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Fruit-Powered Digest: July 2015

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Tarah Millen and Brittany Taylor to Write Guest Digest Stories; Vaccine Bill’s Passage and Challenges to Freedom

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Hello, readers! As my next-door neighbor in Northern Virginia used to say when we were 4: I have big news! I’m excited to announce that Tarah Millen and Brittany Taylor will contribute stories to Fruit-Powered Digest beginning in October, the launch of the magazine’s fourth year, joining Don Bennett, Korey Constable, Arnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein, Anne Osborne and Karen Ranzi as regular guest writers. Tarah and Brittany have lots of incredible experiences as well as insight on lifestyle to share, and I’m sure readers will enjoy their stories!

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a vaccine bill on June 30 that will ban personal and religious exemptions as reasons to exempt children of school vaccines come next June. Parents choosing not to vaccinate their children must homeschool them alone or as part of a multifamily homeschool or utilize public school independent study. Parents may also prove a family history of allergies.

Cover of Vibrance magazine issue No. 11I’m not sure what’s worse—practically mandatory vaccinations in a progressive state or the almost complete elimination of freedom of choice in this matter. I wrote about the nation’s skyrocketing autism spectrum disorder rate and its connection with vaccines in an article for Vibrance 11 and would never recommend vaccinations. If you’re unaware that virtually all boys will be along the autism spectrum disorder by 2032, followed by virtually all girls by 2041, please educate yourself and understand what is at stake at this critical time.

We’ve had some exciting speakers at Arnold’s Way in recent weeks. My vision coach, Nathan Oxenfeld of Integral Eyesight Improvement, and Andrew Perlot delivered outstanding presentations two weeks apart, with the latter engaging in acroyoga with Kimberly Monks. In August, we’ll welcome Ashley Clark and Chris Kendall for a talk and food demonstration!

If you’re in Greater Philadelphia, please join our community at Arnold’s Way–Fruit-Powered Fruitastic Gatherings. Our next one is Sunday, July 5. See you there! 🙂

Watch a Fruit-Powered Video Interview with Andrew Perlot

Petr Cech hoists a durian in Koh Lanta in 2014Petr Cech is a stellar example of someone’s who’s pursued a fruit-fueled lifestyle to the max. This world traveler, who’s been wholly raw since 2002, is recognized for his knowledge of a low-fat raw food diet as well as his experience eating some of the world’s most sought-after fruits. Enjoy Petr’s profile—the 86th transformation story—in this issue as well as his recipe and tips, the latter coming in next week’s installment. Petr has some vivid stories to share about his travels.

The word "well-being" painted on a wooden sign with a beach in backgroundIn his Don Bennett Says …  guest spot, Don Bennett focuses on our future health and how health educators’ misguided messages such as to consume soy-based products stand to affect us. “There will be those who run their health practice as a people-before-profits business, and those who have a profits-first business,” Don writes. “And both will have a similar public persona.”

This month, on July 9 and 16 (the Digest is off July 23 and 30), look for:

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Finally, explore my coaching plans to find out whether I can help you start or successfully transition to a raw food diet!

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