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Enjoy Effective and Lasting Back Pain Treatment

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Back pain can cause you to shout expletives, clutch your muscles, ruin your day, leave you bedridden for a week, force you from your job and prevent you from living the kind of life you want to live. It’s no secret that back pain is a major health condition affecting millions around the world day in and day out.

In searching for back pain treatment, many folks try a variety of short-term back pain treatments such as topical creams and ointments, pharmaceutical pain pills, chiropractic treatment and/or massage therapy along with yoga and Pilates, with some going under the knife in having back surgery.

As someone who was affected by back pain—encompassing upper-back pain, middle-back pain and lower-back pain (yes, the whole of my back)—as well as neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome for 10 grueling years, I turned to chiropractic treatment and massage therapy until, five years after pursuing these back pain treatments, which never fixed my problems, I found a back pain treatment that proved to be highly beneficial for me and continues to be a blessing in my life.

Many wonder, and for good reason, whether an effective and lasting back pain treatment exists. One sure does, but, as I’ll explain, the best treatment for back pain involves a whole lot more than just dealing with the symptoms you’re feeling in this highly vulnerable part of your body.

Let’s explore back pain and back pain treatment, a kind that is tremendously effective and has the power to elevate your life every single day.

Woman using office computer feeling back pain treatment - Fruit-Powered
Use of computers, especially laptop computers and desktop computers connected to screens positioned too low from eye level, can lead to significant levels of upper-back pain. Prolonged use can result in painful chronic back pain, with many finding only temporary back pain treatments that never correct cause(s) of aggravating pain symptoms.

What Is Back Pain and What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can affect different areas or even the entirety of this intricate bodily region. Most are affected by lower-back pain over pain symptoms in other areas of the back, but some experience pain symptoms in their mid-backs and/or upper backs.

Back pain can arise from isolated stresses such as lifting boxes or twisting when shoveling snow as well as from prolonged suboptimal positioning of the back while sitting and standing, for example. These isolated stresses can lead to chronic back pain, as some folks can tell you their backs haven’t been right since that time they hauled 50 boxes while moving or shoveled their driveway out of a 2-foot blizzard. Furthermore, prolonged poor positioning of the back—which can and often does arise as a result of isolated stresses as a “safety mechanism” so as not to agitate the sensitive area—can trigger chronic back pain in a quiet kind of way that can grow extremely loud in volume when pain symptoms surface.

Ultimately, chronic back pain is caused by the misalignment of load-bearing joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—resulting in suboptimal posture that can lead to pressure and stress in the back. For most people, it is the pelvis and/or hip joints that go out of alignment first (and are often out of whack from fetal and/or birth trauma), precipitating all kinds of posture deviations running up, down and across the body. I can look at people and tell whether they’re suffering from back pain symptoms now or will one day soon just by seeing how their legs and feet are positioned.

If you’ve ever had acute back pain trigger chronic back pain, you know all too well that, when back pain symptoms roar, it’s as if you’re having to endure hearing the worst music coming from the loudest boombox, and you can’t turn it off or get away from it.

You’re just stuck. Or so you think.

Delivery man suffering from back pain while carrying box - Fruit-Powered
Many have suffered acute back pain, which can often lead to chronic back pain, while lifting boxes and other heavy and/or cumbersome objects.

How Prevalent Is Back Pain?

Back pain is highly prevalent, with lower-back pain recognized as the most-common musculoskeletal issue globally and the leading worldwide cause of years lived with disability, according to a Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2017. Lower-back pain is also attributed as the top cause of activity limitation and work absenteeism.

Next to headaches and abdominal pain, back pain and lower-back pain combine to account for the internet’s most-researched pain condition, according to a study published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website. Lower-back pain generally affects 25 percent of Americans in the previous three months, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control data.

Furthermore, back pain affects 15 percent to 20 percent of adults during a single year, with as much as 80 percent of adults reeling from the effects of back pain at some point during their lifetimes, according to a 2007 study. Yet another study shows that back pain is the No. 3 reason for American people’s visiting a doctor’s office, representing almost 24 percent of cases.

The health-care establishment rakes in a fortune every year over lower-back pain. Combined with neck pain costs, lower-back pain costs totaled an exorbitant $134 billion in 2016, making it the condition that generated the most spending, according to a Journal of the American Medical Association study. Of course, with most back pain treatment options offering little in the way of true healing, many seeking relief from health-care professionals—who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate misunderstandings about back pain and ignore or simply aren’t aware of causes of chronic back pain—become customers for years or decades, all the way until some give in and succumb to costly back surgery, whose costs can get into the $100,000 range.

