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Caroline Cory Exposes Our Superhuman Powers

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Note from Fruit-Powered Magazine publisher and editor Brian Rossiter: I was mesmerized on first viewing of Caroline Cory’s spectacular and eye-opening documentary Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible in March 2021 and reached out to this supremely talented and conscious woman for an interview. If you’re into energy, extrasensory powers and maximizing human potential, you’ll want to buy or rent this documentary and watch it before reading this interview, as Caroline Cory explores various scenes.

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker and the visionary author of best-selling books on consciousness science and energy medicine. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous extrasensory perception (ESP) and otherworldly encounters, which led her to become deeply connected to existential topics, the study of consciousness and the mechanics of the universe. After teaching energy medicine and consciousness work for more than a decade, Cory founded OMnium Media, an entertainment and media platform that tackles various thought-provoking topics on the human condition and the nature of reality. In addition to writing and producing, Caroline Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind-matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows, including The UnXplained with William Shatner and the History Channel’s popular series Ancient Aliens.

Explore Caroline Cory’s consciousness and energy medicine work on Shop her books and other products as well as classes on and special Superhuman classes.

Brian Rossiter interviews Caroline Cory by telephone in August 2021 in this Closeup interview in Fruit-Powered Magazine.

Caroline Cory Awakens to Her Powers in Extrasensory Perception at Age 5

Caroline, you describe being a sensitive child, able, even at the age of 5, to feel others’ energy and emotions as well as hear others’ thoughts. Will you open up about your experiences and trace where they’ve led you in your life’s work, exploring how consciousness works in the physical world?

Caroline Cory portrait - Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - Fruit-Powered
Caroline Cory has launched several films, including Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible. Her next entry is A Tear in the Sky, which takes a scientific look at UFOs.

Caroline Cory: So everything started for me at the age of 5, when I had a very significant experience. I suddenly came in contact with an energy—these were beings—and they started talking to me telepathically. They told me that we are connected, that we’ve kind of come to the earth together, that I was on one side of the veil in physical form and that they were kind of the rest of my lineage. And that communication and that connection has never severed.

And so they kind of showed me how communication was happening and they said, “If you want to continue with this communication, you have to ask for it.” So that was my biggest lesson, if you will, that things don’t just happen, you have to ask for them. And by asking, they meant to focus your intention on it. So, of course, I’m 5 years old, right? So I tried to concentrate very hard on what my brain was doing—what my mind was doing—in order to have this communication, and I kept saying, “I want this, I want this, I want that.” And that’s kind of how it stayed with me for the rest of my life. What happens is, you recognize a certain signature, a certain way of focusing your intention for creating something in your life.

So that experience was very significant, obviously, not just for the information that I got but also the realization that I was tapping into subtle energy. I could see them, hear them, sense them effortlessly. And, so, because of that, I started asking the question, “How is that possible?”, which led me, eventually, to the field of consciousness, the science of consciousness. How does it all work? How does consciousness interact with the physical world, affect the physical world and so on and so forth?

Watch the Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible Trailer

Caroline Cory Presents Mind Over Matter in a Whole New Light in Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

There’s a popular saying, “Mind over matter,” but I believe, Caroline, that you’ve influenced how viewers of your latest film, Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, might think about this saying. Will you talk about how the mind can truly impact matter and how mind and matter are actually entangled?

Caroline Cory: So during the course of my work for the past 20 years, I developed different methodologies for meditation, for energy healing and things like that. So when we were working on an issue—whether it be to heal something or someone or to focus on receiving guidance or something like that—we would have actual results. So, if someone had a problem with their stomach or their heart or whatever we would focus on—but, of course, again, it’s a whole protocol, I’m not getting into right here—but as our mind was focusing on the physical object’s meaning, in this case, the stomach or the heart, for example, and intending for it to alter its chemistry, its vibration, or what have you, we would have actual measurable results.

The next day, the person would have a CAT scan or an X-ray or a blood test, and these results were there. Which meant that our mind was focusing on matter—on the physical aspect of life—and altering its mechanism. And, so, doing this over 20 years with hundreds of people from around the world, of course, I was convinced, they were convinced, but that wasn’t good enough. At one point, I wanted to share that with the world because this was real. And, so, at one point, I decided we have to make a film about it, that this is not a concept out there, that this is not an abstract thing, that this is a real, measurable thing. And this is how I had the idea for the film Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible. As you know, it contains a series of on-camera live experiments demonstrating how the mind affects, for example, the chemistry of water, the pH in water, and a physical object, in the case of telekinesis, and so on and so forth.

