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Enjoy 100-plus Raw Vegan Recipes from Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter and raw food enthusiasts from around the world featured in Fruit-Powered Digest!

These are raw food recipes that tantalize your taste buds, nourish your body, give freedom to fellow creatures and are sustainable for the environment! Quite simply, these are recipes to live for and serve as the model for our return to our natural diet: a low-fat raw food diet.

Exploring Raw Vegan Recipes by Category

All the Raw Vegan recipes published on Fruit-Powered.com are listed below. If you’d like, use the sidebar “Browse by Category” to view all the different kinds of Raw Vegan Recipes published on the website. You may also click on the links below to view the different categories.

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Exploring Raw Vegan Recipes by Ingredient

All the ingredients in the Raw Vegan Recipes available on Fruit-Powered.com are listed below. If mangos are attracting you, click on Mangos to see Raw Vegan Recipes made with this dynamic fruit! If cucumbers are calling your name, click on Cucumbers to view Raw Vegan Recipes containing this incredible nonsweet fruit!

Almonds Apple cider vinegar Apples Arugula Avocados Bananas Barley grass juice powder Basil Berries Black Pepper Blackberries Blueberries Brazil nuts Broccoli Cantaloupe Caraway seeds Cardamom Carob Carrots Cashews Cauliflower Cayenne Celery Cherries Chia seeds Chili peppers Chili powder Cilantro Cinnamon Coconut Coconut aminos Collard greens Coriander Corn Cranberries Cucumbers Culantro Cumin Currants Dates Dill Durian Fennel Figs Flaxseed Garlic Garlic Chives Ginger Grapes Green leaf lettuce Greens Hemp seed Jalapenos Kale Leek Lemons Lentil sprouts Lettuce Limes Macadamia nuts Mangos Marang Mint Mixed Spice Mulberries Mushrooms Nectarines Nutritional yeast Olive oil Onions Oranges Oregano Papaya Paprika Parsley Passion fruit Peaches Pears Peppers Persimmons Pine nuts Pineapple Pomegranates Probiotics Pumpkin seeds Radishes Raisins Raspberries Red leaf lettuce Romaine lettuce Rosemary Saffron Sea salt Sesame seeds Spinach Spring mix lettuce Strawberries Sultanas Summer squash Tamarind Thyme Tomatillos Tomatoes Turmeric Vanilla Walnuts Water spinach Watermelon

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