Alive! by Brian Rossiter

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Alive! is a raw vegan guide book by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter. Alive! is designed to help you on your raw vegan diet transition, gaining clarity and vitality while arriving at your natural weight.

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Alive!: Your Raw Vegan Guide to Achieve Success

Alive!, a raw vegan guide book by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter, poured out of me during the first half of 2012. I wrote Alive! because, based on my experience, there was a need for a raw vegan guide book to explain exactly what to do and how to do it. There was a need for a raw vegan guide to take transitioning raw fooders by the hand and show them the way.

When I embarked on my raw food journey, I was equipped with several books and websites to help guide me and thought I was prepared. Lots of these resources turned out to be less than helpful, though. I was confused about what to eat and when to eat specific kinds of foods—and I made a few mistakes that drastically reduced my energy level and caused me to feel spacey, irritable and depressed.

Alive! Excerpt

“For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable in my own skin and at peace with myself, knowing I make lifestyle choices every day that benefit me and the entire planet now and moving forward—the only times in our lives we have the opportunity to change.”
—Brian Rossiter

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Alive!: A Raw Vegan Guide Blueprint from a Longtime Raw Food Enthusiast

Only when I learned about the role of fruits, greens and fat as well as 80/10/10 macronutrient guidelines and the importance of staple foods and counting calories did I begin heading in the right direction to raw bliss. Even then, it took me several months longer until I began to thrive. It turns out we need lots of the right kind of guidance, patience and persistence to get back our instincts and return to our natural diet. Alive! is designed to help anyone become wholly raw vegan or just consume more fruits and green leafy vegetables. Alive! is a raw vegan guide that can be your blueprint for success.

Enjoy more than 25 raw vegan recipes as well as tool recommendations!

176 pages. Available in ebook and print formats.

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9 reviews for Alive! by Brian Rossiter

  1. Anna C

    Brian takes you on a journey, and you will have fun all the way! The book is easy to read and contains all the essentials you should know when going raw vegan. I enjoyed every bit of it!

  2. Aaron

    Alive! is not just another raw food book—it’s a proven road map to success from an author who is living proof of the book’s contents. Rossiter displays a unique, uncanny ability to synthesize superior writing talents with real-life experiences, and the final product is an honest, easy-to-read, easy-to-follow road map to a new you. That’s not to say that the book pulls any punches, though. Rossiter calls out the culprits in the epidemic of declining health in this country and shows the reader how to avoid the pitfalls and land mines on the way to optimal health.

  3. Jerry

    I got up to the part about holding your arms skyward in a ‘V,’ and I knew I’d have to get to you and say, ‘I lo♥e this book.’ … I just closed the pages, driven to happy tears, and thank you for writing this book and telling it like it is.

  4. Valerie

    I have been looking for a ‘step by step’ program that allows me to enter the raw food world, and I’ve found it! Thank you!

  5. Dawn

    I just purchased your book Alive! Can’t put it down! Thanks!

  6. Ailia

    Brian, I wanted to write and tell you how much your book is serving me these days. … I am so happy I have your book! Two days in and I … started having green smoothies for lunch too. It’s only been 8 days but I’ve already had green smoothies for breakfast and lunch since Day 2 and started eating fruit in the evening too before I eat whatever else I eat. I am blown away by how fast this seems to be unfolding in the sense that it feels so natural.

    So I’ve been thinking about you lately and wanted to write and thank you. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to go vegan before going 811rv…I could just begin and keep eating fruit/green smoothies until I was ready to drop whatever other food was left. I know this is a simple idea, but it eluded me before and it’s making a big difference!

    Not sure where I’ll end up but enjoying the journey and listening to my body.

    Thank you!

  7. Dave

    It’s very concise and practical, and you’re the only one talking about raw food and the anatomical position of the body. I thought you did a fantastic job.

  8. Panida

    I honestly couldn’t put this book down. Brian is such a great writer and this ebook is worth every penny.

    • Brian Rossiter

      Thank you so much, Panida! I am thrilled you enjoyed it! 🙂

  9. Brian Thoresen

    Love your book. Best raw book available.

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