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Computer illustration of a woman awakening with chemtrails in the sky

Chemtrails Represent the ‘No. 1 Health Issue of Our Time’

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Russ Tanner is the creator ofย, aย leading website on geoengineering, and the Facebook groupย Chemtrails Global Skywatch. Russ was born in New York state, raised in Florida and lives in Maine. A sky watcher his entire life, Russ has devoted time to educating the public about geoengineering and chemtrails, which make him and others sick, in an effort to bring about their end for the health of human beings, other creatures and the planet.

Brian Rossiter interviews Russ Tanner by telephone in July 2016 in this Closeup interview in Fruit-Powered Magazine.

For the benefit of those who’ve never heard of geoengineering or observed chemtrails, will you describe what these two things are?

Russ Tanner: Chemtrails is a popular name giving to the trails that you see behind jets in the sky. Geoengineering is the concept that we can inject particulates into the atmosphere to change the nature of the atmosphere. Mainly, it’s discussed as something to cool the planet. Geoengineering is a technical term; chemtrails is a more popularized term.

Who is behind geoengineering?

Russ Tanner: Well, there have been academic meetings globally for years around the world where leading academics and politicians come together to discuss the potential for geoengineering the atmosphere in the future. This is not a brand-new concept. The problem that many of us have with these meetings is that we believe it’s already happening. Based on the fact that the government refuses to acknowledge that this is going on and that these jets require permission to use our air space, we can only conclude that this must be a very high government or military operation. That’s the most popular belief we have about it today.

A plane sprays chemtrails

When did this practice begin?

Russ Tanner: The first video that I know of exists in Vietnam. Spraying the atmosphere to defoilate the land and to also drop Agent Orange to ground level was the first usage that I know of. The modern-day spraying campaigns were first seen en masse in the mid-’90s. Over time, they were witnessed in more and more cities across the United States and Europe, and now they can be seen just about anywhere. They began at different times and in different places.

What would you describe as the purpose of these chemtrails?

Russ Tanner: Well, we have to make our best guess because the government does not officially recognize that this is occurring. Based on the metals and chemicals we’re finding on the ground, based on patents, based on whistle blowers, we have to conclude that one purpose is weather modification, such as the droughts in California, which was largely causedโ€”in fact, entirely caused, we believeโ€”by the spraying, which we saw on satellite. Another purpose, we believe, is depopulation. Although this may shock many people to hear, there have been depopulation proponents in the U.S. government in the highest places throughout the 1900s and in this century and in Europe as well. Depopulation has been talked about as something that would need to be done without the public’s knowledge or consent. Based on what we’re seeing, it’s the most logical conclusion we can come to is weather modification and depopulation.

Are chemtrails being sprayed in every country or are there any geoengineering-free areas?

Russ Tanner: We have not found a single country where this is not occurring; however, we do find that in most of Asia, it is not nearly as dense. It’s not nearly sprayed as densely as it is in the United States and western Europe. We also see the spraying in Russia, but again, we don’t see it as densely as we do in the United States and western Europe.

Chemtrails streak the Lake Tahoe sky
Chemtrails streak the Lake Tahoe sky in the western region of the United States.

If this is happening in every country, wouldn’t the United Nations be orchestrating everything?

Russ Tanner: The United Nations has a population-control department. It may sound beneficial on the surface, but when you read the books or hear the quotes of the people who have been in that department or the heads of that department, you begin to realize that they also agree with the philosophy of depopulating without the public’s knowledge or consent. This can be looked up or researched by anyone who’s interested in reading these books or researching this further. Yes, I believe the United Nations is playing a key role in this.

What was your introduction to chemtrails? You describe yourself as a sky watcher growing up and throughout your adult life.

Russ Tanner: I’ve watched the sky since I was young enough to know what a jet was. I collected pictures of jets in elementary school. I collected thousands of sheets of paper with copies of pictures of jetsโ€”that was one of my passions. One of my favorite things that mankind ever made was jet propulsion. I have been a sky watcher all my life and I have lived in the busiest air stations in the world. My first exposure to this was in Jamestown, New York, in 2005. That city has a very small airport that cannot accommodate large jets, but all of a sudden, one day, jets started gridding the sky with these trails, flying at very low altitudes. Some people, including myself, would began to smell and taste salty, metallic or chemical taste and odors in the air 20 to 40 minutes after this took place.

