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Nature’s Laws

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Nature has many laws, and there are always negative consequences to the disobedience or ignorance of any one of them. By far, the single most important one of them though, is her commandment to take the food she offers and eat it in its unadulterated, natural state. 

There are two major mistakes that humans everywhere regularly make in this regard. These are the widespread acceptance of carnism (the belief that eating animals and their secretions is normal, natural and necessary) and coquism (the belief that cooking food is normal, natural and necessary). 

From many years of experience and contemplation, I no longer have any doubt that it is diet, above all else, that has had the most significant negative impact on our physical, mental and spiritual well-beings and that, above all else, it is our diets we should first seek to rectify. 

Nature’s laws are many, however, and about far more than simply what one eats. Disobedience of any of her laws likely will lead to difficulties. Many of her laws should be pretty self-evident, but I’ll point out the most obvious ones below so you can get a feel for where I’m coming from.

Adequate Hydration Is Critical for Health  

Nature demands that we stay hydrated. Remaining hydrated is yet another issue that is much more difficult to keep in check when one eats fired foods, which, by their very nature, are all severely dehydrated! When one eats genuinely raw, fresh produce, though, especially fruit, these foods always have a much higher liquid content, so the need for drinking is greatly diminished. It’s important to understand that any recommended daily intake of glasses of water don’t really make any sense at all when one eats a more species-specific diet, high in fruits. If you stick with fresh, ripe fruit, it will be very rare even that you will experience thirst. Of course, if you begin including dried fruits and nuts or even higher percentages of greens, then thirst will naturally, consequentially begin increasing, too.

Hands cupping water - bathing - Fruit-Powered
Water is vital to human beings, and bathing in cold natural water is one of nature’s laws, Mango Wodzak writes.

Water is an incredibly important and necessary part of our lives. It’s healing and energising to bathe regularly, especially in cold water, and even better if you can do so in a natural water source such as a river, stream, lake or dam. Baths and showers are obviously better than nothing and often the only choice available but don’t come close to bathing outside in the fresh air. This is especially so when tap water has been contaminated with chlorine and fluoride! In such cases, I think it’s a good idea to fill the bath and let the water sit for 12 hours or more to give chlorine the time to evaporate before bathing in the water.

Clean Fresh Air Is Vital for Robust Health

It stands to reason that we need to have good air to breathe and that regular exposure to car exhaust fumes and recycled, conditioned air is obviously not going to do anyone any favours! Uncommon sense should tell us that cities are not our natural environment and that, if one truly cares for one’s health and well-being, escaping from them is paramount.

It does no one any good to be cooped up indoors all day long, and a regular dose of sunshine and being outside as much as one can should also be an important part of one’s day-to-day routine. Even better if one can walk beneath the trees, inhaling fresh, clean air while doing so.

Limit Stress Such As by Meditation

No one benefits from situations that cause stress, and whether it be at home and/or at work, stress should be avoided as much as possible. Living and working in comfortable environments is clearly the way to go, but if those are far from the truth of one’s reality, then a regular routine of meditating will surely help toward combating and lessening any stress!

Ensure You Get Enough Sleep and Relaxation Time

Sleep plays such an important role in keeping us healthy, too. Habitually going to bed late and waking up with an alarm clock will eventually run down even the most experienced insomniacs. Naturally, we all have different sleeping habits and patterns, so it’s important that we each find a rhythm that truly suits us best. To be sure, there’s nought wrong with taking a midday siesta, if and when one feels to and is able. And even if one gets enough sleep, adequate time for relaxation is a crucial part of keeping us afloat, too!

Nature's laws - woman with arms outstretched in nature - Fruit-Powered
Give yourself time to take in the great outdoors, enjoying her gorgeous splendor while breathing in fresh air. Combined with some relaxation time and physical activity, you can satisfy a number of nature’s laws on an outing in the natural world.

Physical Activity Is Key to Enjoying Health

If one is stuck sitting at a desk all day and then coming home and lounging around on a sofa with a remote control in one’s hand, this will quickly lead to one becoming a bona fide couch potato. Some form of light daily physical activity is clearly important for posture and keeping the joints and limbs limber and out of limbo. The kind of activities I personally consider best would be things such as swimming, yoga, stretching, gardening, biking and just generally playing! Play is essential in helping us loosen up and shake ourselves free from any daily woes!

Making Your Way to Health in the Modern World With a Focus on Diet

The importance of each of the above should be obvious to one and all. If one is continually stressed, not getting enough rest or sleep, having negative social relationships, breathing polluted air, not staying hydrated, sitting glued to a screen on the internet all day, or simply not moving enough, these will all lead to complaints and hasten one’s untimely demise. That’s how nature’s laws work. When one works against them, there’s no circumnavigating that prices must be paid! 

In today’s world, it’s sometimes just not immediately practical to avoid stress or get enough sleep and relaxation. Some people are just overworked and undervalued, with families to feed and seemingly no way out of the ruts in which they find themselves running. If one is sincere in one’s direction and desires, however, there are always options available, even if they are apparently buried beneath a quagmire of obstacles!