So this was my attempt to not just convince but to let the world know that: “Hey, your mind is working forever. It does have an effect on physical matter, and the two are not separate.” This is even more validation and proof that the physical world is not separate from consciousness. If we were separate, then we wouldn’t be able to affect anything.

And so entanglement has been validated scientifically. So that was my attempt to demonstrate that in the movie.

Watch for Free: Stream Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible on Tubi for a Limited Time

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - opening graphic - Fruit-Powered

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible Teems With Experiments That Showcase Our Extrasensory Perception Abilities

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, a documentary that opened my eyes wide over and over again, features a number of experiments that reveal the powers of consciousness and energy. Will you discuss your research for the documentary and why you decided on featuring these particular and wide-ranging experiments?

Caroline Cory: So when I was planning the film I wanted to choose experiments that were relatable. For example, many people—even most skeptics—have what they call synchronicities. For example, a mother would have a sudden vision of something going wrong with their kids on the other side of the world, and then it turns out to be true. Or you think of someone, and they call you out of the blue. Things like that. That is very relatable. And, so, how do I illustrate that?

I thought I would use the experiments of remote viewing, for example, and show that, when you think of someone or you have a vision of something that is supposed to be remote, this is not kind of a psychological effect, this is not an illusion. There is a clear mechanism that happens. And, so, that’s why I definitely wanted to demonstrate how remote viewing works. That was one experiment.

Another experiment that I definitely wanted to have was the effects that we have on water—on the pH of water—because most people know that pH affects the health of the physical body, and an alkaline environment is more healthy, in general, as opposed to an acidic environment. And so I wanted to, again, demonstrate how you can do that with your mind. You don’t have to go out and buy a $10 bottle of water to get it to change your pH. And so that was an important one for me.

Of course, telekinesis is another very convincing, very powerful and visually powerful experiment that shows the connection between mind and a physical object. We were able to demonstrate that in close proximity but also long distance and also under vacuum. Which is pretty extraordinary.

And then, finally, the blindfold. I thought that experiment, or demonstration, was completely mind-blowing because, if your consciousness can make your brain see when you’re not supposed to see, I mean, how much more validation do you need to show that consciousness is fundamental, [that] consciousness is at the base of creating your physical reality? 

So that’s kind of how I picked certain experiments to demonstrate live on camera in the film that were either relatable or very, very convincing, in my opinion.

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - person ascending - Fruit-Powered

Remote Viewing Experiment Plays out Like a Real-Time Visualization Exercise

Let’s talk about some different scenes. In one scene, actress-dancer Rachele Brooke Smith uses her consciousness to gather images of what you and two other participants are doing—from clutching black gates to viewing decorative lights and even holding a Starbucks cup—at a remote location, demonstrating how the universe can connect two minds. Were you amazed at the level of detail Rachele recorded in her notes? Also, open up about what you did to block what Rachele could pick up from your location?

Caroline Cory: That was interesting. So, again, there are different protocols for remote viewing. In the movie, I chose to introduce the one that was taught by the government. I use a different type of remote viewing. So, basically, there are different protocols. We chose that one just for her to be able to pick up some details. And, so, she, basically, had never done anything like this before, and, within two hours, we gave her the basic protocol to be able to pick up information remotely. And, sure enough, I was blown away by how precise she was, how fast she picked it up, including the Starbucks cup, which, again, might be a spoiler.

But that demonstrated how whatever she was doing was happening in real time because that was kind of not part of the program, if you will. So the fact that she picked it up told us that she was, in fact, totally doing it correctly.

And then, at one point … this was also not so much part of the program, [or] what we were supposed to do. In fact, we had a bit of an argument with the facilitator on that day because he said, “That’s not going to work,” and I was convinced that that would work. And, so, I spontaneously—without letting anybody know, not her, not the instructor, not the crew or anybody—I decided to block her consciousness and just kind of see if that was possible.

So I do that in different ways. In this particular way, I just put a shield around me. I visualized kind of a bubble that reflects back anything that’s coming in—[it] just bounces off of me, and she cannot see what’s inside this sphere, if you will. … And, sure enough, it worked. At one point, she was getting images, getting images and, all of a sudden, nothing. So, again, that was interesting because that was not part of the plan. She didn’t know—nobody knew—when I was going to do that, how I was going to do that. So I think everyone was blown away when, in fact, it worked.

