watch Dr. Joe Mercola Explain Why He Is Removing Content After Just 48 Hours

The Real Misinformation and Disinformation Are Coming From Most Mainstream News Media Outlets

All these parties—governments, mainstream news media and tech companies—are labeling information critical of vaccines as misinformation (incorrect information) or disinformation (deliberately misleading information). The reality is, the fake news is practically anything they report on nowadays. Governments are even using taxpayer dollars to broadcast pro-vaccine TV spots and paying celebrities to promote COVID shots while rarely, if ever, underscoring the benefits of nutrition, exercise and sunshine at the time of a purported health crisis.

Interestingly, some local journalism outlets, less influenced by Big Pharma dollars, are giving much more consideration to those resisting mask-wearing and COVID injections. The Reporter, a Lansdale, Pennsylvania, newspaper I worked for from 2001 to 2003, when it was a Gannett publication before being sold to the pitiful and bankrupt-prone Journal Register Company, published this incendiary article on a North Penn School Board meeting that erupted into fiery debate over masks, a “vaccine agenda” and the Nuremburg Code. You’ll rarely, if ever, see this kind of eye-opening COVID coverage in larger newspapers, and you definitely won’t see anti-vaxxers given this kind of airtime on the ABC, CBS or NBC evening news programs.

Just as local news coverage differed radically from national news coverage on the events that took place on 9/11, revealing glaring lies coming from the Bush administration’s framing of the story, one can truly see how the sizable number of people in opposition to COVID shots are not being adequately represented in most mainstream news media stories.

Here’s an important piece of information to consider as these stories continue to make their way out into the world: As governments press for more COVID shots, many who consented to receiving one or even two shots are turning and joining the ranks of the opposition. These folks’ antennas have gone up, and they are becoming suspicious enough to say no to more shots or learning about the deaths and adverse reactions so many are experiencing. As the resistance grows, it might outnumber those who would qualify as “fully vaccinated.” (This is already the case in many countries but not so yet, at least, in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.) How foolish will the mainstream news media look if they continue to sound the “Get vaccinated!” alarm when only 20 percent of their audience are on board with this idea after a full 12 to 18 months of this vaccine push? To be so tone-deaf to reality and to your audience’s wishes is one way to go out of business quickly! Good riddance, mainstream news media!

Because of the rampant fake news being published and broadcast by mainstream news media and because of the lies being perpetrated by governments, health-care organizations and pharmaceutical companies, if you don’t use technology to find alternative sources of information or have natural health education or common sense to realize that all vaccines are dangerous, your life is in jeopardy. This is such a shame, as many won’t make it to 2022, with their demise precipitated by the lies of people who need to be charged, tried and imprisoned.

Watch 9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Where You Can Find Information From Fearless Natural Health and Freedom Activists, Who Need Your Help in Spreading Messages

With true information on the COVID catastrophe and vaccine agenda hard to come by, it’s important to shine a light, for a moment, on fearless natural health and freedom activists who’ve shared information at the most-critical time in human history. These activists—true warriors—include Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Joe Mercola, Jonathan Otto (who helped expose lies and promoted raw foods for immunity boosts in Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis), Mikki Willis (the force behind the eye-opening films Plandemic and Indoctornation), Natural News‘ Mike Adams, Erin Elizabeth, Cuca Russell, Don Bennett (see “Corona Virus and Vaccine Fact Sheet”) and Mango Wodzak.

Not everyone in the natural health and raw vegan communities has chosen to step up to the plate to serve people at the levels needed most—which is to say awareness, education and guidance—and I view this is a tragedy, especially as billions of lives are negatively impacted and lost and as freedoms are being taken away at escalating speeds. My conscience won’t allow me to sit on the sidelines. I have to be in the game and doing whatever I can to help.

But I want to spotlight some among the many courageous natural health and freedom activists who have made the conscious choice to rise to the occasion, as I have fed off their collective energy and, hopefully, have transferred it to others to expand global awareness about what is truly going on with the goal of saving people’s lives and freedoms. I also want to spotlight some of these folks so Fruit-Powered Magazine readers can explore information they’ve shared.

I salute all the heroic natural health and freedom activists along with all the citizens producing journalism—whether it’s clips of protesters marching the streets in Australia, India’s military trying to revive several soldiers who hit the ground after getting shots or a woman showing large black spots in the interior of her mouth after getting jabbed—across the world and sharing on uncensored social media networks, video platforms and websites.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Finally, I get a charge when learning news about the few elected officials challenging the COVID-shot agenda. I’m talking about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who’s pushed back on several mask and COVID-shot fronts, and Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, who filed a formal petition for a federal grand jury investigation into the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration, arguing these agencies committed willful misconduct to inflate COVID data.

Keep your energy high and roaring like a hungry lion! You are the brave leaders, and the world needs you the most!