These jets were too large to be accommodated by the Jamestown airport, and they were unmarked silver jets, for the most part. They did not have the look of commercial jets. Because I could smell and taste them and because I’ve been a sky watcher all my life, there was no question that something was intentionally being emitted from these jets.

Listen to Russ Tanner Talk toย Richard Sacks about Chemtrail Flu and Other Topics

Will you describe your experiences with chemtrails throughout the years? Include mention of how you got very physically sick, leading to a heart attack.

Russ Tanner: Absolutely. From the very first day Jamestown was sprayed, I smelled and tasted the metallic and the chemical odors and taste in the air. Immediately, I had a group of symptoms that would come over me within minutes of the odor and the taste in the air, which included muscle and joint inflammation and pain, headache, fatigue, extreme tiredness and sleepiness and just general brain fog and inability to concentrate. As I was exposed to the spraying over the years, eventually I did have a heart attack, caused after two days of very, very intense spraying after I had moved to Maine. The heart pain that I had had for years before, which only occurred when the air was thick with this metallic and chemical taste and odors, was the pain that I had intensely before the heart attack, very intensely.

They discovered the only heart-related problem that I had in the hospital was very low potassium, which is well know to cause heart fibrillation. If potassium gets low enough, it can induce a heart attack. In fact, they gave me potassium, and that was the only real healing modality that they did for me other than just testing. What I learned through my research is that one of the particulates being sprayed is known to be barium. We’re seeing that show up in rainwater tests all over. Barium very aggressively depletes potassium in human beings and animals. If fact, it’s so effective at depleting potassium that it’s used in animal testing to artificially induce heart attacks in animals. There’s no question in my mind, because of the research I’ve done and the experience I’ve had over the years, that my heart attack was caused by extremely low potassium levels that were induced by barium toxicity from the spraying campaign.

What other materials are being sprayed in chemtrails?

Russ Tanner: The anomalies we’re finding all over the United States in sync with the spray campaign are showing aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic in rainwater in places where it should not be. In the early testing, which was done by some pioneers in the research related to chemtrails, discovered a direct correlation between the amounts of metals in rainwater and groundwater in the spraying, the invisible spraying campaign that we could see. Early on, we established a relationship between groundwater levels and the spraying. Those are the main substances that we found that are associated with this spraying.

Watch the What in the World Are They Spraying? Trailer

Watch Why in the World Are They Spraying?

Watch the An UNconventional Shade of Grey Trailer

Something that’s been on my radar in recent months is morgellons. If this is an area you’ve studied in connection with chemtrails, will you discuss your knowledge of them and how they are affecting the planet and all living things?

Russ Tanner: Morgellons is a relatively new disease that is appearing in heavily sprayed areas. Its main features are extreme itchiness, as if you’re getting bug bites, but there are no visible bugs present. Also, it seems to be associated with calcium metabolism issues where people are getting cavities and having tooth and bone issues. But the most popular feature that we’re seeing from morgellons is open sores on the skin with polyester-like threads that are coming out of these sores. The people who have researched morgellons have found that there are small, clearly artificial, metallic, crystaline-like structures that are forming these threads in people subdermally, below the skin, until they begin to protrude. Clifford Carnicom is the pioneer in research for morgellons, and he has found a mycoplasma-type organism that seems to be associated with morgellons besides the crystal and metallic structures that can be seen under a microscope. He has found much smaller organisms that seem to be a mycoplama-type organism that we have yet to identify, but it does seem to be associated with morgellons.

This is something we’re seeing occur in more and more people in heavily sprayed areas. I, myself, have a couple of the symptoms. Although I don’t have the threads or the open sores, I do have calcium metabolism issues, and I do have the extreme itchiness that actually is associated with heavy particulates in the air. Because I can smell and taste the particulates, I have made a definite association between the times that the itchiness occurs and the high density of these metallic particles that are in the air.

Morgellons on fingernail
Photographed are morgellons protruding from Tasha Lee’s fingernail. Read more about morgellons in “The Inspiring Healing Journey of the Incredible Tasha Lee.”

I’ve seen some also claim that toxic mold is being sprayed in chemtrails. Do you know whether this might be true?

