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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Spring 2018

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

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Hello, readers. I want to tell you something important to me: I love publishing Fruit-Powered Magazine. I’ve almost never missed a planned issue or issue installment, but on April 4, my goal of spending a few hours to finish this issue was upended.

The cottage I was renting in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, suburbs was destroyed by a fire. A tree that tumbled into utility lines triggered a fire in a fuse box. Very quickly, I lost everything I owned outside my car, Chromebook, phone and clothes on my back. The homeowner’s insurance policy isn’t covering my possessions, worth about $20,000. Worst of all is my separation from my beloved cat, Inky, nicknamed “Little Moo.” My companion of 18 years, almost half my life, was home when the fire stormed my cottage but may have escaped when part of my floor space collapsed. I’ve searched for her several times and distributed fliers—but there’s no sign of Moo yet. I have hope, though. My parents’ cat was spotted recently, a year after being lost, and they’re now trying to rescue Felix.

Inky, aka "Little Moo" - closeup photograph - Fruit-Powered
My cat, Inky, or Little Moo, in September 2013. Most don’t know this, but Moo Moo served as Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s eagle-eyed editor, marking up copy in her sleep in exchange for ear rubs.

I’m at a crossroads in life. I’ve spent five-and-a-half years building the Magazine, investing thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in graphic design work, images, newsletter services, photo editors, website hosting fees, computers, monitors and other equipment. I want this magazine to grow and penetrate the mainstream consciousness so every person alive knows about the impact positive health choices can have on their lives.

To continue publishing Fruit-Powered Magazine, I need your help. For me to recoup lost possessions would mean a third part-time job for me in addition to my full-time job, leaving absolutely no time to produce new Magazine content. I’m asking you to please donate to my GoFundMe campaign, created at the encouragement of many friends. The support I’ve received so far at the most surreal, painful, devastating and vulnerable time of my life has touched me deeply and makes me believe there’s enough momentum to keep the Magazine going! Thank you so much for your support!

If you’ve been a regular Fruit-Powered visitor, you might notice some department name and organization changes. I’ve been learning the ways of The Force when it comes to building a bigger audience on the web and am positioning Fruit-Powered to reach many, many more in the coming years. Fruit-Powered’s messages of health—from a low-fat raw food diet to posture correction exercises and calisthenics along with many other lifestyle topics covered in Fruit-Powered Magazine—are needed now more than ever!

Katharine Clark on Air Travel Health Tips

Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s spring 2018 issue—Issue 52—is jammed with incredibly informative, deep and moving stories. Katharine Clark kicks things off with the In Season story by putting a lens on safe travel at a time when many board planes for spring or summer trips. I heard Karen Ranzi‘s interview with Katharine during The Power of Raw Foods summit late last year and knew right away I had to invite this air travel health expert to contribute a story. Enjoy Katharine’s “Air Travel Health Tips for Healthier Jet-Setting.”

David Christopher on Healing Herbs

For those exploring healing herbs to go along with their raw food diet healing, I believe you’ll find my Closeup interview with David Christopher of The School of Natural Healing and son of Dr. John R. Christopher to be extraordinary. We talked for an hour in February about a range of topics, from herbs to diet and all the way to the shortcomings of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. At a clip under 8,000 words, “David Christopher Is Helping Many Recover Health With Healing Herbs” is the longest piece to ever be published in the Magazine. Grab a fruit meal or salad and kick back and enjoy this interesting read!

Michelle Jolene on Everlasting Love and Afterlife Message

Michelle Jolene is a magnetizing individual I met in Thailand in fall 2013 even though we both lived outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the time. (I’m still amazed I dined with two Philly girls in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for Thanksgiving dinner!) We’ve kept in touch over the years, mostly on social media, and Michelle shared a jaw-dropping story about her dog Kaya on Facebook in August 2017. I asked if she’d expound on this story, and she came back with this issue’s beautiful Spotlight story: “Michelle Jolene’s Everlasting Love for and Afterlife Message from Kaya.” Given the circumstances surrounding Little Moo, this story means more to me now than ever!

Aliyah Washington’s Search for the Truth Leads to Powerful Transformation

This issue almost marked the first not to have a Raw Vegan Transformations story package—and then truly an angel among us came and delivered me the raw materials for what has turned out to be what I consider the best story of its kind among the now 110 Raw Vegan Transformations published. Aliyah Washington pumped out an astounding 10,000 words of remarkable content in a mere two days after a subject I lined up a while back couldn’t deliver. Aliyah’s is a story about healing from a lifetime of sickness and achieving an intense spiritual connection. I was awestruck while writing this profile story, turning the “mic” over to Aliyah for long quotable stretches, glistening with insight. You don’t want to miss “Aliyah Washington’s Perception Shift Gives Rise to Healing and the Truth,” “Aliyah Washington’s Top 5 Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet Intelligently” and “My Go-To Green Juice.”

Don Bennett on the Role of Science in Health

In the Insight from Raw Leaders department, raw food trailblazer Don Bennett in Don Bennett Says … focuses on the challenges health seekers can face because of agenda, profit motive and even closed-mindedness in “The Role of Science in Health.” Don’s story goes to show you that it’s up to those chasing the best in health to be masters of their domains as well as researchers, not followers. True health can be a puzzle, but it’s definitely one we want to put together as best we can!

Anne Osborne on Fruit and Flow in Life

In her The Fruitful Path by Anne Osborne space, this other raw food trailblazer dives into how a fruit-based diet has enabled her to experience tremendous flow in life, alignment and synchronicities. Anne also issues in “Fruit and Flow in Life: Alignment and Synchronicity” a clarion call for everyone to take action with a task critical for the planet. Human overpopulation and consumption is taxing Mother Earth. Give her extra love on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, and consider what you can do to make every day Earth Day!

I apologize to you, readers, but I will have to retroactively publish my Raw Food and Health by Brian Rossiter column. This story represented the bulk of the time I had allotted to complete this issue. I’ve been scrambling to find a place to live and address other urgent needs but will publish this story sometime in April, hopefully.

A quick note: My ultra-rewarding health journeys in diet and exercise began in April 2010, and I’d love to help you spring into health this season. Consider my Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program and Posture Exercises Method in the coming days and weeks to help you have the best spring and summer of your life. Looking back, I feel in some ways as if my life truly began once I started taking health seriously. I went to another level and became absolutely infused with a passion and mission to be more and do more. Sound enticing? Contact me!

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