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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Spring-Summer 2021

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Hello, readers. Here we are, more than a year into full-blown COVID hysteria, with coverage about vaccines and vaccine administration dominating headlines and sound bites. In spite of a very challenging time, I hope you and loved ones have been able to pursue passions, rekindle connections and dig deep in learning about what’s been playing out in front of us as our powers and freedoms are increasingly being stripped.

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This Fruit-Powered Magazine issue spans more than 25,000 words and called for much effort from me and all the contributors for the world to enjoy for free. In recent years, these twice-yearly issues have generally run about 25,000 words, and production work is akin to putting out a couple of midsize books with more than 100 images annually—a huge time investment and a lot of sacrifice.

If you enjoy these stories, I hope you can pay it forward to help Fruit-Powered Magazine reach a wider audience by kindly sharing the link to the magazine’s main page with family and friends. Social media and internet search results aren’t as helpful as they used to be in enabling natural health websites such as to get out its messages, so your help would be appreciated!

I believe the whole world needs to read these illuminating, inspiring and powerful stories!

All About Coronavirus Vaccines From the World’s Leading Expert

Fruit-Powered Magazine published a critical and timely Closeup interview, “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Issues Coronavirus Vaccine Warnings,” in late February, about five weeks in advance of this spring-summer 2021 issue’s publication date, to help readers learn about COVID vaccines and vaccines in general. If you’ve not pored over this interview—trust me—you don’t want to miss it!

This interview has racked up thousands upon thousands of page views and, I believe, has been shared by hundreds via email and text, as speaking out about vaccines on platforms such as Facebook is often quashed these days. (On a side note, Fruit-Powered is now on the MeWe social media platform, where freedom of speech is largely celebrated and protected for the greater good, as Facebook and Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg is motivated by dollars and backing Big Pharma. Come and check it out!)

It is my hope that Fruit-Powered Magazine readers and billions more across the planet will stand up defiantly and say they and their families won’t bow down and take the COVID shot (read the story to find out why Dr. Sherri Tenpenny insists they’re not to be called COVID “vaccines”) or any other vaccine. It is my hope that this backlash will serve as a huge step forward in rising up against the tyranny we’re mired in!

Together, Let’s Apply Pressure to End Animal Agriculture Subsidies

With a new U.S. presidential administration in place and taking some environmental action, I couldn’t help myself to use this issue’s In Season story, “A Call to End Animal Agriculture Subsidies to Help Slow Climate Change,” to get President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris focused on the leading cause of climate change.

In White House remarks, President Biden said he wants the United States to lead the way on environmental action to help slow climate change, and cutting off $38 billion in funding annually, causing the cost of cheeseburgers and the like to skyrocket and helping promote consumption of plant-based foods, would surely do it!

This story features three large buttons with megaphone icons for U.S. readers to hit to use their voices to help bring an end to animal agriculture subsidies. This effort is worth 15 minutes of your time.

What’s Unique About a Recently Launched South American Fruit Festival?

Speaking of plant-based foods—specifically raw foods and fruits—Peter Csere takes a look at the Amazon Fruit Festival in this issue’s Spotlight feature, “How the Amazon Fruit Festival Stands Out.” Peter Csere and some other folks have been working hard for almost 10 years in Ecuador, turning properties into fruitarian destinations, and the Amazon Fruit Festival is a fantastic way to help promote short- and long-term living options on these properties.

“Some people who come to the Amazon Fruit Festival end up loving the place so much they later come back to stay at Terra Frutis community, where the festival is hosted, or at nearby community Fruit Haven Ecovillage,” Peter writes.

Kristina Poudyal Is an Inspiration, Turning Tragedies Into Springboards for Triumphs in Her Life

Kristina Poudyal, who goes by the nickname “FruitbuiltKristina,” endured a lot of heartache on her way to embracing a vegan, Raw Till 4 and then fruitarian diet. In her powerful Raw Vegan Transformation story, “Kristina Poudyal Heals Ovarian Cysts, Asthma and Depression,” she opens up and lets you in on her story, full of challenging moments and moments that have you on your feet and raising your fist in excitement. This is the 115th Raw Vegan Transformations story, and it’s one you’ll certainly love and want to share with family and friends!

