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The Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series is a four-volume set featuring 80 raw vegan recipes from Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter and 10 other raw food trailblazers from around the world.

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Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series Features 80 Menu-Spanning Raw Vegan Recipes

The Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series, a four-volume set featuring 80 raw vegan recipes, by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter is the perfect gift for health seekers! Save almost 40 percent on this ebook package compared with purchasing volumes separately!

Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series Features Raw Vegan Recipes from Brian Rossiter and 10 Other Raw Food Trailblazers

The dozens of raw vegan recipes published in the Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series cover all your day’s meals! You’ll discover and enjoy delicious and nutritious fruit smoothies, green smoothies, appetizers, pies, dinner recipes, lively salads, hearty soups, savory and sweet concoctions that stand as side dishes or layers to appetizers and main courses.

The Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series features these four volumes:

Smoothies | Appetizers, Snacks and Party Dishes | Main Courses, Salads and Soups | Dressings, Dips, Spreads, Sauces and Salsas

In the Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series, you’ll find raw vegan recipes for Cran-Apple Cherry Smoothie, Emerald Smoothie, Raspberry-Mango Lip Smacker, Saucy “Sub,” Gooey Mint Cookies, Banana-Apricot-Plum Pie, Rainbow Splash, Thai Noodles, Southwest Chili, Creamy Corn Dijon, Sweet and Sour Dressing, Avocado-Tomato “Cheese” and many more raw vegan recipes. These raw vegan recipes are ideal for those wanting to eat healthfully as well as transitioning and seasoned raw food enthusiasts! These books teem with personality, featuring recipes, quotes and tips from Brian Rossiter and these raw food trailblazers:

Jesse Bogdanovich | Anna Chmielewska | Ashley Clark | Jenée Fruity Gypsy | Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone | Arnold Kauffman | Chris Kendall | Dr. David Klein | Elisa Oras | Karen Ranzi

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Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series titles are lavishly designed, with eye-popping images leaping off the pages.

The series is available as an ebook package and as ebooks and print books separately. All volumes are designed by Anna Chmielewska.

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