Russ Tanner: Well, we have seen some people who have done tests that do show after heavy spraying events that substances, powders or fine substances that are left on vehicles, for example, that have been sent to labs are showing very high mold counts. Even more exotically, there have been found red blood cells. They appeared to be human red blood cells that have been found in these powders and the rain residues that are left after heavy spray events. Yes, there does seem to be, based on this testing, something distributing mold spores in a highly unnatural quantity. It’s also interesting to me that since the spraying began, we have not only seen mold incidences in people’s houses absolutely skyrocket but we have seen animal die-off and immune suppression, which have been, so far, at least in part, attributed to mold and fungus outbreaks in their bodies. This is an interesting correlation that we really need to look at.

Some suggest that chemtrails are akin to vaccines from the sky. Do you agree with this and, if so, would you argue that geoengineering is the top health issue of our time?

Russ Tanner: Geoengineering is absolutely the top health issue of our time. It absolutely is a vaccination from the sky, in my opinion, and here’s why: Because I can smell and taste [chemtrails], as hundreds of people who have contacted me can. When the air becomes saturated after a spray event, which is daily, by the way, I have symptoms in my body of extreme inflammation, pain, headaches, fatigue, and all of the things that I’ve mentioned earlier and more begin occurring within seconds, 15 to 30 seconds, after I detect these things in the air, I began to have inflammation and all the other symptoms. What this tells me is that these particulates, which we already know are extremely small, pass right through the lungs into the bloodstream. That makes them a vaccination from the sky, and that is, in my opinion, why they are the No. 1 health issue of our time.

We have to ask ourselves about those people who are head of this project and have the moral depravity to be spreading poison in these populated areas all over the world. We have to ask ourselves what else they may decide to spray in the future that can go right through our lungs and directly into our bloodstream without our consent.

Vaccine shot on a background of the sky

Some say chemtrails aren’t real because the people behind them would be poisoning themselves. What is your argument against statements such as these?

Russ Tanner: There are air-filtration units that usually costs tens of thousands of dollars that remove extremely small particulates from the air or destroy biological organisms in the air. These air-filtration devices are usually intended for industry or laboratory use, and their costs are out of the reach of the general public. However, to high-level politicians and high-level industrialists who are likely in charge of this program, these technologies are not out of reach. I don’t think at all that it’s unreasonable to believe that these people have employed protection technologies in their living spaces to protect themselves while they depopulate the rest of the world. The people who have talked about depopulation historically like Fredrick Henry Osborn has said himself that these programs will most likely need to be conduced under another name than eugenics. In other words, they will lie to the public, they will hide it from the public and, undoubtedly, they will be protecting themselves while they do it.

What can people do to protect themselves, loved ones, pets, as well as food and water supplies outside?

Russ Tanner: This is a very difficult problem because nobody can protect themselves completely. The reason it’s hard to protect yourself is because the particulates are so small that they get everywhere and pass right through HEPA filtration. They cannot be captured by HEPA filters. The best precautions we can take are to continuously be chelating these metals out of our bodies and to be promoting a strong immune system and to be doing everything that they can to keep our lymphatic system flowing and really to employ all of the health modalities that you would think that you would want to do in life anyway. The other thing that I find extremely helpful for me, in fact, nothing helps me more than what I call a wet mask. I came up with this idea when I discovered that taking a shower actually helps clean the air.

I spoke to many people who found that their symptoms went away, at least somewhat, when they were taking a shower. My ability to smell and taste them also showed me that, when there was water present, it did help clean the air. I use wet washcloths with a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil, put it over my mouth and nose after wringing them quite dry, hold them over my mouth and nose with a $3 painter’s mask from Home Depot, and I can immediately taste and sense and smell that the air is much cleaner after it passes through a wet wash cloth. I call this a wet mask, and it’s, I think, one of the best ways people can help themselves. I know it’s inconvenient, but nothingโ€”no single thingโ€”has helped me as much as using a wet mask. Which is also further evidence that these particulates are coming into us from the air.

The word geoengineering with planes spraying chemtrails

A lot of people who are enjoying a raw food diet are more sensitive to environmental toxins, and you describe yourself as being chemically sensitive. Can you describe any other measures you take to help minimize the effects of chemtrails?