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - Caroline Cory, Rachele Brooke Smith and Paul H. Smith - Fruit-Powered
Caroline Cory, Rachele Brooke Smith and Dr. Paul H. Smith (left to right) talk after Smith discovers her visions of Cory’s activities during a remote viewing experiment were spot-on. This is one of many powerful experiments on extrasensory perception featured in Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible.

Experiment on Changing Water pH Level Illustrates Health Benefits That May Be Achieved

In another scene, with scientist and quantum biologist Dr. Glen Rein, you successfully attempted to lower the pH level in water by visualizing a connection with hydrogen molecules with the intent of multiplying them. After just six minutes, the pH level dropped from 7.57 to 7.47. Will you extrapolate on the ramifications of the ability to change pH not just in water but in our bodies and how this could impact human health?

Caroline Cory: Again, the reason why I picked this experiment is [that] we are made mostly of water; therefore, if I could do this on a glass of water sitting on a desk, then I could eventually do it on my body. And, so, that is a ramification. It was validation, then, [that], in six minutes, I was able to alter the pH of water by one decimal, which is pretty huge in terms of changes. And, so, the idea was to show people … to just try it. If it’s possible to do it on regular water, then you can certainly do it on your body. 

And I have done this many, many times. Sometimes you eat something or you’re tired or what have you—most people are overly acidic just because of what we eat and how we eat and the level of stress [we have] and things like that, and so this is a very practical experiment that everyone can do. That’s why I wanted to demonstrate it to encourage people to just try it. 

And so every now and then, if you feel a little bit off, just focus on your stomach, focus on your saliva, focus on just the water in your body. And, of course, you don’t know how much you need to raise it or by how many decimals or whatever, [and] you don’t have to know [because] your higher consciousness knows. All you have to do is just focus on that part of your body and ask your intention, your consciousness, to raise your pH level to the optimal level. And it does. You’d be surprised how quickly your body responds.

So the ramifications are huge. In this instance, you avoid, hopefully, taking medicine, [and] you feel better. And then you can apply that to other things as well. So I’m very, very excited about this particular demonstration in the film, and I’m really hoping people will be excited and encouraged to do something with it.

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - Dr. Glen Rein and Caroline Cory - Fruit-Powered
Scientist and quantum biologist Dr. Glen Rein and Caroline Cory discuss the fine points of an experiment featured in Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible.

Consciousness Travels Around the World, and Voice Messages Can Be Captured Via the Electromagnetic Field

Another scene, with actor-musician Corey Feldman and former FBI investigator Ben Hansen, demonstrated how sound waves can be transferred from one point to another without physical contact. Corey’s voice message was transferred via the electromagnetic field using only a piece of metal with wire wound around it—an induction coil, much like planet Earth. Caroline, will you open up about how one can think about someone as far away as halfway around the world, and, a short time later, they’ll reach out to you?

Caroline Cory: Again, this all has to do with quantum mechanics and entanglement but also the fact that consciousness waves also have a form, their coherence with space itself. And, so, of course, this is science that’s very, very poorly understood, but there is science. William Rice created some experiments where he was able to literally visualize and see the waves, the waveforms of consciousness. And they were spiraling in a very unique way, and they’re able to pretty much kind of attach to or kind of connect or become coherent with other waveforms that are literally traversing our time-space continuum.

And so what that means is, when I’m thinking, I am emitting those waves out of my brain because my consciousness is thinking about them. And those waves, because they are nonlocal, they can be anywhere at any point instantaneously. They don’t travel through a propulsion system; they exist once they are embedded in the time-space continuum, and [when] they become coherent, they can exist anywhere. So if that person is anywhere on the planet, it will reach them instantaneously.

And so that’s … how you think of someone, and then they call you. It is not because you have initiated the calling. They were attempting to call you, and you got the message before the phone rang. That’s how it works.

Because if I’m intending to call someone, you’re thinking about them, you’re dialing their number, you’re thinking about what you’re going to say, and so you are projecting those consciousness waves onto them. And if you’re open enough—most people get them anyway whether they’re believing it or not—you get that message through these quantum waves, [or] consciousness waves, into your brain. Which then allows you to have that thought: “Oh, he’s trying to reach me. She’s trying to connect with me,” etc.

