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David Christopher Is Helping Many Recover Health With Healing Herbs

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Note from Fruit-Powered Magazine publisher and editor Brian Rossiter: I spent time learning some of the teachings of Dr. John R. Christopher and David Christopher in summer 2017. I began using Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas healing herbs at the time for dental and adrenal gland health improvement. The Christopher family has a long, storied and magnificent history in the natural health world, and I reached out to David Christopher, a master herbalist, in winter 2017 to set up an interview. Our talk covers a lot of ground and abounds with colorful stories, fascinating insight, eye-opening tangents and no-holds-barred criticism of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Brian Rossiter interviews Dr. John R. Christopher by telephone in February 2018 in this Closeup interview in Fruit-Powered Magazine.

Dr. John R. Christopher and David Christopher: The Roots for Herbs As Their Passion and Mission

David, you and your father, Dr. John R. Christopher, are legends in the natural health world. Will you start off by highlighting your father’s work and diving in to all the many things you’ve done in this world as well—from your involvement in The School of Natural Healing to teaching and lecturing pursuits beyond—since you began apprenticing under your father in 1972?

David Christopher: Well, I think we need to start first with Dr. Christopher’s youth. He couldn’t stand the sight of blood. His mom would want him to prep the chickens, kill the chickens, and he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. And one day, when he said he was going to be a doctor, she goes: “You can’t even stand the sight of blood. How would you be a doctor?” He says, “I’ll be a doctor that doesn’t do surgery.” And that’s what he was.

He first became an herbalist and then a naturopath, and then he never really had to do any surgeries or cut people open with the training that he had. He did that in the Army, as a medic in the Army, but he didn’t do it in his practice. He found ways of helping the body without doing any surgery.

In fact, he was drafted into the Army when he was older—they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel. He was married with kids, and they didn’t need a lot of soldiers at the end, and so that’s when he was drafted. And since he worked in a health food store they figured, well, they’ll just make him a medic, and so they trained him as a medic. His superior, [Major] Shumate, he wasn’t too happy about the whole situation, having all these unprofessional medical clerks in his medical corps. But anyway, they all get together, and this one week [Major] Shumate presented this soldier that has got this really bad case of impetigo, and boy, they’ve done surgery on it, they’ve used chemicals on it, they can’t get rid of it. So he just wanted to show this soldier, to the medic, to let them know that there are situations they can’t solve.

And my dad has made a comment about, “Oh, that’s an interesting case.” And the colonel, he swings around and says, “I guess you could do it with some of your blankety blank herb.” And my dad said, “Well, probably.” And so the challenge is on, and [Major] Shumate gave him one week to find a cure when they couldn’t clear it up in a month.

He made up a black walnut extract, put it on the scalp, put gauze on there and soaked it with the black walnut. And he just kept doing more and more layers of it. Then he put tape around the head, and then with a hole in the top, and he just kept pouring that black walnut in there every day. When a week was up, everybody was excited to see if he could do what nobody else had done, and he haven’t even checked it. They got in a big meeting and took the bandage off. It’s all gone—all the impairment came off with the bandages, and his head was clear, and it never came back.

Dr. John R. Christopher lectures about healing herbs and health
Dr. John R. Christopher lectures about healing herbs and health. He is regarded as a pioneer in the worlds of healing herbs and natural health and, with his son, David Christopher built a publishing house and school.
[Major] Shumate was so impressed with my dad that he allowed him and his herbs to do anything he wanted in his dispensary. He had soldiers coming from all over the Fort Lewis, Washington, air defense to get herbs. So he was probably the only practicing herbalist in the Army in World War II. After he left Fort Lewis, Washington, he was close to the herbal school in Vancouver: Dominion Herbal College. So he enrolled in Dominion Herbal College and got his master’s of herbalist degree there and also his herbal pharmacist degree and naturopathic physician’s degree. So that’s what he’d use.

