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Fruit-Powered Digest has blossomed as a free resource for health seekers and the raw food community since its small October 2012 launch. I know it’s creating an awakening when people tell me that one or more of the Digest’s 100-plus transformation stories has inspired them to go or stay raw. Or that an article provided the missing link for their transition to be successful.

I want to continue producing Fruit-Powered Digest for a long time to show the whole world a fruit-based raw food diet is for all to adopt to feel their best. But to make this e-magazine sustainable as a business venture and help continue feeding positive change, I’m asking for your help.

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Each year, if every subscriber contributed just $10—less than the cost of a single main course at most raw food cafés—Fruit-Powered Digest would flourish well into the future. I assure you that every donated penny will support my efforts on

Reasons to support

If you’re not familiar with Fruit-Powered, then hop on over and get ready to be inspired. Brian has put together an amazing, highly readable free magazine—definitely the best on the market today.”

Anthea Frances Falkiner

I will devote well more than 300 hours over the Digest‘s 2016–17 publication year developing 16 weekly installments, bound in eight monthly issues. I will also incur thousands of dollars in expenses to bring the Digest to life. With enough of your support, I can, for the Digest‘s fifth year, publish at least 64 combined transformation stories, special interviews, features, tips, recipes as well as regular stories from Don Bennett, Alicia GrantDr. David Klein, Arnold Kauffman, Tarah MillenAnne OsborneKaren Ranzi, Paul and Yulia Tarbath, and myself.

You may support Fruit-Powered with monthly or one-time donations. To make a monthly donation, check the box “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” on PayPal. Those offering one-time donations of $50 or more will receive special gifts.



Gifts for Supersweet Donations

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  • $100 to $299.99: A specially made “I Am Fruit-Powered” canvas tote bag and my four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series (e-book format).

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Choose your design from (from upper left): strawberries, oranges, pineapple, apricots, grapes, bananas, kiwi, apples and watermelon. I will e-mail you directly to find out which design to order for you and to send you gifts.

I Am Fruit-Powered designs

  • $300 and up: A one-hour Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program session for yourself or a family member or friend, a specially made “I Am Fruit-Powered” canvas tote bag and my four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series (e-book format).

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I’m thrilled to bring you much more of the transformation stories, articles, tips and recipes you love in Fruit-Powered Digest! Thanks for your support!

With love and gratitude,
Brian Rossiter
Fruit-Powered creator owner's®
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