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - Corey Feldman and Ben Hansen - Fruit-Powered
Actor-musician Corey Feldman performs an experiment with former FBI agent Ben Hansen in Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible.

Vacuum Experiment Sees Caroline Cory Rotate an Object From Hundreds of Miles Away

A few scenes focused on tapping into consciousness to move matter. After Rachele Brooke Smith demonstrated her ability to rotate a piece of foil suspended on a needle in a glass enclosure, you achieved similar results in rotating an object in Oregon, overseen by neuroscientist Dr. Michael Weliky, when you were located in California. You state in the film, “The separation between objects and consciousness is nothing but an illusion.” Can you talk about ways people can harness this kind of energy in their lives?

Caroline Cory: Again, this was a demonstration because we did it under vacuum. That eliminates the idea that it is electromagnetic, that consciousness is connected to the physical world through electromagnetics. Because when you have a physical object in front of you, people argue that your energy field is emitting, is exchanging properties or is altering the magnetic field around the object. Therefore, you can make it turn, but when that object is under vacuum, then that eliminates that hypothesis.

That is the reason why we put the object not only under vacuum but also [at a] long distance. So that shows that it is not an electromagnetic effect [but that] it’s a consciousness effect. Whether we understand it or not, we know, for a fact, that that’s the case. Which then should give you, again, the confidence or at least strengthen the belief that, if your consciousness is capable of altering or moving an actual physical object at a distance, it does have a measurable physical effect.

“The work that is demonstrated in Superhuman is to empower you to believe in you.”
—Caroline Cory

So, in this case, you can use it for, I mean, for me, the first thing is, again, on the physical body. The reason why we don’t feel good in our body—and, of course, there are many reasons—but you can change … you can alter the frequency, the vibration of cells, of organs. If you move the physical object, of course, you can move a physical cell. It’s even more organic; it’s a biological substance. So doing it on a nonbiological object, you can certainly do it on a biological substance inside your body.

The first thing I would harness this kind of energy for is healing even though, again, you don’t know which cell to move or in which direction, but your higher consciousness knows. So I think that is the most immediate and practical way you can apply this sort of ability.

Tapping Into Consciousness Can Help the Blind and Visually Impaired See

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible also features blindfolded children who can identify objects, read from a book, run between cones, play table tennis and roller skate—all using their consciousness. I think, to many, these scenes especially stand out, given the age of the participants. You also show how individuals suffering from eyesight difficulty can “see” past their physical limitations by connecting with pure consciousness. Do you envision InfoVision, Vibravision and related therapies breaking through to help visually handicapped folks?

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - child reading blindfold - Fruit-Powered
A child reads while blindfolded during an eye-opening experiment in Superhuman: The Visible Made Visible.

Caroline Cory: Actually, they are doing that, those guys are working with different blind folks and visually impaired folks, and so they’re doing a lot to help with these cases. But also, as you know, in many ways they’re helping all sorts of handicaps … it works for many different handicaps. And, so, they already are helping in this way. And I think there are others. 

What was fascinating was to see that all of these different disciplines use different techniques. Somehow, they’re still able to help in this way. Which is really fascinating.

Caroline Cory Uses Energy Shifts to Keep in “Perfect Alignment”

Caroline, you’ve shined a light on so many ways human beings have superhuman qualities. I’d like to know how you put your superhuman qualities to use on a daily or regular basis?

Caroline Cory: Exactly like what I just shared with you, Brian. It becomes a habit after a while. If something doesn’t feel good in my body, I don’t reach out to any drug or anything. I look inside my body. I know exactly what the root cause is, [and] I go to the root cause and try to shift that with my mind. Then, if it’s something more physical, if I feel it’s a misalignment in my neck and my back—whatever it could be—I try to change it with my mind. So that’s kind of on a practical basis.

“You can alter the frequency, the vibration of cells, of organs. If you move the physical object, of course, you can move a physical cell.”
—Caroline Cory

But, also, it helps with my, on a regular basis, mental state. If you’re not feeling well, if you’re feeling off, it kind of works in the same way. You shift and you look at the problem when you’re feeling off, you suddenly are exhausted or you have weird depression, or you wake up weirdly depressed or off or angry. A lot of the time, it’s not even you; it’s the collective. How do you deal with that, being very sensitive? I can sense the energy of the collective a lot of times. And, so, that’s another way to change. Alter your physical experience and mental experience just through your focus. 