Russ Tanner: Well, I will tell you the irony for me is that I classically have not been chemically sensitive. Diesel fuel, gasoline, oil solventsโ€”nothing ever bothered me like these metals do. The issue that I’ve had in the past was, ironically, a metal. It was mercury. I did have mercury poisoning from my mouth fillings, which I had removed, and recovered from all my symptoms. I’ve had a complete recovery. … I think that even nonenvironmentally sensitive people are subject because of the very nature that these are small metals that have a different modality of action in the body and can be thought of as being much more toxic than your traditional environmental toxins. I think it is hard to completely protect yourself. I don’t know of any way to do this. The ultimate solution is that we need to make the public aware that this is happening. Even if you don’t smell it or taste it, there are people around you who do, and they will tell you and will see how people’s health and their mood changes when these metals are thick in the air. Protecting yourself is very difficult, but by using the things I mentioned such as the wet mask’ chelation, like malic acid is very effective in removing aluminum; increasing your glutathione levels using things like N-acetyl cysteine, a-lipoic acid, schisandra, which is an herb, and haritaki, which is an Indian herb.

These things increase glutathione, which is very helpful for moving these things out of the body. These are the best things we can do aside from getting the exposure to stop. This is going to take raising tremendous awareness in the public eye and waking people up to the fact that this is really happening.

I wasn’t alive at the time, but it seems as if the Vietnam peace rallies were the last time an issue galvanized the United States to such a degree over such a long period of time that public opinion helped end the war. In this digital age of awareness but action behind computer screens and cell phone screens but not in the streets, what will it take for people’s voices to be heard and to end geoengineering?

Russ Tanner: I believe we have to start locally. As hard as it is for people to believe and comprehend, there is a tremendous amount of corruption in the federal government. So many senators and governors are complicit with these types of programs. We have to start with our local governments, make them aware and make our friends and neighbors aware because it’s going to take millions of people, and it’s going to take tremendous political pressure, and it’s going to, ultimately, take changing laws to make the distribution of these types of materials felonies or treasonous, making them openly illegal, to encourage whistle blowers by giving a temporary window of amnesty to pilots so that we can have more whistle blowers come out who can directly attest to this activity.

I believe once a small group of people start coming forth on a regular basis that this will be the crack in the dam that we need to begin the flow of whistle blowers. We need that flow of whistle blowers, and we know that they must exist because there has to be thousands of people involved in the logistics of this operation. I believe that’s what it’s going to take in order to put an end to this.

The word freedom is written in the sky as chemtrails

What resources do you recommend to people to further explore geoengineering?

Russ Tanner: I would recommend that people visit a couple of the best websites on this subject. Ours is one of the leading ones, Another organization, called, has a tremendous website. You can also visit our Facebook group, which has over 80,000 members at this time, and it’s growing at a rate of about 1,500 members per week and that’s called Chemtrails Global Skywatch. Those are the places where I would recommend starting, and those places have links to other resources as well. People can always contact me if they have specific questions and they want to know more about the research that I’ve done personally.

Are there any other points connected to geoengineering you would like to highlight?

Russ Tanner: I would like to say that anytime you want to solve a problem, you have to go to the root of the problem. Otherwise, you’re just putting out fires. The root of this problem is corruption and complicity in high positions in governments all around the world. We need to unite and bring our representatives in government into a place of accountability for what they are doing. This is not going to be easy because these people in these high positions are following the orders they are being giving from above, and they know the personal consequences for not following those orders will be very harsh, so they are not inclined to come out and be honest with the public. We must make the consequences for lying to the public or committing these crimes against the public. Make no mistake, these are horrendous, historic, epic crimes against humanity.

The consequences of performing or being involved with these types of crimes against humanity must become greater than the consequences that these people are feeling from their superiors. Once the public can unite and create an atmosphere where government fears the people, we stand a chance. The government does need to fear the people, and when it does, then they will began doing the right thing.

The atmosphere and the earth belong to all of us. It provides the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drinkโ€”and no one should have the right to own it.
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75 thoughts on “Chemtrails Represent the ‘No. 1 Health Issue of Our Time’”

  1. Thank you, for this amazing, informative, and critical interview with Russ Tanner, a tireless and devoted chemtrail activist. Your courage and devotion to the truth is self-evident. Thank you for helping to raise awareness about the omnicidal aerosol crimes that are occuring each and every day in the skies above us.

