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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Autumn 2020-Winter 2021

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Hello, readers. We connect again in a rapidly changing world. A world in which the COVID-19 pandemic has ended 1 million-plus lives, upended billions of lives and changed the way we live, work and play. A world on fire and flooding, driving untold numbers of people from their homes. A world with so many problems it can be hard to see the light, especially with a sky that’s gray or orange and with inches or feet of water rising above your soles. A world torn apart by senseless shootings (I want all guns banned now) and racial inequality.

We are at a time of reckoning, and there’s so much more coming. Our entire world—every life, across species—is being challenged, and we’re uniting as we’re going separate ways at the same time. There’s a lot to wrap our heads around.

Share This Newly Renamed Fruit-Powered Magazine Far and Wide

This issue marks the first time I’m publishing stories in the newly renamed Fruit-Powered Magazine. This name change has been a long time coming, as it sure takes some doing to rebrand assets. Fruit-Powered Digest might have been a cute name, but Fruit-Powered Magazine simply works better and is how many have referred to this magazine, published since autumn 2012.

This issue’s publication date marks the eight anniversary of Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s launch and my 10th anniversary of becoming a vegan. This issue spans about 25,000 words and took a lot of effort from me and all the contributors to make happen for the world to enjoy for free. To help Fruit-Powered Magazine reach a wider audience, please share the link to its main page with family and friends. The world needs this kind of energy and these illuminating, inspiring and powerful stories!

Dr. David Klein: In Memoriam for a Hero Who Helped Build the Raw Vegan Community and Guided Thousands to Restore Their Health

In July, the natural health and raw vegan communities lost a hero, when Dr. David Klein passed away decades before his time. Dr. David Klein was and is a health legend, and you can learn more about his remarkable healing in his Raw Vegan Transformations story. He was Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s longest-tenured contributor with his Lessons from the Orchard column space, going back to August 2013. This issue is dedicated to Dr. David Klein.

Dr. David Klein met and learned from all the longtime raw food greats and published Living Nutrition magazine, which would eventually become Vibrance magazine. He built a publishing empire, launching many of his own books plus many more that kept alive the works of trailblazers before him such as Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and Dr. T.C. Fry. He also helped bring raw food community and education across America and the world in even more ways. He launched some of the earliest raw food websites and spearheaded festivals as well as raw food events called Raw Passion Seminars, which toured the United States. In recent years, he established the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy, teaching students motivated to coach people to enjoy robust health.

His brother, Jonathan Klein–Evans, shared a post on David’s Facebook page, saying: “A past regretful use of diatomaceous earth as a natural alternative to clearing his beloved cat and home of fleas eventually led to a medical procedure and complications resulting in pneumonia (unrelated to coronavirus), which he could not overcome.”

COVID-19: Where It’s Going and How It Might Affect Everyone

I give my best effort to explore the coronavirus in this issue’s In Season story, “Making Sense of COVID-19 and Vaccine Hysteria.” Buckle up your seat belts and get ready for what’s coming down the pike. Our freedoms are being challenged, and our governments may attempt to strip us of even more rights.

I hit the rewind button briefly in this story and catch us up to where we are now, months away from the launch of a vaccine. I call on everyone to invest the time to make educated decisions about their health and their families’ health. We’re on the edge of something major after living on the edge already for more than six months.

I Just Want to Say One Word to You. Just One Word. Plastics.

I got an email in the spring from my favorite band, Pearl Jam, and saw that lead guitar player Mike McCready contributed music to a documentary taking a good hard look at plastics. I knew instantly that plastics had to be on my radar—and is long overdue. In this issue’s eye-opening Closeup interview, “Exposing Plastic’s Damaging Effects on the Environment,” I interview Tiza Mafira, who’s spearheading efforts to save her native Indonesia and the world at large from choking on single-use plastics, most of which cannot be recycled and are designed to last forever.

These kinds of plastics are the focus of the 2019 documentary The Story of Plastic, which is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen and a must-see for every human being alive. (Side note: An Instagram post I put up about this extraordinary movie generated this response from Eric Milano: “This fruit-powered sound designer did the sound mix for this incredible film! Thanks for spreading its message. 🙏”)

Loren Lockman Is Creating a Dream of an Intentional Community With His Las Cascadas Project

Longtime water-fasting icon and raw vegan Loren Lockman reached out to me in April 2020, wanting to contribute a story about an intentional community he is creating in Costa Rica. The Tanglewood Wellness Center founder and director’s vision is positively extraordinary—thought out to the finest and very last detail—and he documents the urgent need for such a place in “Las Cascadas Is a Planned Raw Vegan Intentional Community in Costa Rica,” this issue’s Spotlight feature. While reading this powerful piece, I found myself repeatedly visualizing dozens of healthy and happy fruitarians living splendid lives, basking in the heart of nature and surrounded by the love of consious and health-minded individuals.

“Las Cascadas will serve as a model of how it’s possible to live gently in concert with nature and others while earning a living doing something you enjoy and is actually beneficial to the planet. Together, we can help create a new world, and Las Cascadas gives you the chance to do this in a spectacularly beautiful slice of paradise,” Loren Lockman writes in his beautifully crafted story.

