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Mini-Cake With Raspberry

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Kristina Poudyal shares her Mini-Cake With Raspberry recipe. Kristina Poudyal grew up in Slovakia, is half-Czech from her mother’s side, attended school in Austria, and then moved to the United States for six years. After going raw vegan in 2015, she spent six months in Vietnam and five months in Nepal teaching English. She is now based in Vienna, Austria, with her Nepalese husband.

Kristina Poudyal is a certified detox specialist and combines her knowledge about food with the ancient yogic practices to inspire people to take their health and life into their own hands. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Mini-Cake With Raspberry: Ingredients

Mini-Cake Ingredients

“Chocolate” Sauce Ingredients

Mini-Cake With Raspberry: Directions

  • To make the mini-cake, blend all cake ingredients in a food processor until it forms a cookie dough consistency and form into a circle or other shape.
  • To make the “chocolate” sauce, blend all “chocolate” sauce ingredients until smooth and pour over the cake base. Decorate with berries such as raspberries or fruits of choice.
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