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Release Energy Blocks to Get the Love, Money and Health You Crave

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Finding Your Synergy with Alicia Grant - Fruit-Powered Magazine

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have everything? Fulfilling relationships, a dream job and a body that seems impenetrable. Throughout my life, I’ve found human beings generally strive to obtain three main goals: love, money and health. If they have this magical trilogy, they consider themselves lucky and feel they have everything. Those on the outside looking at their lives would tend to agree. While some people seem to have it all, I’ve noticed others may have amazing relationships and great health, but they’re always broke. Or they may have plenty of money, but their health or relationships are terrible.

Perhaps you’ve seen this with some of your own family members and friends who are always struggling in one or two areas of life. Or maybe they’re struggling in all areas. If you consider your own life, where do you fit along this spectrum? In many cases, we may have periods where the strong, more stable areas fluctuate. For example, we may be great in the wealth department, but, if the market fluctuates and we lose some money, we will usually bounce back relatively quickly and find balance once again in the financial area whereas the points of struggle are consistent and typically unrelenting.

If we don’t have awareness of these patterns, or blocks, we may live our whole life always hitting a wall and never getting results no matter how much effort we put into making changes or working toward a specific goal.

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Some attract love easily but may struggle in the money and health departments. When you release energy blocks, you might stand to be one of the few able to flourish in love, money and health, enjoying ease and joy in your life.

Alicia Grant Attracts Love and Money Easily But Struggles in the Health Department

Personally, I have always found that love and money come easily, but I have grappled with a variety of health issues most of my life. Which has been very frustrating, considering the effort I’ve exhausted to find resolution. In the past few years, I recognized these are probably deeply rooted patterns that I likely picked up from a very young age and carried throughout my life, creating blocks to my overall health and wellness.

I’ve been able to trace some of the roots of these health issues back to childhood and pinpoint times in my life when I adopted certain beliefs about health. By utilizing some of the tools I will share later, I was able to dig into my past and uncover some of the experiences where these beliefs began. As a child, I recall my mom and grandmother often becoming alarmed or overly concerned about general symptoms when they materialized. If I had a few sneezes, more than usual or if I woke up with a runny nose, they would say something like, “Oh, no, I hope you’re not getting sick” and then proceed to take my temperature multiple times and question me on how I was feeling throughout the day. If I developed a little ache or pain somewhere in my body, there was always concern it might turn into something bigger and more serious.

Watch Alicia Grant’s Video “How To Clear Energy Blocks From Your Body”

I also recall hurting my knee during dance class, and my mom had this worried look on her face when I told her about it and, in a very concerned tone, she said, “Gosh, I hope this isn’t going to be a problem you’ll have forever,” which immediately imprinted in my young, impressionable mind that even the smallest things can become an issue, and, when they present themselves, it’s common to have them forever.

One of my biggest blocks developed when I asked my mom for something I really wanted. I don’t even recall what it was but remember very clearly her reply, which was so forthright and quick that it stuck with me forever. Looking back, I’m sure she was just feeling overwhelmed at that moment because she was late for work and rushing to leave. My stating what I wanted as she was looking for her shoes and thinking about her clients staring at their watches wondering how long it would be before she finally arrived was not a priority, and she most likely spit out the first thing that came to mind, brashly declaring, “Alicia, YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING!” Woah, shock and trauma! Where is the delete button? Those five words echoed through the walls of the house and into every cell of my being, and, instead of letting them roll off my back with the observation that mom is stressed out right now so come back and ask again later when she’s chillin’ out, I solidified those words, accepted them as truth and moved on with my life with the understanding, “I can’t have everything.”

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Charged words from our parents or guardians at young ages can create imprints on us that may last a lifetime, affecting us in untold ways, unless you take steps to release energy blocks.

Get a Free Block-Clearing Session With Alicia Grant

Alicia Grant is offering the first five readers of this story who inquire the opportunity to receive a free one-hour block-clearing session!

