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By shopping the natural health products in the Fruit-Powered Store, a natural health store and raw vegan store, you’re supporting Fruit-Powered Digest and all the content made available for free on Thank you for your patronage and support!

The Fruit-Powered Store Is Your Growing Resource to Unlock Your Health Potential

Inside the 100-plus-product Fruit-Powered Store, growing by the month, you’ll find dozens of natural health books and raw vegan books along with natural health movies to help illuminate and inspire you on your grand journey to health and consciousness as a citizen of the planet and steward of the environment. You’ll find scores of home and kitchen products to help you get creative in preparing raw vegan recipes so you can enjoy the best of health. You’ll also find body and exercise products to help you unleash your health and life potential.

Check out all the natural health products available in the Fruit-Powered Store, encompassing the following categories: Natural Health Services, Natural Health Media (Natural Health Books and Raw Vegan Books, Natural Health Courses, Natural Health Movies, Positive Music), Home and Kitchen, Body and Exercise, Supplements, Fruit-Powered Merchandise and Specials.

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