Don Bennett Zeroes in on the Two Categories of Nutrients

In “The Two Categories of Nutrients,” the latest Don Bennett Says … installment, Don Bennett breaks down the two primary categories of nutrients, critically important and important, and how they play a role in your overall health. Don Bennett has studied nutrition for decades and lends his insightful eye in another thought-provoking story for Fruit-Powered Magazine.

“The difference is, your continued existence depends on getting enough of the critically important nutrients, but if you don’t get enough of the important nutrients, your life won’t be immediately threatened, but your quality of life will be negatively affected over the long term,” the longtime raw vegan writes.

High on Meditation, Alicia Grant Shares How You Can Raise Your Antenna and Reach the Stars

Alicia Grant crafted a marvelous piece, “Rising in Consciousness With Advanced Meditation Practices,” on her recent experiences practicing meditation and studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. In her latest Finding Your Synergy with Alicia Grant installment, this longtime natural health and personal development enthusiast paints a highly vivid and engaging picture of how her body, mind and spirit have shifted based on her fascinating and evolving meditation practice.

“I’ve experienced sensations during meditation that feel like a galaxy of stars sweeping through my body,” she writes. “As energy surges through me, it sometimes shifts and moves my body physically in uncontrollable ways. … I’ve traveled deep into the void of darkness and completely lost track of time for hours.”

Karen Ranzi Serves up Healthy Lunch Recipes and Tips That Are Perfect for Your Back-to-School Kids

In Karen Ranzi‘s latest The Best in Family Health by Karen Ranzi story, “Quick, Easy and Creative Recipes for Healthy School Lunches,” this longtime raw vegan and family natural health expert delivers powerful and proven strategies for parents to radically improve their children’s diet. If you’re exploring ways to help your kids get more plant-based and raw vegan nutrition into their lives, be sure to dive into the Creating Healthy Children author’s helpful story, chock full of fast, simple, delicious and nutritious recipes that will help your children get the most out of life and stand out in school. This is a story I’ve long wanted to publish, and Karen Ranzi’s piece gets an “A,” in my book!

“It is our responsibility as parents to pack healthy school lunches for our children when they’re away from home and to teach them about the superiority of whole plant foods,” Karen Ranzi writes.

Brenda Vance: A Comeback Story Like You’ve Never Seen

I’m a big fan of comeback stories. They make me shout “Yes!” while reading them, pump my fist in joy and plant a smile across my face! They get me thinking about ways I can improve in life. When I put together Brenda Vance’s Raw Vegan Transformations story, “Brenda Vance Overcomes Eating and Mental Disorders on a Fruitarian Diet,” I emailed her to tell her that she’s a champion and that she should turn her life story into a movie. She would rock the planet in a positive way!

Brenda Vance has been through some dark and heavy things, and despite what others did to her and what she did to herself, she rose gloriously during an absolutely critical time in her life and found the path to healing through a fruitarian diet and much more. Brenda Vance’s epic story is the 114th Raw Vegan Transformation story to be published in Fruit-Powered Magazine, and you can trust me in saying it’s as powerful as they come. Brenda Vance has a bright future and big plans, so keep an eye on what she’s up to. Also enjoy her Raw Vegan Recipes contribution, “ChocoCherry Nice Cream Recipe,” and Raw Vegan Tips contribution, “Brenda Vance’s Top 5 Tips for Staying Sane During Healing.”

Get a Leg up on Your Own Leg-Length Discrepancy and Put Yourself in Position to Feel Fabulous

In Brian Rossiter‘s latest Raw Food and Health story, “Why You Likely Suffer From Leg-Length Discrepancy, Linked to Chronic Pain,” I break down leg-length discrepancy, something you very likely are affected by in ways that affect your entire body. Got pain in your neck, back, hips, knees or ankles? Carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica or a long list of other conditions? Very likely, this is connected to your legs being “uneven,” a condition that actually starts with your misaligned hips.

Few people are even aware they suffer from leg-length discrepancy, but they sure feel it in reduced mobility. Learn what you can do to give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy freedom of movement today and for the rest of your life!

Elevate Your Health by Benefiting From the Finest Diet and Exercise Programs

When you read my story and learn about how pervasive leg-length discrepancy is, it’s my hope you’ll be motivated to want to correct your body’s alignment to feel fantastic now and set yourself up for a future in which you retain the freedom of mobility everyone craves. It is an honor for me to help people eliminate chronic pain and position them to experience peak performance through my Posture Exercises Method.

I also help people successfully transition to a plant-based or fruitarian diet through my Raw Vegan Coaching Program. Both of these natural health services are offered in my Fruit-Powered Life Force Center.

If you and, possibly, loved ones in your lives are seeking guidance, I’d be thrilled to serve as your holistic health coach in what I believe to be the finest diet and exercise programs available. With these services, I’m available to work with anyone anywhere via video chat.

Explore the Posture Exercises Method and Experience Pain Relief and Peak Performance

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Create supreme vitality in your life!
Brian Rossiter

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