Back Conditions and Back Pain Symptoms in Focus

Back conditions take many shapes and names and can involve a mixture of the cervical (neck), thoracic (middle back) and lumbar (lower back) spine regions, with the sacrum and coccyx farther down into the glutes area. It’s important to remember that the human spine is designed to be an elongated “S”-shaped curve, with gentle curves of the “S” in the cervical and lumbar regions.

Let’s break down some back conditions before exploring a few common back pain symptoms:

Common Back Conditions

■   Flat back is a condition involving a flattened, or flexed, lumbar spine exhibiting little to practically no curvature.
■   Lordosis is caused by excessive curvature of the lumbar spine and usually accompanied by a forward pelvic tilt.
■   Swayback involves a forward pelvic tilt with leaning of the trunk.
■   Thoracic offset is a common condition in which the middle and upper back shift from their natural centered position.
■   Thoracic flexion, often referred to as kyphosis, is described as excessive rounding of the thoracic spine and trunk, with shoulder rotation commonly in the mix.
■   A highly common back condition, thoracic rotation, involves rotation of one side of the thoracic spine in front of the other side. Thoracic rotation usually also involves the rotation of a shoulder, arm and hand.
■   Trunk flexion is exhibited by a forward lean of the trunk stemming from the waist.

The presence of back conditions doesn’t always equate with back pain symptoms, at least in a given moment in time, as I’ve met some with extreme back conditions affecting their cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine regions who claimed they suffered from no back or neck pain. But these folks likely are on borrowed time, as the onset of chronic pain might be just a few months around the corner. Just the same, some whose posture is only a bit off might be saddled with significant pain symptoms.

Back pain symptoms can vary widely and come in a range of names. Some experience shooting pain resulting from muscle or ligament strains that comes and goes with different activities, motions or even standing, seated or lying positions. Some others are burdened with bulging or ruptured disks, commonly referred to as herniated disks. It’s not commonly know that misplaced disks, which were forced out of place by muscles, can be put back into place by muscles, with no surgery required. Arthritis and osteoporosis are advanced back pain conditions that might best be resolved via special corrective posture exercises, a back pain treatment I’ll highlight shortly, along with a dietary shift to a plant-based or even fruitarian diet to reduce consumption of harmful acidifying foods.

My Back Pain Sidelined Me From Living an Active Lifestyle

I endured brutal back pain from 2000, about six months into my first full-time job, to 2010. My spine resembled an inverted “J”-shaped curve, thanks to a jutting-forward head and virtually no lumbar curve. This pain made it challenging to get through long work days, as back pain took effect a mere 30 seconds after taking a seat. This pain made me feel much less mobile than I had been in my youth, when I excelled in playing organized and neighborhood sports and lifted weights for a period of time. This pain also affected me mentally, as it was always top of mind.

My pain wasn’t limited to back pain, as I also suffered from neck pain—you could call it tech neck—along with carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. Heavy computer use negatively affected me in extreme ways, and my first jobs out of college were in newspaper editing and page design and then newspaper reporting, calling for lots of hand time on a computer mouse and keyboard. In my free time, during this 2000–2010 decade, I recorded and produced a rock album and documented heavy travel around the United States with hour-long slideshows involving hundreds of images. I hit a point, in autumn 2006, when playing guitar became too uncomfortable, and I all but stopped playing for many years.

All the pain symptoms I experienced limited me in ways small and large and kept me from leading an active lifestyle. Still, despite being affected by severe pain symptoms and limitations, I took my health largely for granted, as I was disenchanted with the short-lived pain relief that chiropractic treatment and massage therapy provided, and didn’t make pursuit of robust health a priority until 2010, a magical and game-changing year in my life.

Woman receiving back massage at spa - Fruit-Powered
Massage therapy can help loosen tight back muscles, which may contribute to back spasms, but this kind of back pain treatment won’t ever correct the root cause(s) of back pain. In practically all cases, misaligned shoulders, hips, knees and ankles along with poor posture is the cause.

The Posture Exercises Method Delivers Powerful and Effective Back Exercises and the Ultimate Back Pain Therapy

It’s plainly evident that chronic back pain can disrupt and interfere with your life, even preventing you from living the life you want to live and doing the things you love. A lot of people around the world in the throes of back pain feel hopeless over their health condition, but I am here to tell you that you very likely can reduce the symptoms of and even completely eliminate your back pain. Even people who’ve had back surgery can often experience significant improvement, so keep your spirit high that you can heal.