Take a Stand and Hit Mega-Corporations in Their Wallets by Boycotting Companies Quashing Freedoms

After publishing my Closeup interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and after six months of watching my new Facebook and Instagram posts go practically nowhere, I decided to boycott Facebook and Instagram and have pitched tents on Twitter (which also seems to censor me, but I’m still testing), MeWe and Telegram. Come and join me and leave platforms helmed by Mark Zuckerberg, who is free to ask vaccine questions but whose platforms prevent you from doing so, to die as dollar signs leave the owner’s eyes. As long as you continue to use Facebook and Instagram—among the world’s biggest offenders when it comes to privacy—you are complying and telling these enormous companies that you are perfectly fine with having your voice suppressed and with hamstringing your ability to learn from family, friends and health advocates at such a critical time. You are also allowing these companies to get even richer and more powerful.

If you want to change the world, walk away from these companies. Next, consider spending some time identifying a long list of other companies you can write protest messages to and/or outright boycott over illegal policies and mandates connected with COVID shots. Some of these companies may include AT&T, BlackRock, Capital One, CNN, Deloitte, Delta Airlines, Disney, DoorDash, Ford Motor Company, Hess, Johnson & Johnson, Lyft, Microsoft, Netflix, PETA, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Uber, UPS, Walgreens, Walmart and Yelp. In early August, I had begun developing a spreadsheet intended to make it easy for people to fire off messages to these and other companies, but as the weeks rolled on and production of this Fruit-Powered Magazine issue kicked in, it became apparent that this job was too much for one to handle, especially as these policies and mandates spread like wildfire.

Is Your City or Town Banning the Unvaxxed From Restaurants? Have a Picnic Outside and Bring Hundreds of Friends Like the French

I recognize that it is next to impossible for folks to boycott every company restricting the unvaxxed in some ways and/or trying to strong-arm its employees into taking COVID shots, but if millions—better, billions—of us rise up and each boycott 10 companies we might have regularly relied on for products and/or services in rosier times, this will send huge messages to global entities that dominoes are falling in the grand plan to keep us all in check. This will mean more work for you to navigate your way to support businesses that haven’t crossed this vaccination-segregation line, but whoever said changing the world is easy? We are living in uncomfortable times, and life will continue to be uncomfortable for a long time to come. Isn’t it better to deal with short-term upheaval than long-term oppression? Please take this message to heart and spring into action! You cannot sit this out!

It’s beyond clear that the cabal doesn’t care about small businesses, from mom-and-pop restaurants to hardware stores. These nasty actors want them to be eliminated so you’re forced to rely on the world’s largest companies for all your needs, as part of their plan is to concentrate wealth even more than it has been over the past 50 years. Do you find it appalling that, at a time when so many lost their jobs, businesses and/or homes, that 650 billionaires in the United States enjoyed wealth increases totaling more than $1 trillion? Does this absolutely enrage you?

If you’re a citizen concerned about our present state and fearful of living under a totalitarian government, then the onus is on you just as it is on me and every single person to make decisions that support the world you want to live in.

The Seeds for Big Pharma Were Sown More Than a Century Ago

A key part of the reason we’re stuck in this COVID catastrophe is because of the enormous power the pharmaceutical industry wields. The human population, generally speaking, doesn’t exude robust health. More than 70 percent of American adults are overweight or obese. Additionally, diabetes affects about one out of three Americans, and two out of five male and more than one out of three female Americans receive cancer diagnoses in their lifetimes. Resultingly, many Americans and citizens of other countries turn to doctors to help bail them out.

Doctors, however, receive a paltry amount of nutrition education—just 19.6 hours—with some doctors receiving none at all. Did you know that there exists a dark story to the history of medical school curriculum? In the early 1900s, John D. Rockefeller offered grants to medical schools, after taking over the American Medical Association, that were on board with rewriting curriculum to push pharmaceutical drugs and do away with core training on diet and herbs? Did you know that this wealthy oilman had taken over the mainstream news media and then set his sights on patentable pharmaceutical drugs after scientists discovered that these drugs could be made using petroleum?

Furthermore, John D. Rockefeller influenced Congress to call natural healing modalities “unscientific quackery.” Doctors who opposed this shift away from natural health were outcast, and many medical schools closed or consolidated. The result of all these actions has been more than a century of sick care and suffering, with doctors and surgeons treating symptoms without identifying and addressing causes of health conditions as well as presenting healing options that are aligned with the body’s design.