But it seems like he kind of forgot all the other stuff when he went to a nice Catholic school, and they’re relying on machines and things and not-as-natural things as an herbalist would be. He opened up a practice in Evanston, Wyoming, and he was doing OK, not great. He was in his office, and the lights went out. So there he is, looking at his patients, and they’re looking at him, and he can’t do a thing without his machine. He thought about it, and he trashed his office. He just threw out all the machines and went back to what he was taught with the herbs, reflexology and iridology, and boy, his practice boomed after that. It’s switching back to the natural thing.

His thoughts on diet were different than everybody else’s. In fact, in the health field, they were really into high protein—a lot of meat. Even into the late 1970s, they were still holding on to those thoughts. Natural Health Federation had asked him to lecture at their convention. So he did, and with what he was saying, members of the board were a little upset with his vegan, vegetarian philosophy. They wanted to ban him from speaking. President Miller stood up for him, and he made him one of the more popular speakers at National Health Federation for all those years that he was lecturing there, and it kind of turned things around in the whole health field from heavy meat eating to more of a vegetarian diet. A lot of nutrition is being lost because we’re finding that a lot of the problems happening today are because of a lack of enzymes. You start destroying enzymes at 118 degrees of heat, and by the time you’re up to 140 [degrees], all the enzymes in the food are gone. It doesn’t take a lot of heat to destroy enzymes.

You see so many miracles today happening with just getting enzymes. For dogs, I think one of the biggest products on the market for dogs is a vitamin formula that has the enzymes in it. It just turned them around right away because they’re not getting any enzymes in their food. So all this processed food is causing a lot of the problems we’re seeing today.

He started this school in 1953 and started his herb company in 1945. He was involved with lecturing and seeing patients and things. He had me run his herb company. It increased tenfold within three years after I started. I was really busy with that. Then he wanted me to spend time on his school [The School of Natural Healing]. I got his publication company [Christopher Publications] and his herb company going, but I just didn’t have time for his school. So a number of people tried to help him, and I finally said, “That’s enough,” and so I went ahead and got his school going for him, and that’s where I am today. So I’ve been the director of the school since 1979. I teach and lecture in principally English-speaking countries like Ireland, England, Canada and Belize.

David Christopher: Lifestyle Practices and Herbs Usage

Will you talk about your lifestyle, including dietary and exercise practices, and the things you do to achieve optimal health? Which herbs do you use regularly and for what reasons?

David Christopher: Well, my dad, in his own words, was the most constipated boy in Salt Lake City. He could go weeks without a bowel movement. And then he’d go to a doctor and the doctor says, “Well, when was the last time you had a bowel movement?” He’d say, “Well, last Thursday.” And the doctor goes: “Well, it’ll come. Don’t worry about it.” My dad knew that was wrong, so he did a study on his own, and he developed his famous Lower Bowel Formula. I think people love that formula.

Headshot of David Christopher, a health and herbs authority
David Christopher has spent his life helping others recover health using healing herbs as well as guiding others in herbs education and natural healing.

So that would be one of the things that I use on a daily basis. I inherited that bowel. It’s nice to be able to use something that actually quantifies and strengthens besides being efficient as a laxative. I find that a good one to do. We’ve had people on that one for 40 years. People go, “Oh, aren’t you going to get dependent on it?” It’s like, “Well, I think dependence is probably better than constipation.”

You know what? The whole thing is, you use the herbs and improve your diet and exercise, then you wouldn’t need the herbs. At 55, when I got gout, that was kind of the end of my mountain biking and skiing and all the other things that kept me active. So when this ended, then my bowel started to get sluggish, so I was on it again. So between that formula and his Complete Tissue & Bone Formula—that’s his famous BF&C [Bone, Flesh & Cartilage]—those are the best-selling formulas in his company. Another is his MindTrac formula. Which is like, well, so a lot of people found out they were constipated in their brains.