  2. Persistent aerosols are a very real, very troubling aspect of atmospheric pollution and weather manipulation! Thanks for writing this

  3. Is this some kind of joke? You have given a platform to a complete lunatic who thinks jets are “incapable of making contrails” and tries to hoodwink people into buying his chemtrail cures?

    1. A wise man once told me, “Everyone has a theory, and everyone is right.” I have friends who have been affected by chemtrails, and my own health suffered a few months ago very likely because of them. Anyone living in Greater Philadelphia could tell you about the May we experienced. Russ offers an incredible testimonial, and I’m grateful for his sharing.

        1. Colin King why you getting so upset then if you are so sure Chemtrails don’t exist and Russ is wrong and making it all up lol, no one is saying they don’t make contrails,
          but it’s clear that they are spraying chemicals and metals in our skies, all you have to do is look up and answer me this Colin, why have the US Patented them?

          Chemtrail patent No 5003186

          It is you who is wrong Colin and i suggest you start thinking for yourself and stop believing what your Government and Media are telling you.

  4. the title is wrong. it should read:

    “Chemtrails Represent the โ€˜No. 1 MENTAL Health Issue of Our Time”

  5. What does a photo of a piece of clothing fibre stuck to a finger nail prove except that clothes snag on rough fingernails? You have got to be kidding me Morgellons disease.

    1. I have observed these fibers on and in my food as well as in cotton and nylon products. I’ve also observed them on my body and on my cat’s body. I’m still in my early days of exploring morgellons, but I hope you’ll spend some time researching this before laughing off someone else’s experience as immaterial. What you learn may shock you, as it has me.

  6. Thank you for an incredible article! I live in St.Joseph, Mo. I have been seeing an extreme escalation of Chemtrails over our city since 2010. It is nearly on an everyday basis. I first saw them in 2008 while taking a break from painting on our veranda. What piqued my curiosity was the thickness of the white trail that spanned horizon to horizon that hung in the sky while spreading. I knew this wasn’t a normal thing. We have had many young deaths in our city, from cancer, strokes and heart attacks. I myself had to have heart surgery following a heart attack while my husband had two strokes with the latest disabling him. He was only 57 when he was permanently disabled. We have chronic lung infections and sinus issues as well. It is very frightening that we are not even safe in our own yards…..

    1. Funny how people that don’t believe in Chemtrails spend so much time talking about things they don’t believe in! lol Government Trolls are everywhere they are paid to sway opinion or at least cast doubt.

  7. “I discovered that taking a shower actually helps clean the air.”

    Well, it clears the air around YOU anyway, Russ.

  8. bloody good show. sick of this blue snow and and chrystal snot.
    we need the bastaRDS BEHIND THIS BASHED ON THE SPOT!

  9. Thank you so much for this article! Very nicely written, and highly informative. I am also an activist who like Russ, is very sensitive to these toxins emitting from aircraft. I spend most of my spare time creating awareness, so I very much appreciate it when I see more folks spreading the word. Together we become part of the solution. Again, thank you, and great work! Sharing

  10. Thank you, Brian, for doing your part in exposing these crimes against humanity. I get tired of watching these planes dropping their loads in the sky day after day.

  11. Way to go, Bri. Proud of you for being courageous on this topic.
    Anyone who wants to see videos of the Morgellons nanotech in action, check out my site They coming moving out of my hair, eyebrows, nails, etc, and i have found those nano-infected hairs moving, weeks later.

    So grateful for Russ and his work. He is definitely one of the “good guys”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry for you that speaking up brings the PAID trolls around. I get it every day. I learned there is no point wasting my time trying to educate someone who is “just doing their job”. (Did you know they advertise this job on Craigslist? I’ve seen the ads. hehe).

    Much love, keep fighting the good fight!!! <3

    1. Thank you, Tash! Yes, Tash is one of the people I know who has been affected strongly by chemtrails. I encourage all doubters to read up on and watch her tell her story. I appreciate your chiming in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Diego de la Vega

    So much derp, where to even begin to debunk this. Russ Tanner has spent years now, making up nonsense without the slightest shred of evidence. Yet, his minions just eat it up without question.

