Fruit-Powered Digest: Natural Health Magazine | Raw Vegan Magazine

Fruit-Powered Digest: Natural Health Magazine | Raw Vegan Magazine

In its sixth year of publication, Fruit-Powered Digest is a free natural health magazine and raw vegan magazine published and edited by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter and delivered by email to several thousand subscribers across the world. Launched in October 2012, this publication covers natural health stories, modalities and figures with a focus on raw vegan content. Fruit-Powered Digest, quite simply, captures the heartbeat of the low-fat raw food diet world and is known as the leading raw vegan magazine.

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Enjoy all 50-plus Digest issues arranged by issue, starting with the most recent issue and going all the way back to Issue 1, published in October 2012.

Fruit-Powered Digest: From Its Roots As a Raw Vegan Magazine to Blossoming As a Natural Health Magazine

Fruit-Powered Digest launched as a raw vegan magazine, dedicated to exploring a low-fat raw food diet and its community. In time, the magazine broadened, delving into natural health and holistic health modalities such as the Bates Method, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and postural alignment exercise, the core of the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center‘s Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method. As Brian Rossiter’s interest in health expanded beyond a raw food diet and low-fat raw food diet, he widened the scope of the magazine’s content, growing it into a natural health magazine. Many in the low-fat raw food community, after all, don’t stop looking with regard to health after adopting a raw vegan diet.

Fruit-Powered Digest: Departments

  • Greetings from Brian Rossiter
    • Greetings from Brian Rossiter shares the publisher-editor’s insight and commentary on the news as well as tells the back story on the stories in each issue.
  • In Season
    • In Season pieces explore topics that tie in, sometimes firmly and sometimes loosely, with the Northern Hemisphere seasons. These stories have explored gardening and color therapy.
  • Closeup
    • Closeup interviews chat up field trailblazers and personalities whose lifestyle practices and talents make them shine. These interviews have featured documentary filmmaker Kip Andersen and life coach Christine Hassler.
  • Spotlight
    • Spotlight arts and feature stories shine a light on individuals whose talents and lifestyle practices attract attention. These stories have showcased essential oils and green beauty.
  • Raw Vegan Transformations
    • Raw Vegan Transformations focus on the journeys of magnificent individuals who rejuvenated from and are thriving on a low-fat raw food diet. In these inspiring, informative and powerful stories—published as Profiles, Interviews and First Person guest stories—discover how these subjects’ raw vegan diet and other lifestyle choices give freedom to fellow creatures and are sustainable for the environment.
  • Raw Vegan Tips
    • Raw Vegan Tips cover a range of topics, from transitioning to a raw food diet and running a marathon as a raw vegan to living the life you desire and moving to the tropics.
  • Raw Vegan Recipes
    • Raw Vegan Recipes range from fruit smoothie recipes, green smoothie recipes, juice recipes and fruit recipes to appetizer recipes, party dish recipes, dressing recipes, salsa recipes, main course recipes and soup recipes

Fruit-Powered Digest additionally features Insight from Raw Leaders, regular guest stories by these leading voices in the health community:

Fruit-Powered Digest: The Quarterly Magazine’s Publication Schedule

The Digest comprises 10-story quarterly issues published in, starting with the first month of its publication cycle, the first Thursday of the following months: October, January, April, and July.

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Dr. David Klein

If you’re not familiar with Fruit-Powered, then hop on over and get ready to be inspired. Brian has put together an amazing, highly readable free magazine—definitely the best on the market today.

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Brian has a great ezine.

Don Bennett

Your Digest RAWks! 🙂 Awesome job, Brian! … I love the way your site has evolved! It’s beautiful! 🙂

Reny Kattel

Conscious, thought-provoking magazine!

Jay Kaiser

I have been very impressed with Fruit-Powered Digest in general and the pieces you have published on friends of mine.

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