It’s interesting: People ask to have a formula that helps with depression. But in looking into depression, if the serotonin levels are too high, you have suicidal tendencies, and if the serotonin levels are too low, you have suicidal tendencies. You don’t want to mess around with serotonin levels anyway. The body should be able to get its own serotonin level if you’re giving it the nutrients that you need. A lot of those nutrients you’re going to find in tryptophan. There’s many foods that are high in tryptophan like nuts and seeds, and, of course, everybody knows about turkey. But tryptophan-high foods, if you get the precursor there, then you don’t have to worry about the serotonin. The body will make exactly what it needs.

I knew that was the solution, so what I thought was: “You know what? A well-nourished brain is going to be a well-functioning brain.” So basically we put together a formula that will nourish the brain, and then we threw some St. John’s wort in to make it look like it was a depression formula, and it works really, really well.

So people look at that and they go, “Well, this is the herb in it that’s for depression.” It’s like, “Nah, I just throw that in there to make it look like it is.” But it works on depression because it nourishes the brain and then people function better. They can make the serotonin levels where they need to be. Serotonin, boy, that surely isn’t the answer. Eric Klebold, remember that name? Columbine, he’s one that shot up those students in Columbine [1999 school shooting in Columbine, Colorado]. Well, he wanted to join the Army, but they wouldn’t let him because he was on a specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Prozac. It might have been one of the other knockoffs, but he was on a serotonin, specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor. He decided to alter the dose and make himself superhigh with it, and that’s when he shot up those students in Columbine.

What’s interesting there is that that’s what prevented him from getting into the Army, but nowadays the Army is putting [soldiers] on it when they go over to Iran and Iraq. “Well, this is depressing. You might get depressed, so we’ll just put everybody on this drug.”

Well, and then the Army’s going: “We have no idea why we’re having such a high amount of suicide with our return soldiers, with our vets. We’ve never had that high.” It’s like, is there such a thing as Army intelligence? Hello, you’re giving them something that you wouldn’t let Eric Klebold take and get into your services, and you’re giving it to everybody. And now you’re wondering why you have a suicide problem!

David Christopher beside a tree, obtaining healing herbs for healing
David Christopher is photographed out in the field. As a master herbalist, he has acquired a tremendous body of knowledge about health and herbs, enhanced by experiences amassed throughout his 40-plus-year career.

The thing is, when people have suicidal tendencies, they blame themselves, and so they take themselves out of this world. But when you’re on a specific serotonin reuptake inhibitor, it makes you so that you blame everybody else and then yourself. So they take out all these people, and then they take themselves out. So they’ve made the situation worse. They finally put that little black box on those specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors that says, “Usage of this drug may cause suicidal tendencies.” Well, duh.

Do you espouse a vegan diet, and do you eat a lot of raw foods? Many of my readers are vegans and raw food enthusiasts, and they might be curious to know.

David Christopher: I’m not a strict vegan or vegetarian. But the way I eat, people go, “Are you a vegan?” It’s like, “Well, no, I just like these kinds of foods better.” So if I go someplace and someone offers me something, I don’t refuse it, but that’s not the way we eat at home. It’s not the way we eat in a restaurant either. We have a really nice restaurant, Ginger’s Garden CafĂŠ. It’s been going now over 10 years and become fairly popular in our little town.

They’ve got vegan meals available, vegetarian meals available and raw food meals available. If people bring their friends in, they’ve also got chicken and turkey sandwiches. So even though they may have the philosophy of being more vegan, they still know that people have associates, so their service for both are there.

David Christopher: Herbs Are Beneficial for Medicinal Purposes

Some Natural Hygiene purists argue that herbs aren’t fit for human consumption, but I’ve known several low-fat raw food diet enthusiasts to experience healing breakthroughs with the use of herbs. Can you talk about what herbs are and how the body makes use of them in cleansing and rebuilding itself? Also, can you address the concerns some of these Natural Hygiene devotees have?

