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Fruiticulture Is the Key to Ending Hunger, Poverty, Disease, Pollution and Wars

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Insight from Natural Health Leaders - Lessons from the Orchard by Dr. David Klein - Fruit-Powered

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.”
—John Lennon, “Imagine”

Fruiticulture Is Living in Harmony with Nature, Embracing a Low-Fat Raw Food Diet

With the absence of internal toxicosis and an abundance of fruit, the true nature of humankind is revealed: wise, beautiful, serene, secure, happy, loving, respectful, helpful, caring, nurturing, generous, ingenious, peaceful.

Those who I’ve witnessed partaking in the fruitarian diet embody all those qualities, and they are all doing good things in our world. They are successfully living the Fruiticulture Lifestyle after departing from destructive, conventional “deathstyles” that lead the world up to this point of crisis. We all wish that “the world will be as one” great cooperative Fruiticulture Paradise.

Fruiticulture is a conscientious, civilized way of living in harmony with Nature, consonant with humans’ natural dietetic character: frugivore, or fruit eater. It is a culture of living reverentially, wholistically, symbiotically, synergistically, healthfully and sustainably, employing biomimicry, diverse organic horticulture and complementary “green” design practices as well as establishing local and global communities and economies based on fruit, vegetable, nut and seed growing and eating. Fruiticulture is the most sustainable form of agriculture for our planet. Its method is planting the gamut of vegetable crops under and between diverse fruit and nut trees, employing site-generated green waste mulch, compost, worm castings and locally sourced mineral-rich rock powder (rock dust) amendments as fertilizers. This naturally improves the fertility of the soil ecosystem, returning more to the soils than is removed while sequestering CO2, reducing greenhouse gases, helping stabilize the climate, regenerating the planet and creating food forests of abundance. Farmers can collect the seeds of a portion of their fruit and vegetable crops and grow independently of seed suppliers. Food forests would enhance every aspect of life on planet Earth!

Fruiticulture: Planting a World to End Hunger, Poverty, Pollution & Wars

Fruiticulture by Dr. David Klein and Don Weaver - front cover - Fruit-Powered

This article is an excerpt from Fruiticulture: Planting a World to End Hunger, Poverty, Pollution & Wars by Dr. David Klein and Don Weaver, available for free.

So I hope that you realize that our Fruiticulture dream can become global reality—the world is waking up to the realization that we really have no choice other than to get back to Nature. We must expect that “wise man” (Homo sapiens) will realize that Fruiticulture is the most sensible solution for saving and transforming our world to flourishing wholeness.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “hundredth monkey effect.” It was such an effect that actually saved my life and led most of the contributors to this ebook to a fruitarian awakening that transformed their health and led to our connection. My point is: Please spread the message of Fruiticulture. Please talk up this idea, plant more fruit trees and share this ebook far and wide for the love of all we hold dear and sacred!

How can Fruiticulture deliver the promise of no more hunger, poverty, disease, pollution and wars?

Fruiticulture: No More Hunger

There would be no more hunger if local communities learned Fruitculture and embraced it. This would make sharing communally with those who need healthful food easy.

A proliferation of Fruiticulture fruitscapes on suburban lawns, back yards, city green spaces, green belts, fields, highway right-of-ways as well as the conversion of cattle, porcine, fowl, grain and soy feedlots, farms fields and grazing lands to diverse Fruiticulture farms with local farm stands and farmer’s markets, will feed far more people on far less land in all populated regions on our planet in an ecologically beneficial and sustainable manner.

The variety of fruit trees that is suitable for each climate zone (except polar) is ginormous and tantalizing. Greenhouses, fruit and vegetable dehydrating, indoor seed sprouting and green-fueled produce transportation make winter season sustenance easy and eco-friendly.