  13. Timely article. I see the TROLLS have shown up to try and cast a shadow on an OBVIOUS problem. Ignore them. The fact that they disagree so ardently, to the point of coming to this article to trash the interviewer, intervee and the entire content of the article, is dubious at best and harmful. I find it’s best to deal with trolls, by “no talk, no touch, no eye contact. ” Shun them.

  14. Brilliant article thank you Fruit Powered for having the guts to publish such an article on Chemtrails (Geoengineering) we need to wake more and more people up to this and we all need to start getting together and organize some demonstrations.

    many thanks and much respect for – Fruit-Powered.Com/Chemtrail’s Global SkyWatch/Russ Tanner and everyone else involved.

    1. THANK YOU FRUIT POWERED!!! You have the courage very few other media outlets have. In this age of disinformation, I am SO grateful for you allowing Russ Tanner to share his knowledge. I am sharing this article on Facebook and asking all to support your mag.

  15. If Chemtrails and Geoengineering don’t exist and we are all conspiracy theory nut jobs, then can someone explain all these patents please?

    United States Patent and Trademark Office

    1338343 โ€“ April 27, 1920 โ€“ Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists
    1619183 โ€“ March 1, 1927 โ€“ Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft
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    3835293 โ€“ September 10, 1974 โ€“ Electrical Heating Aparatus [sic] For Generating Super Heated Vapors
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    An Extensive List of Patents on weather modification 1920 to Oct 5 2012

    1. Have you actually looked at those patents, Damien? Perhaps you could explain to the class how a device for measuring photocopier toner is related to geoengineering? Or indeed a “method of suppressing contrails”, when Russ Tanner claims that contrails don’t even exist! One day you chemtrailers might get your story straight, until then expect to be laughed at continuously.

      1. “Have you actually looked at those patents, Colin?” Of course you haven’t! Neither has Damian…its irrelevant, and you know it!

  16. Yes, yes, yes! I have been seeing trails looking west from Philadelphia, at the Jersey shore and on the drive from the shore to the western suburbs, for about 2 years. Lately it has been happening about once a week (right before a predicted rain forcast on my iphone…. hmmmm seems to me that knows when things are happening). It starts out looking like contrails and then spreads out to meet the other trails as they slowly turn the sky milky white, and then we feel foggy (no pun intended) and then it rains the next day. On a windy day it all blows somewhere else. I thought for sure it was just raincloud seeding because it appears to be over farmland (not that we want that), but that does seem less sinister, but why do they need to do this over the ocean? Experimentation or perhaps they know those clouds will soon blow inland….. which they do.

    Thank you for dedication. You are not a nut. Those here who are protesting are the people who should be investigated. They are probably the ones who are connected to the perpetrators and are paid to protect them.

    Where are the brave politicians who are willing to fight this fight and expose this crime?

  17. this is being conducted on behalf of the global climate research and climate change initiative obama has been throwing tax dollars in the billions to. (trump is planning to cancel these payments thank god). It is being implemented by a place called the desert research institute (DRI) out of las vegas, Nevada. They run the show as a “research project”, but also have the NASA earth observing satellite team and NOAA providing live satellite monitoring data in and “adjusted weather report data” out. They are also working with the air force and the u.s. dept of the interior/ bureau of land mgmt. (BLM) who supply the manpower and equipment, including air force tanker planes, to do all the dirty work.

    1. Overview
      Scientists and engineers at the Desert Research Institute have utilized manned and
      unmanned aerial acquisitions since the early 1970โ€™s to meet research goals associated
      with atmospheric and ecological assessment and monitoring. Many of the Instituteโ€™s
      early unmanned efforts employed various balloon platforms to measure a number of
      atmospheric properties along a vertical profile.
      Recognizing the importance of assessing horizontal spatial heterogeneity and acquiring
      timely synoptic coverage of ecosystem processes, DRI faculty and students have
      been actively developing modern UAV platforms with several partner institutions.
      Examples of these efforts include the design, fabrication and deployment of sensors
      and sensor packages, real-time and post data collection analytics and data visualization
      utilizing DRIโ€™s state-of-the-art, six-sided Virtual Reality Enclosure.
      About DRI
      DRI performs research on every continent and has worked with nearly all of the
      Southwestern U.S. military bases with funding sources including the NOAA, DOE,
      DoD, NSF and NASA. DRI currently has contracts for monitoring projects on a number of U.S.
      military bases and a grant to assess climate change adaptation at NASAโ€™s Dryden Flight Research
      Sensor and UAV Innovation at DRI
      Several DRI researchers are pursuing atmospheric sensor miniaturization to adapt sensors and
      sensor packages originally deployed on manned aircraft for UAV platforms and look forward to
      the potential to collaborate with industry on these efforts. DRI faculty currently hold four sensor
      patents and have commercialized three versions of a photoacoustic instrument for Droplet
      Measurement Technology. Other researchers are actively pursuing enhancement of DRIโ€™s UAV
      hardware through future purchases of both fixed wing and helicopter UAV platforms and several
      commercially available sensors such as a hyperspectral imaging sensor.