David Christopher: Well, there are something like 25,000 medicinal herbs, so how could they say that they’re not medicinal? How could they say that they’re not fit for consumption? I mean, God gave us the plants, and they have these certain compounds in them for a purpose. I mean, God gave us caffeine products—not caffeine, he gave us like kola nut and guarana, chocolate, what else? There’s matte, gachi—they have caffeine in them. But this wasn’t meant to be food; it was meant to be a medicine.

If you take substance like caffeine all the time, which is one of the best things for certain types of headache, pretty soon you’re going to start developing that headache. So I think the problem with a lot of these stronger plants is that people use them as a dietary thing rather than a medicinal thing.

Now when they did the excavating of the Neanderthal men cave in France, they came across a burial site, and the way it was set up, they figured it was a burial, with plants surrounding the body. And they analyzed those plant fragments and found out that eight of those 10 plants that were around that body are still used medicinally today. We’ve been using medicinal plants since the beginning of time. When you look at herbs, when we do a spectrographic analysis, it’s like there’s one to two 8½x11-inch pages, double-columned, are constituents in these plants. I mean, they’re very complex.

Now the medical profession, they’ll look at a plant and they’ll take one of those constituents out of two 8½x11-inch pages, double-columned. They’ll take one constituent out and say, “Well, this is the medicinal part of the plant.” Well, the plant looks synergistically, the plants are designed quite amazingly, really, and they have natural buffers and things. So if you do the whole plant, it’s safe. If you take one aspect out of it, it’s not safe.

One of our professors at the school who just recently died had told me that one of the things that the Department of Agriculture had him do in his working for them was to identify all of the carcinogenic plants out there. Well, guess what he found out after that about 40 years in working for them? Every plant on the face the earth is carcinogenic.

Comfrey leaves, flower and tincture - herbs for health
A cell proliferator, comfrey was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but David Christopher argues that this herb and all herbs are safe when the whole plant is used.

I’m not just talking herbs; we’re talking all plants. You have to understand their methodology. They don’t study plants; they study constituents. Take comfrey, for example. There’s this big thing about how comfrey’s really dangerous. But what happened with comfrey is that it has what are called pyrrolizidine alkaloids, and they say that they’re hepatotoxic. Well, I don’t think they’ve really proven that. At any rate, there’s 18 parts per million or 17 parts per million of these, but I mean, that’s a really small amount of these particular constituents in the plant. Now what they did is they took it and they concentrated that so that they just had the pyrrolizidine alkaloids. They injected those pyrrolizidine alkaloids into the livers of rats. Well, they don’t need to spend that much money—I could have told them what they’re going to do. They’re going to kill the rats.

See, when you isolate substances out of herbs, you make a drug. Drugs are dangerous; herbs are safe. But even if the pyrrolizidine alkaloids were hepatotoxic, there’s, in comfrey, 200,000 parts per million of hepatoprotectives. So I can kind of do the math: 100,000 parts per million of hepatoprotective versus 18 parts per million of hepatotoxics seems like it cancels out, doesn’t it? And those hepatotoxics, they have a purpose, and a lot of times, the plants will produce something to protect the plant itself from invaders. A lot of times, those substances are spontaneous, so you’ll have a field of these plants, and an invader will get onto one of the plants and start eating it, and then it will immediately make another compound that then would be toxic to that particular invader. Now what’s interesting is that when they do that, they’re able to spread that message through the whole field of that plant, and all the plants start making that chemical. You have to realize that these plants were created for us, and they are safe in their present state. But when you make a drug out of them, they are not.

Let’s look at ephedra. Now one of those eight plants that they found around the Neanderthal men was ephedra. Now they certainly didn’t put it there because of its look. It looks like you stuck a stick into a stick and then that stick with another stick and it’s stuck in the ground. I mean, it’s a pretty ugly plant. But that particular plant, I guess the Neanderthal men were able to discover the medicinal qualities of it. That particular plant is the only substance on the face of the earth that I know of that can be taken internally and do the same thing ephedrine can do. Maybe that’s why they took it off the market.