The one thing we should constantly remind ourselves of, though, is that the single most influential aspect of health restoration and maintenance, is diet. If you can’t get that right, then no amount of chilling, playing, loving, bathing, stretching, fresh-air inhaling, meditating and sleeping is going to steer you clear from the difficulties you’ll be unconsciously (or consciously) manifesting in your life.

A Summary of Nature’s Laws

Here’s a brief, though far-from-complete summary of Nature’s Laws:

1. Understand that we are a frugivorous species and eat a species-specific diet:

a. Don’t eat anyone’s murdered remains!

b. Don’t steal another baby’s milk. Grow up!

c. Be respectful and leave bird’s eggs alone!

d. Stop paying for the abuse and exploitation of fellow earthlings. What goes around comes around, and you can never truly have peace of mind while your meals cause others to suffer and be terrorised.

e. Let the bee be. Don’t steal someone else’s hard-earned food! How would you like it?

f. Don’t set fire to your food or eat any food that has been heat-treated or dehydrated!

g. Eat your food as it is offered by Mother Nature. You’ll instinctively know what’s truly appealing, what isn’t and how much of it you need!

h. Don’t habitually overeat. Don’t habitually undereat.

i. Don’t eat anything that doesn’t taste nice.

2. Avoid drugs, especially commercially available recreational ones such as alcohol, cigarettes and, most especially, anything brewed in an RV or in a laboratory hidden under a laundromat. Well, any lab anywhere, really.

3. Avoid chemicals, especially ones that are habitually put on or in one’s body. Think soaps, shampoos, detergents, conditioners, medicines, laboratory-concocted food ingredients, e-numbers that you might be neglecting to think of regarding the first law, makeup, fake tans, etc.!

4. No cosmetic surgery, no BOTOX, no breast implants, no liposuction, no lip puffing, etc.

5. Stay hydrated. This should be a no-brainer if you are following law number 1.

6. Seek loving, stress-free environments for your home and work environments.

7. Bathe or shower regularly. Cold natural water is best.

8. Don’t intentionally harm your skin by puncturing, piercing or engraving upon it. The skin is a major elimination organ and as important as all other body parts!

9. Move! Be mindful of your body. And bodyful of your mind. (I added that last bit just to check if you are still awake and make you stop and think! Make of it what you will.)

10. Don’t overwork or overexert yourself.

11. Find time for play.

12. Breathe! And do what you can to make sure the air is as pure as you can get! Regular, controlled, conscious breathing is definitely beneficial! Don’t habitually cover your mouth and impede your breathing!

13. When possible, walk or take a bike instead of a car!

14. Find time to chill out.

15. Sleep and let yourself do so uninterruptedly.

16. Avoid loud noises. Think heavy machinery, loud music—especially through headphones—etc.

17. Limit computer screen time as much as possible. Best would be none at all!.

18. Don’t wear restrictive clothing. Make sure your clothes are from natural materials, especially if they are worn next to the skin!

19. Get plenty of outdoor time, contemplating and communing with the natural world.

20. Expose your body—preferably all of it— sunlight on a regular basis.

21. Walk barefoot as much as you can.

a. Especially, don’t wear heels!

b. Permanent Foot Zone Therapy is a regular part of every footed species’ health maintenance and something most humans miss out on!

c. Seriously consider composting your shoes!

22. Stretch your body regularly. Stretch your limbs, stretch your eyes, stretch your mind. A daily yoga routine, even if short, is a great way to accomplish this.

23. Don’t take unnecessary risks, especially ones that have the potential to harm, potential for self-harm or harm to another. Be careful!

24. Be aware of the very real presence of addiction and do your best to consciously avoid all forms. Twenty-first-century living is full of addictive elements, the most dangerous being drugs and wrong foods but also can be TV, gaming, social media (see law 17), gambling and pursuing money beyond what one really needs.

25. Don’t let the pursuit of material and financial gains steal and steer your life.

26. Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat and extreme cold.

27. Make yourself comfortable and keep yourself warm, dry and safe, but don’t entirely avoid stepping out of your comfort zone.

28. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

29. Hug (vitamin H), laugh, love and forgive. Don’t hold grudges.

30. Give thanks and count your blessings!

31. Live, love and grow! Be aware of your flaws and work constantly toward becoming a better version of yourself.

Self-Evaluation Can Reveal Just How We Are Living

I don’t wish to make claim that this list is complete. In fact, I know it not to be. I’m positive that if you stop and think about it, you will be able to find more things to add to the list. One could, for example, add “Don’t use electricity.” I guess that goes against nature, too. I guess there are lots of things that we do that go against the laws of nature, and none should be entirely dismissed simply because they are too impractical to follow. I have tried to list the ones I feel are the most basic and the ones I feel stand to benefit us most by following them.

At this stage, it might be an idea to conduct a quick self-evaluation test by running down this list with a pencil and writing a rough-estimate percentage of how much you believe that you yourself are living in accordance with each of these laws. Maybe monitor your progress by coming back in a year and retaking this test. If you recognise the validity of law number 31, then, in theory, each time you come back and re-evaluate yourself after a significant period of time, your percentage score should grow. Make it a competition, but only with yourself!