  18. Pingback: Chemtrails Debunked Part 1: Contrails

  19. our planet is in GRAVE danger if this assault on it & us & our children is not stopped immediately , i watch everything around me being murdered, the trees , the entire eco system is being ravaged by these chemicals , the blue sky is a rarety anymore. lack of photosynthesis ( sunshine) is killing everything. these people doing this are sick sick sociopaths , MURDERING OF THE ENTIRE PLANET. the problem lies with the people ignoring what is being done , turning the other cheek, silence is consent , they are helping the establishment ( counsel on foreign relations, the U.S military , the united nations, nasa & ALL government agencies , the mass media ( that is owned by the establishment & EVERY PERSON THAT WORKS FOR THEM & READS THE SCRIPTED “NEW” IS A CRIMINAL ) ALL that are hiding the FACT that this is being done is a CRIMINAL. this is a horror . BYE BYE BLUE SKY – Trump MUST stop geoengineering NOW . BIO CHEMICAL/WEATHER WARFARE USED ON AMERICANS & used globally , this is in CHARLOTTE NC the spraying NEVER stops , people are blind to it all , the dead trees, the dying planet, the bastardization of the eco system, it is all happening RIGHT INFRONT OF THEIR EYES & THEY DONT SEE IT ?

  20. According to Prof. David Keith and other scientist, geo-engineering (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection aka SAI) the atmosphere would have to be done in the stratosphere at an altitude of 20 kilometers (65,000′).

    Airliners can’t fly that high because of their service ceiling.

    Therefore, the chemtrail hoax is incompatible with every aspect of the current SAI proposals. If you are a chemtrail hoax believer and use SAI in an attempt to validate your nonsensical claims, then you must refute all pics of jetliners leaving contrails as this is not possible under the current SAI proposals. You can’t have it both ways.

    In addition, as per David Keith:

    “Modeling the influence of sulfate aerosol with the earth system model showed some features that the most effective scenarios for geoengineering with sulfate aerosol are injection at 26โ€“28, 22โ€“24, and 20โ€“22 km in latitudinal band 0โ€“10 degrees.”

    In other words, SAI would be most effective in the stratosphere near the equator, not in the latitudes of North America or Europe. Atmospheric circulation and coriolis force means that such materials would be uniformly distributed worldwide. The entire point of the geoengineering concept would be to effect the entire earth on a global scale and not on only a local level.

  21. Thank you Brian for this excellent article to help expose the horrific spraying of our skies with chemicals that make us sick. I too, like Russ, have an adversity to chemicals and metals. Back in 02/03 our local news talked about how the military had asked permission to spray the SW quadrant of Oklahoma. Legislatures asked the farmers and they said they didn’t care as long as it didn’t affect their crops. So it was passed. After driving in this mess for 7 years I developed, hypertension, diabetes, a rare skin condition and I already had fibromyalgia. I became disabled and a year later suffered a heart attack. So thank you and from the bottom of my heart for your aid in helping to inform people of the true nature as to what is really going on in our skies.

  22. Thank you for this article! In the past 8 years the decline in small birds and the acceleration of tree deaths sends us a deadly signal. Monsanto purchased the largest Geo-engineering firm about 4 years ago and have been blanketing our skies, putting farmers out of business, made us and all living things sicker – all in order to take control over food production and help the Obama admin. depopulate and weaponize the weather. It’s genocide. No sugar coating. Brian, we are aware and we are behind you and fruit-powered! Now we need Trump to put a stop to this!

