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Raw Vegan Coaching Program

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Guidance During a Raw Vegan Diet Transition Is Sweet Relief!

With the Raw Vegan Coaching Program, get the guidance you need to help you succeed in your exploration of or transition to a raw food diet! Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter has led this diet with enthusiasm and dedication since January 2011 and is equipped to take you to a high level in health and life in the Raw Vegan Coaching Program, offered by the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center.

I offer one-on-one sessions by telephone, video chat (Google Meet) or in person at your home in Bucks County PA, Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, Montgomery County PA and Philadelphia PA.

Raw Vegan Coaching Program: Why Hire a Raw Food Coach or Health Coach?

Raw Vegan Coaching Program - Brian Rossiter - holistic health coach - Fruit-PoweredWe all want to feel and look our best to enable us to lead the lives we desire, but making changes while leading a busy lifestyle can be challenging and even scary. With a raw food diet, one should be especially prepared for radical changes to their diets and bodies. Many, however, can’t commit the time and research to learn but know their bodies are worth investing in. Others have carved out the time and researched a raw diet in books and websites but came upon dead-ends on their journeys.

I struggled at times on my journey, too, and know it’s challenging. It’s not easy to go raw, but this very rewarding leap in life can be made with greater ease if you have the knowledge to succeed.

When I transitioned, part of me told me to quit or dial down the amount of raw food I consumed, but my instincts and will to push forward won out. It took me several months to find my path while sorting through lots of information and several more months to finally achieve success. I know how worthwhile it is to transition to a fruit-based lifestyle.

I want to help you! Tell me where you are on your journey, be it in an exploratory phase or months into high-fat trouble or superfoods confusion. Let me tell you in a personalized way exactly what to do and how to do it. I can help you get to your destination!

I can not only help you reach your goal but save you lots of time and money!

Buy a Raw Vegan Coaching Program Session in the Fruit-Powered Store

I Can Coach You in My Raw Vegan Coaching Program If You’re:

Interested in learning about a raw food diet ■ Struggling to make sense of raw food information you’ve discovered ■ Trying to transition to a raw diet but need a helping hand ■ Confused about how much and which foods to eat and when to eat ■ Concerned about protein, fat, vitamins, minerals or calories ■ Unable to consume enough calories to fuel you each day ■ Seeking help with cravings for cooked, animal or processed foods ■ Needing tips on food combining and how to make a raw food diet work ■ Wanting help with shopping and having enough raw foods at home ■ Facing a health condition such as overweight/obesity or Type 2 diabetes ■ Experiencing lethargy or brain fog â–  Achieving results that are less than desired

Raw Vegan Coaching Program: My Background and Experience Level

A 3-D raspberry gives a thumbs-upI’ve been raw vegan since January 1, 2011, after transitioning to the diet beginning in spring 2010 with heavy consumption of green smoothies. I’ve led a low-fat raw food diet since spring 2011 and have been 100 percent low-fat raw vegan since February 2012. Highly active in the Arnold’s Way community since spring 2010 and having guest-hosted with Arnold Kauffman during the cafĂ©’s 30-Day Raw Challenge classes every week the first half of 2014, I’m familiar with how challenging transitioning to a mostly raw food diet can be as well as going wholly raw. My experience—full of challenges and sky-high triumphs—has taught me lots, and I can share this information with coaching clients such as yourself so you can succeed!

I’ve met and learned from raw food leaders such as Don Bennett, Doug Graham, Chris Kendall, Andrew Perlot, Karen Ranzi and Paul and Yulia Tarbath and have read and talked to other leaders such as Dr. David Klein. I have learned about many people’s stories, thanks to publishing 100-plus Raw Vegan Transformations in Fruit-Powered Magazine.

I’ve worked side by side with Arnold Kauffman on books, classes, events, festivals and other projects and at Arnold’s Way as a part-time chef. I am a student in the University of Natural Health‘s holistic nutrition and natural health practitioner certification programs.

I’ve been a featured speaker in the following health summits: Raw Life Summit (2015), International Raw Food Summit (2017) and The Power of Raw Foods (2017).

“Brian is the best I’ve ever seen on this lifestyle on a day-to-day basis! … He’s one of the best in the world!”
—Arnold Kauffman

Schedule a Raw Vegan Coaching Program Session

Available Sunday through Thursday by video chat worldwide and in person in Greater Philadelphia. I travel a 50-mile radius from my home and apply travel surcharges based on distance. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Raw Vegan Coaching Program Session Features

Raw Vegan Coaching Program sessions with Brian last one hour and are offered by phone or video chat (Google Meet) or in person. You’ll have an opportunity to provide me with some information about yourself in a survey so the conversation is informative to you from the start. You may also e-mail me once after the talk, asking me to clarify any points from the discussion, if you’d like.

Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series

Wide banner for the Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series

Coaching clients receive a special discounted rate on my four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series ebook package! Once you’re a client, I’ll send you a special code to redeem your discount.

Buy a Raw Vegan Coaching Program Session in the Fruit-Powered Store

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