I once felt hopeless over my chronic pain but was led to posture exercises. The concept is rather simple to understand: Our bodies are designed for our major joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—to line up vertically and horizontally, creating 90-degree angles. When our bodies are lined up in this way, our posture is picture-perfect, and we ordinarily don’t suffer from chronic pain.

I have educated myself about the powers of hundreds of posture exercises and developed unique movements of my own over the past five years in building my Posture Exercises Method. These exercises are designed with specific purposes and the goal of improving joint alignment and posture while strengthening muscles that are often overlooked in most exercise programs and by personal trainers and yoga and Pilates instructors.

A Posture Exercises Method practice can literally transform your body. These exercises will enable you to reverse musculoskeletal dysfunction, or suboptimal joint position and posture, which may very well be triggering your pain symptoms. It’s worth noting that most people who pursue the Posture Exercises Method to tackle chronic pain suffer from some degree of back pain.

Explore the Posture Exercises Method and Experience Pain Relief and Peak Performance

Posture Exercises Method - Pain Relief and Peak Performance - Fruit-Powered

Some Posture Exercises Method poses are rather stationary and relaxed, and some Posture Exercises Method movements qualify as gets-your-heart-pumping exercise. All Posture Exercises Method routines I build for clients can be scaled to suit their abilities, and all clients who invest in multiple sessions and practice their routines as recommended gain strength and are able to take on more-challenging exercises in time.

One impactful exercise can dial down back pain in minutes and perhaps get you, temporarily, at least, standing straight as an arrow while bringing your shoulders and neck back to where they should be positioned. Another exercise can work wonders by getting to the genesis of your back pain symptoms—your pelvis position and hip-joint relationship—and putting your body back into proper place. This includes your leg position, which contributes to back pain in numerous ways, as most have legs that are rotated inward or outward as well as feet that are positioned too close together or too far apart, with toes shooting off anywhere other than 12 o’clock, where they should be pointing.

The Posture Exercises Method requires minimal equipment, and these exercises are enjoyable, stimulating, intuitive and gratifying. Just about anyone—from 10-year-old baseball all-stars with eyes on the big league and 30-year-old graphic designers to 50-year-old musicians and 70-year-old bookworms—is able to benefit from these unique exercises.

If you’re looking for powerful and effective back exercises and even the ultimate back pain treatment, know that a Posture Exercises Method practice can deliver extraordinary results as long as you’re willing to show up for yourself and put in the time to get better.

Man clutching back while using laptop computer - Fruit-Powered
Just as computer use can lead to upper-back pain, it can trigger pain in the middle back and lower back. Many who spend a significant amount of time hunched over too-low screens suffer from a rounded back, giving rise to shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. Additionally, the position of the pelvis and hip joints along with legs and feet while sitting matter significantly in preventing the onset of chronic back pain and other posture-related health conditions.

The Posture Exercises Method Is the Ultimate Body-Tuning Exercise Program

In late September 2021, I celebrated five straight years of doing Posture Exercises Method workouts every day after having made up my mind a few years ago that these workouts will be a daily focus in my life. As of this magazine issue’s publication date, my streak is at 1,837 consecutive days, and since I made posture exercises part of my life, in mid-April 2010, I’ve done routines built from dozens of posture exercises 98 percent of the days.

Additionally, in the past 16 months, I’ve experimented with and fine-tuned my approach to doing calisthenics exercises, which, technically, double as posture exercises, but I often refer to them separately so as not to scare off anyone by my ability to crank out 250 consecutive push-ups followed by 50 diamond push-ups, all with my legs raised 18 inches and in 150 seconds, as of this issue’s publication date. My restless experimentation has given me insight and amplified muscles while improving my joint alignment and enhancing my posture.

I tell you all this so you can gain a sense of one person’s attraction to and passion for these movements after spending a lot of time and money on back pain treatments that didn’t help him get better but only eased back pain symptoms temporarily.

All my work in developing my Posture Exercises Method has resulted in what I consider to be the ultimate body-tuning exercise program. It can help you dial down or completely eliminate chronic pain symptoms, get a full-body workout (once you progress to advanced stages) and even help you, if motivated, to build muscle quickly. I can scale Posture Exercises Method routines for you based on your posture needs and desires for exercise.

Take your life to the next level by embracing the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center‘s Posture Exercises Method, loaded with the best back exercises and other exercises for correcting posture and joint alignment.

Are you ready to get started?

Buy a Posture Exercises Method Session or Routine in the Fruit-Powered Store

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