The Fruits of Healing by Dr. David Klein


The Fruits of Healing by Dr. David Klein is an inspiring and dramatic retelling of the author’s natural healing from ulcerative colitis, which robbed him of health for eight years, and achievement of optimal health on a low-fat raw food diet.

The Fruits of Healing by Dr. David Klein Recounts the Author’s Healing from Ulcerative Colitis

The Fruits of Healing by Dr. David Klein is a dramatic account of the author’s natural healing of ulcerative colitis, which followed his unsuccessful run of the medical route. With Dr. David Klein’s health in ruin at age 26, a medical doctor recommended a colostomy. About this time, the author had been exploring Natural Hygiene and then came upon a healing vision of how to eat and live with optimal health in mind. The next day, Dr. David Klein tossed his medication, separated himself from all medical guidance for good and shifted from eating the standard American diet to a low-fat raw food diet so that he could heal from ulcerative colitis.

The Fruits of Healing Highlight’s Dr. David Klein’s Remarkable and Speedy Rejuvenation

Dr. David Klein healed his eight-year illness with ulcerative colitis within six weeks and went on to totally rejuvenate his depleted body. He has achieved excellent, disease-free health and become a leader in the Natural Hygiene and raw food world.

19 pages. Available in ebook format.

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  1. Linda McBee

    Personal stories are what touch us. This amazing story of self-healing is very encouraging!

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