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Rising in Consciousness With Advanced Meditation Practices

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Finding Your Synergy with Alicia Grant - Fruit-Powered Magazine

If anyone told me two years ago that I’d be waking up long before sunrise to eagerly sit for hours doing guided meditations and that I would love it and look forward to it every single morning, I would have said, without hesitation, they were off their rockers! Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to meditation. I have been a meditator on and off for more than 20 years, trying various styles from silent, guided, music and even mantra-driven varieties but never really stuck with any particular practice longer than six months until I heard Dr. Joe Dispenza speak on the Hay House Heal Summit in summer 2018.

Hearing him tell his miraculous story of how he sustained a serious spinal injury in a terrible accident and was told he would probably never walk again—only to later heal his body in a matter of weeks through meditation and the power of his thoughts—absolutely blew my mind. From that moment forward, I’ve been absorbing as much information from him as possible and doing his meditations daily.

After watching hundreds of testimonials on his YouTube channel from people who had, often spontaneously, healed everything from cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS) to irreversible bodily injuries, blindness and deafness, I knew there was so much for me to learn and discover from this man. 

Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza Discuss His Healing From a Spinal Injury

Alicia Grant Experiences Meditation Breakthroughs While Participating in a Retreat Hosted by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I started reading his books, utilizing his powerful guided meditations, taking his online courses and watching every single interview and video he released. Then last year, I attended his weeklong advanced retreat in Niagara Falls, New York, where I had the most amazing and profound experiences ever from taking part in all his meditations throughout the week. Up until the live event, I had been meditating daily for anywhere from 23 minutes to an hour or two a day. I was very committed and even began experiencing major energy releases and shifts unlike anything I had never experienced before while meditating. 

During the retreat, we meditated for hours at a time throughout the day, multiple times a day. The energy in the room was intense, and my body was really feeling it, shifting and moving more than ever. The entire experience was life-altering. When I came home from the event, I became ultra committed, waking up at 4 a.m. to meditate daily for up to five hours at a time. I had never been so blissed out, centered or excited to wake up so early. This was something I was adamantly against prior to the weeklong event because I valued sleep more than most things.

Alicia Grant Elevates Her Meditation Practice During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Then, COVID-19 surged across the globe, and the world changed overnight. During lockdown, I took advantage of the downtime, enjoying my meditation practice even more while focusing on the creation of my desires. While most people are freaking out about catching a potentially deadly virus, I am confident in my diet and lifestyle as well as the powerful immune-boosting benefits of meditating every day, knowing I am fully protected. 

Meditation practices - woman meditating in field - Fruit-Powered
Alicia Grant‘s meditation practices have evolved over more than 20 years. Since 2018, she has experienced tremendous strides in her meditation practice as a whole by embracing guidance from Dr. Joe Dispenza. “I’ve noticed remarkable things happening inside and outside my body,” Alicia Grant writes. “I’ve experienced sensations during meditation that feel like a galaxy of stars sweeping through my body. As energy surges through me, it sometimes shifts and moves my body physically in uncontrollable ways.”

In a recent blog post, Dr. Joe shared that: “Time and again, our research has demonstrated how, after just four days of opening your heart (activating your fourth energy center, which you do by feeling heart-centered elevated emotions), something extraordinary happens. The body starts naturally releasing an antibody made from your immune cells (white blood cells) called Immunoglobulin A (IgA). We have witnessed and scientifically measured how, in less than one week, we can strengthen our immune system—without the use of any exogenous substance—by as much as 50%.”

I have an immense respect for Dr. Joe and the research he’s doing, and, because of this, my beliefs about meditation have changed a lot. I used to think meditation was just to calm your mind and help you feel more at peace, which is wonderful and true, but it also does so much more. Now, I have a much greater understanding of the power within us and how to tap into it. By meditating, we can much more easily harness this power when we take our focus off our outer world and instead turn our attention inward. That is where the magic begins.

Alicia Grant Experiences Powerful Sensations During Meditation Sessions

Since I’ve been consistently meditating daily over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed remarkable things happening inside and outside my body. I’ve experienced sensations during meditation that feel like a galaxy of stars sweeping through my body. As energy surges through me, it sometimes shifts and moves my body physically in uncontrollable ways. Sometimes the energy is so intense that it adjusts my spinal alignment, releasing pressure on my neck and spine. This energy often twists my body like a washing machine that agitates in quick-shaking motions. It sounds unpleasant and took some time to get used to, but it actually feels amazing, especially afterward, when my body settles. I’ve traveled deep into the void of darkness and completely lost track of time for hours. I’ve been fully conscious while sleeping, sometimes viewing the room I’m in as if fully conscious but with my eyes closed and covered with a blackout eye mask. There have been several times when I left my body and floated up toward the ceiling. And I’ve even merged with geometrical patterns and colors as they danced, pulsed and morphed around me. 

During his live event, I had a profound mystical experience in my hotel room, where the most incredible energy encompassed my body with every breath I took. I began to feel every cell in my body vibrate at a high rate of speed as feelings of bliss and ecstasy took over while I sat in the chair for hours, just letting this intense wave of energy upgrade my body. In all my years of meditating, I had never experienced anything like this before. Listening to Dr. Joe’s powerful meditations and immersing myself in his work has been a complete game-changer for me. 

Watch a Video Highlighting Eefje’s Healing From Cervical Cancer Through Meditation

A Meditation Practice Can Provide Health Benefits in a High-Tech World

He taught me how to open my heart and keep it open, which literally transforms every aspect of your life. You become an antenna for all things high vibrational such as love, health, joy and bliss. All other lower vibrations such as fear, hate, anger, illness, guilt and shame fall away because these energies cannot be experienced when the heart is so elevated, open and full. You will also be less affected by lower vibrational technologies from computers, cell phones, routers, cell towers and even 5G technology.

Everything is made of energy and emits an energetic frequency. Meditation helps you raise your energy so you become less and less affected by lower frequencies whether from wi-fi, smart meters, political drama or your mother-in-law. It does take some work to activate your heart center and keep it open, but it’s so worth it. For even more protection from these lower-vibrational frequencies, try meditating outdoors with your bare feet touching the earth, which provides incredible grounding and harmonizing benefits. A barefoot walking meditation in nature or just in your own back yard is so healing and powerful that it can quickly put your body back in vibrational balance. 

It’s never too late to start or get back into meditation if you’ve lost touch with your practice. And during these uncertain times, it’s more important and necessary than ever. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, a great way to get started is with a wonderful app called Insight Timer. It has an extensive library of guided meditations for every need and level. It’s free in the Android and iOs app stores. I also highly recommend checking out Dr. Joe’s YouTube channel, website and blog to learn more about his incredible work.

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