Every Child Under 7 Is Being Programmed Via Theta State

American developmental biologist and bestselling author Dr. Bruce Lipton says that every child under the age of 7 is living in a state of hypnosis. Until we are 7 years old, our brainwaves are operating in a state of theta, which means our minds are in a constant state of hypnosis and basically being programmed for how to be a functional member of a family and society. He says that we absorb all the information, patterns and beliefs around us during those formative years and that 95 percent of our lives after that will reflect whatever those programs were.

So if you came from a broken home where your dad was never around and your mom was always in and out of relationships, you may have formed beliefs that true love is hard to find and does not last, and it’s also likely that you will come to the conclusion that love is not stable. If that is all you know about how love works because that’s how “love” was modeled to you, then you may find yourself in similar relationship scenarios because you were never shown how to develop and foster truly loving relationships, and your current unstable relationships feel natural or normal to you simply because they feel familiar. 

“You can achieve your greatest desires. Don’t let your past hold you back.”
—Alicia Grant

We’ve all had bad experiences in our lives that unsettled us both physically and emotionally from friction with a classmate or a boss who abused their power to being involved in an accident or experiencing the death of someone we really cared about. The experience doesn’t have to be traumatic, but if the feelings and emotions during these experiences are not dealt with, felt and expressed, they likely will get repressed and become lodged somewhere in, on or around our physical bodies, creating energy blocks and, often, physical symptoms and conditions later on down the line. 

Once you come to the realization that your past experiences and the emotions tied to them may be preventing you from living your ideal life, you’ll want to know how to remove emotional blocks from your body so you can move forward with ease and clarity. There are a wide variety of techniques available to help you clear and release these patterns and blocks.

Release energy blocks - child talking to parents - Fruit-Powered
Every child under 7 years old lives in a state of hypnosis and is highly programmable, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton. Negative experiences can affect our worldviews for years to come, just as living with loving, nurturing parents can influence how we approach life and what our expectations are.

Christie Marie Sheldon’s Work Can Help Release Energy Blocks

I took an intensive course with Christie Marie Sheldon, one of the world’s leading energy healers and experts on intuitive coaching, to learn how she taps into the body of her clients to find and remove what’s holding them back. Through the tools she teaches, I have been able to clear so much from myself as well as many others with incredible success.

Many of my memories were so deeply buried beneath the surface that I had forgotten all about them until I was shown how to intuitively tap into the past to recognize and release them. 

You can learn to do this on your own through Christie’s courses or you can work one on one with her coaches as well as her sister Cindy. I think this work is incredibly effective and powerful.

Methods and Techniques to Help You Release Energy Blocks

There are also other methods and techniques that could be helpful to you as you work to release energy blocks.
■   The book Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson explores this topic in detail and offers specific tools to identify and release trapped emotions.
■   Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) works by using your own hands to tap on the acupressure meridians of your body while using specific statements to release blockages and reprogram your mind.
■   Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) uses hypnosis to find the root cause of your blocks and addictions while reprogramming the mind using command statements to help you release these issues for good.
■   Psych K helps people consciously and subconsciously reperceive themselves, their circumstances and their personal potential to lead happier, more satisfying lives using a groundbreaking approach that facilitates change at the subconscious level.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to learning these modalities and prefer to have someone help you, working with an experienced practitioner with any of the above methods can help you go deep into your system to uncover and remove these blocks and patterns, some of which you may not even realize are holding you back.

Get Started on Your Journey to Release Energy Blocks

To get you started, watch this video I love from Emma McAdam, a licensed marriage and family therapist. She gives an excellent, simple explanation and solution to releasing emotions trapped in the body, an easy first step.

Recognizing and releasing my patterns and blocks has helped me let go of a lot of old baggage I had no idea I had been carrying all these years. I feel much lighter and have a newfound freedom that allows me to live life with more confidence and clarity. I now have a deeper understanding of my health issues and a much clearer perspective on how to resolve them. The best part is, I have the tools and resources to immediately deal with issues and circumstances for myself and my clients the moment they surface so they don’t get stuck within the body and create new problems. You can achieve your greatest desires. Don’t let your past hold you back. Start exploring some of these powerful block-clearing methods and unleash the power within you so you can be the one who has it all!

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