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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered Magazine

History of the Fruit-Powered Quote’s Inspirational Quotes

With Fruit-Powered Quote, comprising 200-plus inspirational quotes, I feature select quotes that have long meant something to me or that I discovered in recent years. Some of these inspirational quotes are well-known, and others are words only I might’ve had the privilege of being in the right time and place to capture and share.

My fascination with quotes began in Jim Nelson’s English III class in 11th grade with the following quote:

“Forget about how it looks! How does it feel?”

This quote is taken from Judith Guest‘s Ordinary People, a book we read for class in spring 1994. Over the next year, I began amassing a collection of dozens of incisive quotes on my first computer. Over the years, I developed an immense sense of appreciation for profound, thought-provoking and soul-stirring quotes. Come the time I was a transitioning raw vegan, leading a low-fat raw food diet, I truly enjoyed embracing uplifting inspirational quotes and seemed to seek them out more to propel me on my journey of awakening to full consciousness, aware of how my lifestyle choices affect my health and whole life, the lives of fellow land and sea creatures, and the environment.

The colorful, dynamic and bold quotes from the Being Vegan folks in the early 2010s got me, penetrating my heart and seeping into my soul. I began putting out the Fruit-Powered Quote in September 2012 in a text-only format, shifting to text with striking images to kick off 2013.

Fruit-Powered Quote installments focus on healthful living, connection to nature, living your passion and achieving goals. I hope they kick up excitement inside you; fill you with love, joy, hope and a state of positivity; and help you realize that your visions, beliefs, thoughts, actions and choices make the person you are today.

We all have the potential for greatness, be it in ways as fine as sand or as magnificent as majestic mountaintops. Discover what resonates with you—and get moving to make change happen in your life and community as well as around the world!

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