What’s even more curious is that when they took ephedra off the market, you can still buy in a drugstore Ephedrine or pseudo-ephedrine, a product called Sudafed, over the counter. Actually, when they brought these charges against the plant ephedra, nobody had died from taking ephedra. What they had died from because they were using it for weight loss. They took the ephedrine out of the ephedra, and they do that thing where they take cocaine out of coca leaves. They took this ephedrine out of the plant, making it like 10 times more potent than the ephedra. Then they combined it with the caffeine. The two together, caffeine and ephedrine, are 100 times more toxic than either of the substances separated.

So that’s what they’re after, that’s what most Americans are after: stimulants. That’s how it was being used. It never was ephedra; it never was the kola nut. It was the two substances combined that weren’t really killing people, but they were making it so that they could perform without the nutrients they needed. So it’s really interesting. No couch potato has ever died from taking those substances. It was athletes who would push their bodies and push their bodies and push the bodies and use these substances to be able to do that without getting the nutrients there. That’s what killed them.

I mean, it’s a problem in the United States that everyone’s doing their caffeine every day—usually 10, 15, 20 times a day. The thing is that you get your energy from the food you eat. But when you’re using caffeine as an artificial stimulant to run up your adrenal glands to have energy, then that’s false energy, and then you eventually are going to wear out. So people really need to consider their coffee and their colas and all these things as a daily beverage. That’s just not right.

David Christopher: Herbs and Health Challenges

What are some of the most frequent health challenges affecting people who are exploring herbs to help in their healing?

David Christopher: Well, again, [many] caused the problem themselves. If you’re eating the right foods and getting the energy from the food, there’s no need for taking [caffeine stimulants]. Just all eat good fresh raw produce and fresh raw produce juiced, and that’s going to give you the energy you need.

Now some people say that you get energy from protein. Not really. People say, “Oh, I get satisfied when I eat protein—heavy protein meals.” Not really. See, what’s happening is, the body needs protein to rebuild your skeletal system, to rebuild your muscles and all the joints and tendons and everything. You need protein for that. So the body recognizes when it’s getting protein, and when you get the protein you need, then the body’s going to give you that feeling of, “Ah, I did the right thing.” You see, that satiated feeling. So once you get enough protein, you’re going to get that satiated feeling. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting energy from it.

What you get energy from is carbohydrates. Now a big problem out there is with people going, “Oh, no, no, you need a carbohydrate-free diet.” You don’t want a carbohydrate-free, you don’t want a fat-free diet, you don’t want a protein-free diet. There’s only three foods we eat. We eat protein, we eat carbohydrates and we eat fat. So those are the only three foods we eat. So you can’t eliminate any of those three. But your plants have all of those in them.

David Christopher lectures beside a Dr. John R. Christopher cardboard cutout
David Christopher lectures. He helped build The School of Natural Healing as well as launched Christopher Publishing. To David Christopher’s left is a cardboard cutout of his father, Dr. John R. Christopher.

The plant are the only things on the face of the earth that can take the raw elements—the air, the sun, the components in the ground—and make food. No other creature on the face of the earth can do that; only plants can do that. And then the rest of us are just parasites. People don’t need to eat meat or any animal products. We eat meat because we want to eat meat; we don’t need to. You get everything you need from the plants, because the meat that people eat gets it from the plants or from another animal—secondary nutrients. The plant makes the nutrients, and we get nourished from the plants.

Are there any herbs that are particularly powerful that are part of the recipes of several Dr. Christopher formulations?

David Christopher: The first one that comes to mind would be cayenne pepper. I mean, I can’t see anything that works faster than cayenne pepper. Dr. Christopher never lost a heart patient with a heart attack when they were on the cayenne pepper. So cayenne pepper’s at the heart of that.