Also, Kristina Poudyal delivers some insight guidance in “Kristina Poudyal’s 5 Yogic Tips for the Raw Vegan Lifestyle.” This piece is packed with sage advice for getting the most out of your diet, and you can celebrate strides you make by chowing down on her delightful recipe “Mini-Cake With Raspberry.”

Chris Kendall Reflects on His Journey to Becoming the Top Raw Vegan Chef

By the time I finished reading Chris Kendall‘s latest Raw Food Lifestyle Simplicity and Fun story, “The Story of the Rise of a Sought-After Raw Vegan Chef,” I emailed to tell him I had goosebumps and was cheering him on paragraph by paragraph. This story offers a fantastic look at wonderful opportunities that opened up along Chris Kendall’s path for him to step up and make his mark on his way to becoming the world’s most-in-demand raw vegan chef.

From cheffing for and coaching skateboarding icon Steve Berra at The Berrics to impressing guests at The Farm of Life, The Woodstock Fruit Festival and other retreats and festivals, Chris Kendall spills all, from stressful moments to breakthrough periods. He also shares some tips for prepping food for large gatherings.

Anne Osborne Serves up a Story Bound to Dazzle Your Eye and Make Your Mouth Water

If you follow Anne Osborne on social media, you know this longtime fruitarian savors the fruits she eats and loves to photograph them, celebrating their shapes, colors, tastes and health benefits. So when I first saw her latest The Fruitful Path story, “The Beauty of Fruit,” brimming with stunning, mouthwatering photographs, I thought it was just perfect that this story was written by Anne Osborne, as it is an extension of what she enjoys posting on social media regularly.

“It is said that beauty is only skin deep, but I think that, with fruit, its charms also run deep and lie well below the pretty outer peel,” she writes. Fruit is simply meant to appeal to us visually. In the depths of the tropical rainforests, where many different fruit plants and trees vie with one another to attract our attention, looking good could make all the difference between being chosen to be eaten or falling neglected to the ground.”

Words to Live by From Longtime Fruitarian Mango Wodzak

In his latest Eden Fruitarianism piece, “Nature’s Laws,” Mango Wodzak presents a wonderful list of ways we all can improve our health. From stress management to ensuring we get enough playtime, relaxation and rest, this longtime fruitarian packs in life-changing guidance that we could all benefit from referring to now and again. In fact, Mango Wodzak recommends we do a self-evaluation to find out where we stand. Talk about spring cleaning! Let’s look at our lives and lifestyles and not just at our homes!

“Nearly everything that ails us is a 100 percent natural consequence to behaving unnaturally,” he writes. “The fines that must be paid for breaking nature’s laws! Conventional medicine may succeed in suppressing any of the innumerable symptoms that are to be had, but while the patient still persists in ignorantly disobeying nature’s laws, it will only be a question of time before the same or different symptoms arise in their place.”

Save Your Neck by Eliminating Tech Neck

In Brian Rossiter‘s latest Raw Food and Health story, “Tech Neck Got You Down? Learn How to Fix Tech Neck,” you’ll discover just how big a problem forward head posture is these days. You’ll also learn about how craning your neck forward in looking at electronic devices and printed material can result in cascading negative health effects, including suffering from rounded shoulders, a rounded back and compromised breathing and digestion. It can even lead to vertigo symptoms, something I had experience with back in 2009 and early 2010 before I started doing posture exercises.

In my mind, poor posture is the cause of thousands of health conditions affecting people across the world every day. It’s my hope that you’ll come away from this story with a plan to fix your posture.

Boost Your Health Via the Finest Diet and Exercise Programs

A great passion of mine is to work one on one in helping people eliminate chronic pain and position them to experience peak performance through my Posture Exercises Method.

I also help people get on board with a plant-based or fruitarian diet through my Raw Vegan Coaching Program. Both of these natural health services are offered in my Fruit-Powered Life Force Center.

If you’re seeking guidance, I’d be happy to serve as your holistic health coach in what I believe to be the finest diet and exercise programs available. With these services, I can work with anyone anywhere via video chat.

If you want to have the best spring of your life, you’ll benefit mightily from investing in your health and whole life in these ways!

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Create supreme vitality in your life!
Brian Rossiter

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