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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Autumn 2017

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Brooke Reynolds on Living in Harmony with Animals; Inside Uncle Harry’s Natural Products; Deanna Husk on Essential Oils’ Enhancing Qualities; Ping Chan Shares Transformation Story; Dr. David Klein on Emotional Health; Don Bennett on Cancer Causes; Brian Rossiter on the Root of Limitation and Pain and What You Can Do About It

Hello, readers! I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and finding all kinds of magic happening in your lives! I’m positively thrilled to share with you the inspirational and informational stories in Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s autumn 2017 issue. This issue marks a milestone achievement—Issue 50—and it launches the sixth year of publication of Fruit-Powered Magazine!

The range and quality of stories published in the Magazine has peaked since switching to a quarterly publication schedule, starting with the spring 2017 issue. The content is broader, deeper and more interesting, captivating and fulfilling. I’m excited about where this magazine is and the places it’s going. And I’m beyond grateful to the roughly 100 folks from around the world who’ve willingly shared content about their passions and triumphs on a fruit-based raw vegan diet.

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I connected with Brooke Reynolds on social media about a year ago and love seeing her striking animal photography on Instagram and Facebook as well as on her website. I asked Brooke to write this issue’s In Season story, tying it to World Vegan Day, which is November 1. As you’ll see, Brooke’s work is linked to the betterment of the whole planet. By photographing endangered species, Brooke’s capturing fellow creatures whose future is in jeopardy—and asking people to stop, think and act in the highest good. When people make the choice to embrace plant-based diets, they not only give freedom to sentient cows, pigs and other animals and sea life but improve their health and spare the environment. This means less forest clear-cutting—and resultant species preservation—instead of making room for more animal agriculture and eventual environmental ruin. Get wowed by Brooke’s fantastic article and brilliant, moving photographs in “How Living in Harmony with Animals Changes Our Lives.”

I absolutely love Uncle Harry’s Natural Products! I’ve gushed to many about my enjoyment of this Redmond, Washington-based company’s wonderful products, especially those in its dental, facial and hair-care lines. For about a year, I’ve found myself wanting to peek inside what it’s like at Uncle Harry’s Natural Products and also wanting to get inside the head of the company’s founder, Harry Terhanian, to learn how he formulates recipes. Harry delivered an insightful Closeup interview that takes you through highlights of this man’s fascinating, fruitful life. Get ready for “A Look Inside Uncle Harry’s Natural Products.”

I’ve had limited experience with essential oils until my usage of Uncle Harry’s Natural Products accelerated. I bought a diffuser a few months ago and have enjoyed the soothing smell of lavender during bedtime. I’ve known Deanna Husk to be an aficionado of essential oils for a few years and was sure she’d craft a Spotlight story that would draw readers in like frankincense or another magnetizing essential oil. Enjoy “Essential Oils Can Enhance and Enrich Your Health and Life” and be sure to make some of the incredible recipes Deanna includes in her spirited piece!

Ping Chan has been someone who’s caught my eye on social media. I’ve seen her do hand stands a bunch of times—and then there’s her beautiful smile. Ping is someone who’s having a ball while leading a low-fat raw food diet. She shares her story, the 108th Transformation story published in the Magazine. Additionally, benefit from Ping’s Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Fruitarian Lifestyle and taste her recipe for Melon Magic.

In the Insight from Raw Leaders department, Dr. David Klein takes a look at our emotional toolkit in “Tools for Emotional Health on the Raw Food Path.” “With awareness, presence, full breathing and disengagement from the stories that go along with the emotions, we can maintain poise and allow the energies to come to peaceful resolution,” the longtime raw fooder as well as digestion, colitis and Crohn’s disease expert writes in his evocative, poetic voice.

You can thank Don Bennett for saving the day a few times in Fruit-Powered Magazine. A regular writer couldn’t deliver a scheduled story, and I e-mailed Don, who turned around a Don Bennett Says … story, “The Number One Cause of Cancer,” in just 24 hours. Don’s got a unique way of telling it like he sees it, even if his claims fly in the face of what some other health leaders say. “… Anyone who thinks that the nutritional quality of today’s fruits and greens are the same as they were many millennia ago is getting their info from the wrong source,” he writes. You might be surprised what you learn in this piece.

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Finally, I dive deep—I’m talking way deep—in explaining the cause of compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain in the body in “Experience Chronic Pain Relief by Improving Postural Alignment.” All this has been increasing in incidence rate in men and women and children the world over for decades, and this incidence rate is only going to continue to rise. Discover the proper sitting position and why standing desks might do you more harm than good. Understand why today’s children are at tremendous risk of never developing properly because of modern living. Learn what you can do to enjoy living in a pain-free, functional and high-performance body via my Posture Exercises Method. A fruit-based raw food diet’s going to do a lot of great things for your body, but it isn’t going to do everything you need for robust health.

If summer blew by you before you could get a handle on a raw food diet, there’s still plenty of time this year to be sure you make good on your promise to yourself to improve your health! If you want to go raw and don’t know where to begin or need help reorienting yourself on your journey, I’d be happy to be your guide. I can make your transition simple in my Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program!

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Quick note: I’m participating in Karen Ranzi‘s “The Power of Raw Foods” summit, to be broadcast in late November. I’ll update this story when a website link is available.

Enjoy the fall! 🙂

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