Hawthorne will then heal the heart so that you don’t have any need for that stimulation, so that it should be functioning right all the time. At the end of the chain, the No. 1 killer in America is cardiovascular disease. And, of course, cancer’s No. 2. Well, you know what? If you look really carefully at the medical profession and the things they do for cardiovascular disease, they’re all counterproductive. Everything they do is counterproductive. Maybe that’s why it’s the No. 1 killer in America—it’s because of their treatment, it’s because their philosophy’s wrong. This what we learn in The School of Natural Healing. We don’t just learn facts about herbs; we learn the philosophy.

Dr. Christopher used to say: “You look for the cause, not the symptoms.” You find the symptom and you look for what’s causing that symptom. And maybe even the cause of the cause or the cause of the cause of the cause. You go back to what’s causing the problem in the first place. You don’t just get rid of symptoms. That’s silly. I’ll just give a quick example about that, and that would be high blood pressure. Medical professionals consider high blood pressure to be a disease. We don’t consider it to be a disease; it’s a symptom of a disease. See, we found the symptom, now we’ve got to go back to the cause.

Well, here’s what it is: You’ve got trillions of cells in your body, and those cells all function the way they’re supposed to function as long as they’re getting the oxygen and the nutrients from the blood. They function perfectly. Now if they’re denied oxygen and nutrients, then they start to malfunction. If this goes on long enough, then they’re going to die. Before that happens, these cells are going to send off a distress signal, and that distress signal is that they’re not getting nutrients and they’re going to die, so the central nervous system picks up on that distress signal and in a life-saving mechanism, the central nervous system sends the signal to the circulatory system to raise the blood pressure to force blood out from those cells so they don’t die.

So if you artificially lower blood pressure, you’re assuring those cells die. So what we’re saying here is that if you want to die of heart disease, kidney disease or liver disease, take high-blood-pressure medication. And I don’t care which one that they’re giving, whether they’re beta blockers or calcium channel blockers or diuretics, they are counterproductive to the problem.

What we want to do is help the body open up that circulatory system so it can deliver the nutrients, so those cells can function the way they’re supposed to and that they don’t die. High blood pressure isn’t a signal from outer space; it occurs within the body. If you try to make everybody the same, well, that isn’t going to work. If this person has one blood pressure and the person standing next to them has a higher blood pressure, there’s a lot of factors that go into that. Factors of exercise, factors of being uptight, factors of having a clogged-up arterial system so that you can hardly get any blood flow through. If you try to wipe them out and say, “Everybody has to have the same blood pressure,” then you’re going to kill those people. You’re going to kill those cells. In natural healing, in our field, what we do is we look at the cause behind the signal, the symptom, and we resolve that.

Generally, with cayenne pepper, we were talking about it’s being a superherb, superpotent, supereffective, superfast the way it works. Then we can help the body give the nutrients out to the cells so that you don’t have a need for a high-blood-pressure medication, and then the high blood pressure will come down.

So usually changing somebody’s diet is the best way to bring blood pressure down. It’s what they’re eating. So we switch them over to a fresh raw produce diet, which does not include grains or legumes, because they’re very acidic foods, because they’re highly storable—they’re a gift from God. You can plant them 1,000 years later, and sometimes you can still have them sprout out and make a plant.

Cayenne pepper in whole and powder form
Natural Hygiene purists might scoff at cayenne pepper, but in the world of herbs and natural healing, cayenne pepper is a powerhouse, according to David Christopher.

Well, what we’re finding with grains is that you need to change that pH and get rid of the acid. They also have enzyme blockers that help keep them from breaking down. To get rid of the acid and the enzyme blockers, all we have to do is sprout them. When you’re in the sprouting stage, they lose those enzyme blockers, they lose the acid, and they become a better pH for us, and they’re also in a live state. Why do people always eat dead food? They eat lots of it. You get life from life; you get death from death. If you’re always eating dead food, you’re going to get death from it. If you’ve got any live food, you’re going to be healthier. So that’s what we tell people is to get onto a fresh raw produce diet, and that’s the quickest way to get over high blood pressure, which, again, is not a disease. That’s way the body deals with that disease. The cardiovascular system is constipated, and so we can unconstipate it and, lo and behold, we don’t have that problem anymore.