      1. Itโ€™s vital, and appreciated by us all, that youโ€™re prepared to convey this message and put yourself in the front line, so, donโ€™t waste your time on debunkers who pretend nothing unsavoury happens.

        The British people are very familiar with aerial assaults of toxic germs sprayed over millions of us between 1940-79 but we didnโ€™t find out until 2002. In light of this appalling covert activity I wrote to my local MP about chemtrails โ€“ the reply was โ€˜no such thingโ€™ just contrails. However, Weather Modification Techniques, Solar Radiation Management, cloud-seeding to alter the climate (induce rain, snow whatever) are terms widely in circulation, so I used these instead. The interesting reply I received by omitting chemtrails was – ever since ENMOD (hostile use of weather altering techniques against other nation states) had been signed in 1977 all WMTs had been banned. Yet, when I again drew attention to the fact that ENMOD only protected OTHER nation states not domestic populations and weโ€™d already been sprayed covertly with germs which was hotly denied for 23 years, I never got a reply!

        So, I came at it from another angle. If โ€˜contrailsโ€™ can spread for miles across the entire width of our horizons from morning โ€˜til night creating dirty grey and black flat blankets blocking out sunlight for 300 days of the year why does everyone, including the BBC, refer to our climate as typical English weather when itโ€™s clearly aviation pollution? I was told to take it up with the CAAโ€ฆ.!

        As a footnote this MP is actually the Minister for Public Health and when all this finally comes out Iโ€™ve told her she will be held accountable and sheโ€™s young enough to outlive the Official Secrets Act currently protecting it.

        As they say, if at first you donโ€™t succeed โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ! Persistence is the mother of success.

  23. Great article. Thank you for helping make this known. It won’t be long before there is widespread recognition of this horror. Bizarre streaks in the sky, wave patterns indicating electromagnetic effects, off-the-chart metals level in chemical analysis of rainwater, as well as in people’s blood tests, and the worsening of tree die-off.

  24. In my opinion this crimes (spray vaccination SRM, SAG programs) are financed from credits to be paid from taxpayer’s money. You can’t stop this criminal programs without stoping the incentive of easy acces to trillions of dollars avaliable for stealing thanks to the forced taxation of unaware public.

  25. Thank you, We need to get creative on ways to stop this madness and save Mother Earth and the web of life, we have the power and the numbers! Fight/ Resist/ Educate/ Expose/ Do Not Consent! we need to start a worldwide movement, a collective group to stop the Chemical Warfare spraying in our skies and also stop the GMO cancers, Forced Vaccinations because that agenda is to make sure the children of this generation are sterile and can’t have kids because the powers that be/ the Elite want depopulation and very few people on earth. The most important thing to me right now is what is really going to seal all of our fate, that is the 5G Microwave 60-90GHZ WiFI and the towers and small cells that will be everywhere you can imagine, even in locations where there are no people, they want all life on earth dead or at best cancer-ridden and they are rolling it out like thieves in the night, and that’s because they don’t want us to research the facts and stop it. I beg everyone to research this data and do everything in your God-given power to stop this, do it for your kids, or for the earth, wildlife because there will be no more wildlife, animals, bird life, insect life, plant life organic crops and they think they will Genetically modify insect life and bird life, make all crops and plants, trees GMOs. they want to re-create the web of life and they want to take the place of nature and be gods themselves and we better not let it happen and the only thing thats going to stop it is you get up and get active and fight/ protest/ educate/ contact all of those in power at every level in Government and Military and let them know you do not consent, we will not pay taxes, we have power and rhe right to live in a healthy enviorment, and live and work, raise kids, in a healthy enviorment and clean air, water, we have the human rights to healthy food, organic foods, we will not let these towers be put up to mind control us all like robots and target anyone that speaks out, will better demand these rights as humans on this earth and we better fight for them just like the civil war, every war and revolution that has taken place. Please fight this, we dont have another planet to go live on. Thi is the only one and we owe it to earth to save her and fight for her.

  26. Thank you for writing an article about this subject! It will help bring more awareness to this crime against humanity and the world!

  27. Thanks for the tip on effects of the spray and how to chelate it out of your body. I never thought about it like a vaccination from the sky. This needs to end!

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