Watch Indoctornation‘s “The Birth of Big Pharma”

As hospitals grew into mega-businesses across America and the world, so, too, did pharmaceutical companies. But vaccines were giving pharmaceutical companies issues—until lobbyists pressed then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 1986 to sign a law exempting these companies from having to pay out in cases of deaths and adverse reactions. Taxpayers have foot the bill—forking over billions of dollars over the past 35 years—and also help fund pharmaceutical companies’ research and development. With COVID shots—at least the first round of them—recipients have zero legal recourse (how’s this for product reassurance?) in case of deaths and adverse reactions, and here governments are, trying to bend your mind and break your will via a carefully constructed psychological operation so you become exhausted and give in, getting all the shots they deem necessary.

Tens of billions of patients and their loved ones across the world have suffered under this warped medical approach for more than a century—and it has to end now before a techno-fascist pharma-ruled world is forced on us! The stakes are being raised, and we have to push back hard.

History Repeats Itself: COVID-19 Is the Spanish Flu All Over Again

Another Gates, Frederick Gates, was a key player during the Spanish Flu, which affected one-third of the world population over 1918 to 1920. Let’s clear the air: The Spanish Flu didn’t originate from Spain and actually wasn’t a flu but instead bacterial pneumonia. The first cases of bacterial pneumonia in 1918 were traced to the Fort Riley Army base in Kansas and connected to an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine produced by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

These vaccines, developed by Frederick Gates, were injected into soldiers, some of whom traveled overseas and spread bacterial pneumonia. Upon arrival home, to “protect” the general public, these vaccines were pumped into Americans and then Europeans, with vaxxed and unvaxxed falling ill and dying. All told, 50 million died from this wicked vaccine experiment.

Watch a Spanish Flu Story Different From the One in History Textbooks and See Parallels With COVID-19

The Cabal’s Agenda Is to Control You Via Vaccine Passports and One World Government—Until You Die

Where is all this going, from a virus that may or may not be real and possibly developed in a lab to rushed-to-market experimental gene-therapy shots that many believe have killed millions of people while giving rise to adverse reactions in hundreds of millions of others worldwide? What’s the next move by the cabal in this sadistic chess match?

Have you heard about a concept called the Great Reset? A book titled COVID-19: The Great Reset and co-written by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, presents a vision for a world ruled by global governance. Elements of this vision dovetail with the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 plan. This Great Reset concept, like the similar New World Order concept, has been echoed by many elected officials across the world, including Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, who’s faced irate protesters at every turn on the campaign trail.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have flocked to Florida in 2021 to send their kids to school without mask mandates. Many flee states and countries, after all, over oppressive political climates, and, if people were under the weight of one world government, there would be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Vaccine passport - man holding smartphone with international COVID vaccination certificate - Fruit-Powered

Yes, there would be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide because the cabal wants to force you to use a vaccine passport connected to your mobile phone as proof of COVID vaccination. The plan is to lock you out of society if you’re not on board with COVID shots and vaccine passports, spelling the end of freedom. is working to get at least 1 million signatures to stop the rollout of vaccine passports in the United States and ensure all people, whether vaxxed or not, continue to be able to fly in airplanes. You can support this group’s mission by signing and sharing this URL far and wide.

A lot of Americans are still unfamiliar with this vaccine passport agenda, and this is because of the tightly scripted mainstream news media information they take in. But if you explore what’s happening in Australia, Canada and Italy, for example, on alternative sources, you’ll see the fear and rage that’s powered these people to speak out and protest in huge numbers. Massive demonstrations notwithstanding, Italy became, in mid-September 2021, the first European country to make COVID vaccine passports mandatory for all employees.

Peeling Back the Curtain on the Great Reset

Governments are ramming vaccine passports down their people’s throats.

How far will the tyranny go?

How long until the military comes knocking at your door, aiming to pin you down and give you a jab that might lead to your death or a stroke, as part of the next step to combat the spread of coronavirus?

If all this sounds terrifying and doesn’t motivate you to toss your mask once and for all, reject COVID shots, boycott businesses, speak out and even shed blood, if needed, for your freedoms, watch Songbird to get a peek at what life might be like if the cabal achieves checkmate.

With all that’s going on with this COVID catastrophe, I ask: What is freedom worth to you?

We Have to Change the World Now, and It Starts With Making Health and Our Relationship to Nature Our Priorities

Reclaim your freedom by first embracing a fruitarian diet and posture correction exercises with the quickness to achieve health freedom. Achieving health freedom is 100 percent necessary to enable other freedoms to be reclaimed and protected. After people bring healthful and impactful diet and exercise practices into their lives, they tend to open their minds and become eager to embrace more healthful activities such as meditation and spending increased amounts of time in and developing a blossoming love and gratitude for nature—both which are needed to raise the collective vibration on the planet.