It’s the same thing with a cold. You get a runny nose and start coughing. So you go to a drugstore and you get medicine that keeps you from coughing. We’re going, “No, no, no, your body is coughing, trying to get out something.” Because what happens when you have these contaminants in the air and viruses getting into your system, mucus is produced, trapping those invaders and particulates, and then you cough that out, and that’s how the body deals with it. So if you take a cough suppressant, you’re actually compounding the problem.

If you look at modern medicine, that’s basically what they’re doing all the time. They’re either interfering with the way the body works or overriding what the body does. Either way, they’re going to make it worse.

David Christopher: Favorite Herbs

What are your favorite herbs and why?

David Christopher: Well, again, cayenne is really one of my favorite herbs, because of this whole circulatory-system thing and the heart thing. So here’s an interesting fact: One of the best-selling drugs out there are these antacids and these protein pump inhibitors to keep you from making hydrochloric acid. The medical profession is 180 degrees off based on that. They’re totally backward.

Because, you see, as we get older, we make less hydrochloric acid. Not more. When I was young, boy, I could eat a whole pizza and have no problem whatsoever in terms of breaking that down with all the hydrochloric acid I was producing. But boy, in my older years, now it’s like, “How did I ever digest any of that pizza?”

We make less now, not more. So what happens is, we’ll eat a big meal, we don’t make enough hydrochloric acid to break protein down because your body will not accept that food in that state. So you got to take those proteins and break them down and to change their amino acid, so the body wouldn’t be able to start to think about using them. And once they get into the intestinal tract, then those chains in the amino acids are broken down to individual amino acids.

We cannot take protein into our system. We can take it into our GI tracts, and we can break it down and then take the amino acids out of the food along with all the other components. But we can’t take pure protein into our bodies. That’s how our whole immune system works. We recognize our protein and destroy any other protein that’s in the system. At any rate, that’s another discussion. But the whole thing here is that, with the digestive process, if you’re not making enough hydrochloric acid to break down your food, it’s just going to stay in your stomach. And then you lay down, and then the body finally will flood the area with the hydrochloric acid just when you’re laying down, and up the esophagus it goes. Then you might get maybe cancer of the esophagus, and you get the heartburn and everything. That’s because you didn’t break the food down.

So what they do with these antacids is trick the body into thinking it can just let it go because it’s not going to get where it needs to put in the intestinal tract and hope that your body can deal with it. So what we do instead is we know that the body needs to break those proteins down, and so we just have people take cayenne pepper, put it in their mouth and then it stimulates the cells to stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid. When we do cayenne at the first of the meal, then the hydrochloric acid is put in there when you need it and not three or four hours later. The problem’s solved.

So sensors for hydrochloric acid are in the mouth, and when your body gets pungent herbs—which you have in cayenne, ginger, horseradish, mustard—and those pungent herbs are sensed by the taste buds, you will make hydrochloric acid. I’m not just saying that’s what I think. I mean, they did the scientific studies, and they basically took dogs and they cut their esophaguses and put tube down there so there’s no connection between the mouth and the stomach to measure the hydrochloric acid produced. Then they gave the dogs different substances to see if anything was eliminated through extra hydrochloric acid. When they got cayenne pepper—bam—those dogs made hydrochloric acid. So the scientific studies are there. It’s just that’s what the body does. I hate seeing animals go through experimentation. We know it works but now we know scientifically know it works.

David Christopher educates about herbs and health outside
David Christopher and his father, Dr. John R. Christopher, have helped educate tens of thousands of individuals on healing herbs and health.

David Christopher: Health Triumphs with Herbs

You do consultations, working one on one with folks needing guidance. Can you share a couple of especially powerful cases in which people experienced extraordinary health recoveries?

David Christopher: Yes. In fact, one thing I’d like to talk about is what people can expect when they start doing natural procedures because it’s not all a bed of roses. There’s thorns in there, too.