Our No. 1 fuel source, simple carbohydrates, is the predominant calorie source of sweet fruits, and natural sugars in whole plant food is what the body is actually hungry for when we are truly hungry. The protein and fatty content of avocado, nuts and seeds easily meets all our needs for essential amino acids and essential fatty acids—and in delicious fashion. The fruitarian diet is perfectly sustaining and then some. There is not one nutrient in meat- and grain-based diets that cannot be amply furnished in the fruitarian diet. Don Weaver and I have thrived on this diet for a combined 74 years as have some of our friends for many years. After lifetimes of malnutrition, growing ranks of fruitarians worldwide are extolling the benefits of their new diet across all media platforms. They are also crowing about how shifting their priorities to living simply and securing the highest-quality fruits and vegetables is saving them money by reducing junk food and medical expenses and elevating their lives.

Fruiticulture food forest - Fruit-Powered

Fruiticulture: No More Poverty

With Fruiticulture farming, poverty would become a thing of the past for two reasons:

1. An overabundance of nutritious food would always be available, and farming and produce selling would easily employ everyone of all skill sets. There would be vast employment opportunities in cooperative fruit-centric farms and in produce distribution ventures, produce stores, shops and marketplaces, green businesses that manufacture environmentally friendly, sustainable products grown on Fruiticulture farms, “green” building material construction and “green” technology development.

2. Nourished on a 100 percent diet of healthful food and gainfully employed in vital, enriching, “green” jobs that keep us in good physical and mental shape, everyone will feel fantastically well and like they have it all, and they’ll come to understand the truth in the old chestnut: “Health is our greatest wealth.” No one feels poor when they are vibrantly healthy!

Fruiticulture: No More Disease

“Diseases enter by mouth.”
—Chinese proverb

“Diseases linked to unhealthful diet and lifestyle choices, such as diabetes and cancer, are the leading causes of death in the United States, according to data published in JAMA.”
—Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, April 2018

“In reality, the major causes of chronic diseases are known, and if these risk factors were eliminated, at least 80 percent of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes would be prevented; over 40 percent of cancer would be prevented. Healthy diets play a key role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.”
—World Health Organization

“A new comprehensive study entitled ‘The Global Burden of Disease’ was published in the medical journal The Lancet and revealed 71.3 percent of deaths in 2015 were caused by dietary and lifestyle choices—as compared to only 57.6 percent in 1990.”
VegNews, May 2016

“As a conservative estimate, more than 80 percent of our chronic diseases today are directly related to our rich American diet—high in calories, fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol, yet poor in fiber, nutrients, and natural taste.”
—Hans Diehl, DrHSc, Clinical Professor Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University and founder of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and the Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Father, mother and child with watermelon - Fruit-Powered
“The result of eating the fruitarian diet … is virtually disease-free vibrant health,” Dr. David Klein writes.

With our combined 300-plus years of professional experience, I and my doctor associates assert that the fruitarian diet is superior in health and longevity benefits to any other diet.

Fruit is the only food that is toxin-free, provided, of course, that it is grown organically, as per Fruiticulture practice. Fresh, ripe raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds pose virtually no toxic, enervating burden on the body. A varied diet of Fruiticulture farm produce furnishes far more nutrients than any other modern-day diet.

The result of eating the fruitarian diet as part of a healthful fruitarian lifestyle is virtually disease-free vibrant health, with rare if no more toxemic and degenerative diseases, birth defects, infertility and all the suffering, violent, aggressive behavior engendered thereby. Common colds, influenza and the killer diseases of the West such as Alzheimers, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, asthma, cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, meningitis, morbid obesity and stroke will nearly cease to occur.

Suicide death statistics would fall dramatically, because a fruit-based diet promotes good mental health and feelings of wellness like no other, as well as freedom from drug addiction. Meaningful employment can be seized in “green” jobs or simply farming at home, bringing wholeness and happiness.

Working outdoors performing farm work under the sun with fresh air and good exercise makes for happy, healthy and fulfilled people.

Fruiticulture: No More Pollution

Conventional chemical industries and their plethora of toxic products, including fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides, can be replaced with biologically positive “green” byproducts from the farm.

Manufactured herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified seeds and foods can be totally eliminated.

All plastics can be made from biodegradable plant formulas.

Much of the steel, aluminum and synthetic structural building products we rely on can be manufactured sustainably from bamboo and hemp.

Pharmaceutical and medical industry products and wastes could be reduced by at least 95 percent.

Chemical waste dumps would cease, and solid-waste landfills would become obsolete with the production of plant-formulated recyclable consumables and packaging.

