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ChocoCherry Nice Cream Recipe

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Brenda Vance shares her ChocoCherry Nice Cream recipe. Brenda Vance is a healer, health and holistic nutrition coach (whole food plant-based and raw food), reiki practitioner and CPT. She has had her virtual health coaching and CPT business online since 2012 and is the creator of B Crazy Fit and B Simply Raw. She has worked with hundreds of clients to help them reach their full potential through lifestyle and nutrition changes as well as good old-fashioned hard work to reset their spirits, minds and bodies. Brenda Vance is a full-time graduate student in clinical mental health counseling and will be licensed (LPC) in 2022. Her goals are to continue helping people change their lives, awaken and heal their spirits, bodies and minds. Brenda Vance would like to do so by reaching a larger scale through her writings, public speaking and opening mental health trauma centers in the future.

You will find Brenda Vance in nature as much as possible, her face in the books for school or research and hanging out with loved ones as much as possible. She trains like an athlete and tries to live each day as if it is her last. Her personal goal is to keep biohacking and optimizing her life while she continues on her path of self-realization. She is a lifelong learner who loves traveling, learning about new cultures and meeting new people. Her motto: Keep it simple and have fun! Visit her Facebook profile, Instagram profile and YouTube channel.

ChocoCherry Nice Cream Recipe: Ingredients

ChocoCherry Nice Cream Recipe: Directions

  • Set out the fruit to thaw for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Run the fruit through a juicer using a blank screen. Optionally, blend on high using a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix blender, outfitted with variable speed and a tamper, or wand, to push food into its blade.

Watch Brenda Vance Make ChocoCherry Nice Cream in a Facebook Live Video

Raw carob cherry Nice Cream!!!!!Be sure to share the video so everyone you know can get in the Healthy Nutrients❤️❤️

Posted by Brenda Vance on Friday, June 16, 2017

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