Explore the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center's Natural Health Services

Fruit-Powered Life Force Center - Diet and Exercise Natural Health Services - Fruit-Powered

When the masses get healthy and learn about even more ways to improve their health and well-being—including spiritual and personal-development practices to bring more joy and love into their lives—they will instinctively throw away their pharmaceutical drugs and say no to vaccinations and preventable surgeries for themselves and their families. Always remember that life has gone on for billions of years for millions of species with no vaccines and that no species in the wild vaccinates. Remember that vaccines bring nothing but ill health and death while making pharmaceutical companies richer. This en-masse pass on pharma products will crush the health-care establishment’s and pharmaceutical companies’ bottom lines and drive the cabal up the wall, as these industries command a whopping three-sevenths of the U.S. economy and have dominance in many other countries as well.

We are mired in the COVID catastrophe, all right, but all have special opportunities, as you can see, to reclaim our freedom and turn our families and friends on to approaches that bring health and happiness into our lives. We have to stop complying and challenge municipal, county, state and federal governments; school boards; businesses pressing shots for employees and banning customers who resist vaccines; and businesses lying to us and quashing freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

We have to lead our Great Awakening to break the button on the Great Reset!

Get Inspired by People Speaking out and Motivated to Speak out Yourself

The next few months could get really ugly, with many whose ears are to the ground forecasting another quarantine lockdown is on the way come late autumn 2021 or winter 2022, when the flu season kicks in. Some suggest that food shortages will become an even bigger problem than they have been in recent months and that the next lockdown could be permanent. Civil wars might even break out in countries across the planet. Before and if this comes to pass, one thing to keep in mind is that the segregation that’s been dividing the masses has been central to the cabal’s plan to try to pressure the resistance to give in and roll up their sleeves by prying ever more freedoms from their lives. It is telling where we are as a society that many vaxxed have openly declared on social media and in videos and articles that they wish those resisting shots would die.

But every school board president or police officer who’s toeing the government line on masks and COVID shots is a son or daughter and, perhaps, a father or mother—a person, ultimately, who loves and is loved. We’re all people, and our connection transcends whatever our differences may be. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. summoned a groundswell of electrifying support through messages of love and unity, not hatred and division, on his way to helping change the world.

I have a dream, too. It’s of a fruitarian world where freedom, truth, peace, love, health and happiness pervade as people pursue their passions and missions. It’s of a world where human beings start getting back to living tiny lives in tune with and out of respect for nature and our place in it as one among a throng of species central to the planet’s workings. It’s of a world where people govern themselves without power over them by local, state, federal or even one single and scary global controlling body. It’s of a world where people’s core functions are to feed and take care of themselves, not make widgets while harming the planet, our only home.

Summon Your Forgotten Forces in Rising to Lead Humanity

We’ve been born into a world well down the path of “progress,” and we’re living in a nightmare, despite being such an enlightened species, because of rich and diabolical individuals and the influence they have on governments and information and communication platforms—not to mention, running the world’s banks, keeping us as slaves, thanks to fiat currency. We’ve been living in a world torn apart by fires, floods and rising sea levels, and the clock is ticking on us to live right by Mother Nature and make up for generations of countless grievances.

Know this: We cannot continue to live under the thumb of pharmaceutical companies. Our new beginning and their bitter pill—marking the end of a decades-long reign of death, sickness, misery, lies and corruption—to swallow starts now!

I’ve said for some time that our myriad creations have given rise to endless problems. Once we got farther away from our core responsibilities of caring for ourselves, by outsourcing food and health needs to farmers and stores and the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies, we lost the plot on how to live.

We’ve simply forgotten about what it feels to be whole—truly satisfied and complete—as species in the wild feel every day when living with abundant amounts of food and water available. We’ve also lost sight of the apple of our eyes—supreme health and happiness along with the ecstatic feeling of basking in the glory of nature herself—and it’s time we got it back.

Freedom - woman with closed eyes outside - Fruit-Powered
This feeling of being alive and free, this feeling of connectedness and oneness with Mother Nature, this feeling of ease, comfort and health—it’s all on the line. What would you give for you and your loved ones to be able to experience these magnificent and life-affirming feelings? What is freedom worth to you?

Right now.

This is our time.

This is our moment.

Our consciousness chose to be here now.

What are you going to do with this opportunity?

Where do you stand and what will you stand up for?

You can be a hero for yourself and the world.

You are the one you’ve waited for!

Now go and live the life you want to live—and shout and resonate “freedom” in all you do to ensure you and everyone around you continue to make all the choices in your lives!

With love and light,
Brian Rossiter, a fearless natural health warrior

Watch the Full Indoctornation Documentary

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  1. Thank you for sharing your article, Brian! Yes, it may be a little long, however, it is the most comprehensive and complete article that I have read yet on everything Covid and the last year and a half of our lives! You nailed it from A–Z! It was wonderfully written, it flowed naturally and you were definitely in “the zone” when you wrote it! Congratulations to a job well done! Loved it! Again, thank you! I’ll definitely be sharing the link! ☺️

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