“Green” sustainable fuels could be grown or collected on Fruiticulture farms.

Oranges in an orchard and basket - Fruit-Powered

Greenhouse gas emissions from cattle, fertilizer manufacture and fossil-fuel burning would end, stabilizing and possibly correcting the perilous global-warming trend.

Toxic agricultural land runoffs into streams, rivers and oceans would end.

Groundwater aquifers would no longer be poisoned.

Atmospheric releases of industrial fumes would end with the use of biomaterials.

Airborne dust from mono-crop field tilling and pesticide drift would end.

Transportation fuels, combustion gases and particulates for all industrial and military industries could be greatly reduced.

Livestock manure and slaughterhouse waste and pollutants would become a thing of the past.

Human sewage would no longer require expensive treatment plants that produce unusable sewage sludge and toxic effluent. This could be replaced with composting sewage systems that produce “humanure” fertilizer.

Fruiticulture: No More Wars

With an abundance of nourishing food that keeps …

  • Us clean inside
  • Our minds clear
  • Our endocrine and nervous systems working smoothly
  • Us freed from daily poisoning, autointoxication, stimulation, agitation, unbalancing, depression and pain from conventional cuisine

and with …

  • Cooperative use of lands
  • Cross-regional food sharing and commercial trade
  • Healthful agrarian industries
  • A world of people with healthy bodies and minds

there will be no more …

  • Social turmoil
  • Want and pillaging of others’ food, land, natural resources and people for slave work
  • Toxin-fueled slaughter-mentality aggression
  • Exploitation of natural resources and defilement of the world’s lands and water resources
  • Murdering of animals for food
  • Crime, wars and murder
Hands beholding nature - Fruit-Powered
The world will come to behold the beauty of and respect nature and all its inhabitants when human beings embrace Fruiticulture.

When the people of our world experience the satiety and inner peace that comes from a vegan diet of mainly energizing fruits, they will wake up to their capacity for compassion and recognize that condoning the killing of animals is uncivilized, immoral, unconscionable and unethical, not to mention downright cruel, and that this devaluation of life in turn fuels the condoning of killing fellow humans—the great unconscionable, holy sin! War will be a sad thing of the dark past when humanity no longer poisons itself with toxic food fare and experiences the clarity and inner peace that allows us to live true to our true, peaceful, bio-spiritual nature in harmony with and with respect for all life on planet Earth. This is the path of love, and that is what it is to truly be a good Homo sapiens.

Sound incredible? To learn about the connection between toxic diets and aberrant behavior, read Diet, Crime and Delinquency by Alexander Schauss. And, if you are not yet eating vegan-style, please try it for at least three months and discover for yourself the gains that we are loving and the great potential of Fruiticulture. If you should need coaching, help is here!

“God made grow every fruit that was pleasant and good … and God took man and put him into the Paradise of Delight to dress it and keep it.”
—Genesis 2:9, 15

“I shall create new heavens and a new earth … and they shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them.”
—Isaiah 65:17, 21

“Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
—Albert Einstein

“There is no way to overstate the magnitude of the collective spiritual transformation that will occur when we shift from food of violent oppression to food of gentleness and compassion.”
—Dr. Will Tuttle

“Fruit is the best source of food for the soul, the body and the mind. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Sri Bhagavan says: ‘If with love and devotion, I am offered a leaf, a flower, a fruit or some water, I will accept it.’ It’s a way to divinity, the ultimate health.”
—Patrick Bernard

“Grapes, peaches, berries, nuts, etc., are likewise provided for those who will sit at their sideboard. I have felt when partaking of this inspiring diet that my appetite was an indifferent consideration; that eating became a sacrament, a method of communion, an ecstatic exercise, a mingling of bloods, and a sitting at the communion table of the world; and so have not only quenched my thirst at the spring, but the health of the universe.”
—Henry David Thoreau

“Fresh fruits are high-vibration foods; they radiate with sun and light energy that passes to us when we eat them. If we do not overeat and are in a state of calmness and appreciation when we do eat, then fruits are an ideal way to raise our vibration and help create within us a state of harmony.”
Anne Osborne

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