So that’s kind of how I use it not just on a regular basis but pretty much throughout the day because you’re exchanging energy all day long. You’re working, you’re talking to people and you’re going places. And so the idea is to be conscious. Yeah, to be conscious throughout the day and keep shifting. Shifting keeps you in perfect alignment.

Caroline Cory Shares Her Hopes for the World With Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

What is your hope for the world to do with the mind-blowing knowledge you’ve shared in Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible?

Caroline Cory: My hope is people will be encouraged to begin and take charge of their lives as opposed to buying into what other people are telling them. Don’t forget, your mind is free. It’s free of charge. So it doesn’t cost anything for you to just try to resolve a physical issue or any other issue with your mind first. Worst-case scenario: If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to the old ways. But my hope is for people to realize the effect of mind over matter is no longer an abstract theory. It is a real mechanism. It is demonstrated live on camera for them to really, really be convinced and give it a try.

Watch Caroline Cory and Rachele Brooke Smith Dive Deep on Consciousness, the Law of Attraction and the Human Mind’s Superpowers

Caroline Cory’s Work in Healing and Consciousness Is Wide-Ranging and Deep

Through OMnium Universe and OMnium Media, you offer live and pre-recorded healing sessions via your Omnium Method—a healing technique that enables the spontaneous alignment of cells and the human energy field with source frequency, delivering cellular reprogramming—along with movies, books and audio recordings. You do a lot! Will you offer a 10,000-foot view of your work to give folks new to you through Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible a glimpse at what they’d find?

Caroline Cory: Because I started almost 20 years ago now, I’ve developed several methodologies, and I realized the biggest problem that people have is receiving proper guidance to know where to even begin or where the problem really is. What is the root cause? And, so, because of that, I feel that people need to understand the different types of meditations that you need to get to that point of discernment.

And not all meditations do the same thing. People think, “Oh, I already do meditation, so I’m fine.” Well, I developed specific types of meditation that allow you to pinpoint and discern certain things. Then I thought the second step is to understand how your guidance system works. It’s very, very detailed.

So people can find this information on my website. There’s a ton of free stuff also on my YouTube channel to familiarize yourself or to get yourself to this point of discernment. And then past that, there are more specialized classes and courses that have to do with healing. I have a very, very detailed protocol for healing, also expanding your consciousness to basically remember who you really are, your original essence, what you were before any sort of incarnation. I’m not talking about past life; I’m talking about before you had any life, any physical life. So this is very, very profound training that’s also available.

And, through the movie, more recently, I’ve added the classes on telekinesis, the blindfold learning to see through the blindfold, remote viewing and all these techniques that people see in the movie. So it’s a very big range, and people can start with those fundamental ones and work their way up through the curriculum.

I understand you’re set to commence shooting for or already started shooting your next film. Do you have a title and can you offer a sneak peak at what it’s about?

Caroline Cory: Actually, I’m in post-production, and the title of the film right now is A Tear in the Sky. It’s actually about UFOs, but it’s a scientific approach to the phenomenon. And I’m going to leave it at that for the time being.

Watch for Free: Stream Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible on Tubi for a Limited Time

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - opening graphic - Fruit-Powered

On COVID and Eroding Freedoms, Caroline Cory Says, “Don’t Ever Give Up”

A final timely question: The world is heavily divided over COVID shots, with people losing their jobs, homes and freedoms. Alternative news media such as natural health media are being attacked and made near invisible in website search results, and freedom of speech is being suppressed on social media platforms. What would you say to anyone about how they can rise up and lead with Superhuman strength?

Caroline Cory: I’m actually noticing this myself, as I’m planning to travel and you have to kind of navigate through all of this. I think, more than ever before, people just need to keep speaking up even though half the world seems to be in agreement of limiting more and more freedom, but still there’s the other half. Don’t forget that every voice counts. And, so, I think more than ever before we should still stick to what we believe in.

And this is, again, the exercise, the work that is demonstrated in Superhuman is to empower you to believe in you. That’s what the film does. That’s what I’m hoping the film will do. If your mind can heal your body, if your mind can alter your way of thinking and your physical experience, then you can do a lot—you can do a lot. So that’s what I would say. More than ever before, believe in yourself, and keep expressing what you believe in. Don’t ever give up. That’s the only thing I can say.

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