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Fruit-Powered Magazine: October 2015

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Hello, readers! October 1 holds a special place in my heart. On this day five years ago, I went vegan. I was hit-it-out-of-the-park ready to give up animal products, thanks to massive consumption of green smoothies. And on this day three years ago, I launched the first issue of Fruit-Powered Magazine, featuring its lead-off transformation story, on Desarae Jeter.

The Magazine has grown remarkably, serving you with about 500 combined transformation stories, guest stories, special interviews, top tips, recipes, and feature and arts stories in its first three years. This issue you’re reading marks the kickoff of the Magazine‘s fourth year of publication! Eight world-class individuals—Don Bennett, Korey Constable, Arnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein, Tarah Millen, Anne Osborne, Karen Ranzi and Brittany Taylor—will contribute stories in Year 4. Also, for this publication year, the Magazine will publish the first four Thursdays of eight months (October and November 2015 and January, February, April, May, July and August 2016).

If you appreciate Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s inspiring and informing you on your health journey, please show your love with a $10 donation annually to support Fruit-Powered’s goal of turning on the world to vegan and raw vegan lifestyles. Many are unaware that content creators—be them website editors, authors and musicians, for example—face hardships in being properly compensated for their dedicated efforts in the digital age. (Each issue of about 16 stories, published in four weekly installments, commands about 100 hours of my time—and this represents only the bare minimum of work I do on this website.) Online advertising generates so little income, and this is mostly why newspapers across America have gone out of business the past 15 years.

One more thing to note about October 1: It’s World Vegetarian Day. Vegetarianism is a wonderful step to take on the path to optimal health. This day of celebration was created by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977, but 38 years later, our world truly demands human beings go vegan—better, raw vegan—for our environment and health as well as to let other living creatures live freely, as they deserve.

Ronnie Smith wears an "I came for the fruit!" capRonnie Smith made the leap from vegetarianism to veganism and then raw veganism. The past few years, I’ve spotted this bushy-bearded man in scores of photos from fruit festivals making the rounds on social media platforms. Ronnie has done something incredible with his festival fervor—and it’s the crowning achievement of this Scotland resident’s exciting raw food journey. Ronnie’s is the 90th transformation story to be published in the Magazine. In these transformation stories, you’ll see a new sidebar called “In a Nutshell.” Here, you’ll find these raw fooders’ favorites in several categories, from fruit and exercise form to book, film and album as well as place on earth and thing to do. Enjoy!

The word "wellness" written on a roadIn his Don Bennett Says …  guest spot, Don Bennett serves up his list of top 10 requirements for the best future health. All health seekers would be wise to pore over this well-considered list. A great takeaway: “No one health educator has all the answers, but all the answers a health educator has should be correct,” Don writes. “So if you’re told that you needn’t be concerned about nutrition when you eat a raw food diet, you are being treated to some incorrect information even if the person sharing this with you is sincerely well-intentioned.”

Quick note: I’m honored to serve as a featured speaker in Anthea Frances Falkiner‘s RAW Life Telesummit 2015, joining Ted Carr, Ashley Clark, Doug Graham, Tasha Lee, Tarah Millen, Anne Osborne, Andrew Perlot and Paul and Yulia Tarbath, among others. This event runs several weekdays in October. I will send a special e-mail to Magazine subscribers about the summit on October 5—plus with a link for you to download a special gift! Be sure to check out Anthea’s wonderful program, designed to help you succeed on a raw food diet!

This month, in weekly installments, look for:

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