I don’t think I know anyone who could go down that list and honestly write 100 percent next to each point. Myself very much included. We are all works in progress!

Turning Our Backs on Nature’s Laws Can Spell Trouble for Us

Man wearing COVID mask and on cell phone while walking in a city - Fruit-Powered
Completely unaware of his surroundings, a man focuses on his cell phone while wearing a COVID mask in a city. Continuously ignoring nature’s laws can result in health challenges.

If and when one habitually disregards any of the listed (or unlisted) set of fundamental, uncommon sensical, natural rules, troubles inevitably arise, some far greater than others. I repeat: There is no getting around that fact! In some cases, it can be pretty easy to see which woes stem from the disregard of specific laws, but, very often, in fact, in most cases, the untrained observer will recognise no apparent correlation. This comes as no great surprise as we’re all taught to ignore nature’s laws or we’re distracted and blindsided in so many ways from even noticing she has any.

Such thoughts generally go against the grain of modern-day (mis)understanding, which goes out of its way to embrace complexity and mostly ignores that nature’s laws exist. The modern-day school of thought is that the multitude of different symptoms, which all stem from disobedience of nature’s laws, are all fundamentally separate issues and, as such, are all tackled on an individual basis. In fact, the medical industry, worshipped and heeded by so many, would have us all believe that ill health is random, a normal byproduct of ageing and generally unavoidable. It would have us believe that tiny microscopic organisms over which we have no control maraud the airs seeking hosts into whom they can infiltrate and strut their funky stuff. This is an idea that benefits profit and business and does little to help the “victims” recover from their mostly self-inflicted woes.

OK, it’s not as if people are ignorant of every single one of nature’s laws. Some of them are much more obvious. We all know, for example that there are consequences to not getting enough sleep or rest or letting oneself become continuously stressed. The consequences of cigarette smoking are now very well-known and documented. We know it’s not good for our posture to sit at a desk all day. It’s pretty obvious that, if we stare at a screen for too long, we won’t be doing our eyesight many favours. Going against these kind of laws, we already mostly recognise as being inherently self-harmful.

However, and I cannot repeat this too many times, it is especially the flaunting of law number 1. This law has the most profound, negative impact on our well-beings and psyches, both individually and collectively! Understanding law number 1 is pivotal to any true progress that is to be made. The consequences of breaking that particular law are so incredibly varied and the effects more far-reaching than those of any other law on the brief and very incomplete list I’ve just outlined. With so few people understanding this, there is no need to question why it is so easy for them to view every health issue as being separate! 

Ignorance and disobedience of her laws has affected us all physically, mentally and spiritually, stifling our potentials and making us lesser beings.

Nature's laws - girl holding watermelon wedge - Fruit-Powered
A girl enjoys eating watermelon while idly strolling on a grassy knoll. The first of nature’s laws, “Understand that we are a frugivorous species and eat a species-specific diet,” is the most critical to follow, Mango Wodzak writes.

COVID Guidance Runs Counter to Nature’s Laws

In the scope of the current COVID “pandemic,” governments and mainstream media are so vehemently doomsaying that their approach is altogether flawed. In so many places, the public are being requested or even demanded to muzzle their faces with masks, in direct opposition to nature’s law requiring us to breathe freely. People are also being requested to antisocial distance from one another, breaking numerous aforementioned laws. Probably worst of all is the ploy to get everyone vaccinated, to get people to willingly comply to having a noxious brew injected into their veins. Such demands will lead to a further decline in the health of the public, not safeguard us from threats but add insult to any already present injury.

Causes and Effects Carry Over to Health

Cancer never just happens, heart attacks aren’t just random, Alzheimer’s isn’t just a result of getting old. We don’t just suddenly get stomachaches. Bugs don’t just get lucky in finding and invading your body. 

We don’t just “catch colds.” All these things take time to build up—sometimes hours, sometimes years or even decades—but every single one of these issues and others like them has its reason for being. If you can grasp that truth, then understanding that “treating” any of these concerns is not really the solution to being free from them in the long run. The only way to truly free oneself from any of the myriad forms of issues that tend to plague humans is to recognise their cause and then to eradicate that cause!

Nearly everything that ails us is a 100 percent natural consequence to behaving unnaturally. The fines that must be paid for breaking nature’s laws! Conventional medicine may succeed in suppressing any of the innumerable symptoms that are to be had, but while the patient still persists in ignorantly disobeying nature’s laws, it will only be a question of time before the same or different symptoms arise in their place.

We all have much more control over our health and well-being than we are led to believe!

Woman practicing yoga on beach - Fruit-Powered
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2 thoughts on “Nature’s Laws”

  1. Brilliant article! Following Nature’s Laws is the only way to health. And since the covid guidelines are against Nature’s Laws, obviously they are not designed for our health. So there must be some other reason for them.

    I like how Mr. Wodzak emphasizes that diet is the biggest determinate of our health. First and foremost, STOP eating animals. Secondly, face the fact that the human species is a frugiverous species. Eat FRUIT!

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