Recipe for Melon Magic from Ping Chan

Melon Magic

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Ping Chan shares her recipe for Melon Magic. As a registered nurse working in the accident and emergency department in a charity hospital in Hong Kong, China, Ping could take care of all kinds of accidents and emergencies yet knew nothing about nutrition. She suffered from constipation and hemorrhoids and was forced to have painful surgery at 30 years old.

Ping moved to Melbourne in December 2003 with her family. She discovered organic gardening and learned that organic fruit tastes much better than conventionally grown fruit. Even better, Ping just jumped in to a raw food diet and put an end to all the pain in her body that had been bordering her for a decade. Ping’s health improved profoundly by her eating only fruits and vegetables. The raw food lifestyle opened up a whole new horizon for her.

You can find Ping Chan on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


  • Two or three or more biodynamic, organic or top-quality melons of your choice.


  • Cut the melon in half using a ceramic knife and scoop out the magical sweet and juicy “meal” with a wooden spoon and enjoy!


  • I tend not to cut the melon in pieces to keep the wonderful juice inside. Sometimes, I swallow the seeds as well. The parts around them are the sweetest parts.
Ping Chan crouches beside dozens of melons
Ping Chan poses with her fruit score, featuring dozens of melons!

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