So I had a call just a couple days ago from someone who was having a lot of gut problems, a lot of hurt. And he tried several things, and they didn’t seem to get it. So I said, “You really do need to get a diagnosis on what’s exactly wrong, and then let’s talk about it.” So they did, and it was a weird thing that was going on with him. He had tapeworm cysts lodged between his liver and his pancreas. Now isn’t that an oddball thing or what?

Now we’re looking into the situation. Those things don’t normally happen. They seem to find it more with immigrants. They tracked it down and found another immigrant that had been herding sheep, sheep dogs. So what would happen is they would feed these sheep dogs the intestines of the sheep, and then they pick up these cysts from that. The dogs would defecate, and if you didn’t clean your vegetables or didn’t wash your hands, then you’re going to get them into your system, and then that’s how you get those cysts. It’s fairly rare, but that’s how they will get there.

I don’t think it’s so rare today because there’s another way of getting those in, and that would be to take antibiotics. You see, antibiotics destroy all your friendly flora. When all that friendly flora is destroyed, then what happens is that the first flora back in would be the candida. It fills all the area, with no checks or balances against it. It actually changes morphology. Those appendages whip against the intestinal tract, creating thousands of lesions. Those cysts can then get through those lesions out to your system. So I don’t think that’s as rare today as it was.

They put holes in your intestinal tract from taking antibiotics. At any rate, as far as the system is concerned—let’s just finish that up—he was experiencing great pain when he’d take our vermifuge, our anthelmintics—the herbs that destroyed these invaders. In fact, it got so bad that he almost went into anaphylactic shock.

So I looked at that and was like: “OK, here’s what happens with the cysts. The herbs and the drug that counter these tapeworms do very well but can’t get the eggs.” So the cyst has these eggs in it, and when they’re released, they can create hundreds of thousands of tapeworms from those eggs. As the tapeworms are released from the cyst, the herbs do very well at destroying them. Now you’ve got a waste problem. Now you’ve got dead bodies and these parasites, and that’s causing all the problems. So, again, with natural healing, our principal concerns are with cleansing and nourishing.

So I mentioned to this person that the main thing that they needed to do was cleanse that area so that when the herbs work and killed those parasites, that you wouldn’t get the symptoms from the kill-off. So the body would be able to remove those carcasses easily out of system. The things we will look at doing would be like castor oil, you put it on a cloth, put it over the area, and hot and cold packs to keep moving things out. You want to work on your lymphatic system. Probably one of the best things for the lymph system is mullein. We like to combine lobelia with that. So that’ll help with the lymph system.

Anyway, that was very good for helping the lymph system. And, see, the lymph system is very much in play here of trying to get that moved out of that area. So we want to work on the lymph system, which means drinking a lot of water because there’s no pump for the lymph system. It doesn’t have a heart like the circulatory system. You have to move your body, and one of the best movements for that is jumping up and down. So a trampoline is one of your best bets for the lymph system.

So jumping on a trampoline, drinking a lot of water, keep breathing, all those things help movement of the lymph. Of course, massage, and so you always massage toward the collarbone, and then that’s where the lymph’s dumped into the bloodstream. All these things we talked about will help get that area clean so that it can handle the battle in pumping out those tapeworms. This was an interesting case.

David Christopher inspects healing herbs for health
David Christopher studies healing herbs. For countless centuries, man and woman have used healing herbs to recover health. Some argue herbs are needed now more than ever, with many facing disease because of poor diet, lack of exercise and use of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

What are the most challenging health conditions to turn around, from what you’ve seen?

David Christopher: I think what we’re seeing besides the standard cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes are the emerging problems with autoimmune diseases. We’ve had some really good success cases with autoimmune diseases. Asthma is a fairly common one, and basically what we want to do with autoimmune diseases is we want to calm down the immune system and then, at the same time, nourish the body so it can replace those cells.

So we have a really simple combination of astragalus marshmallow in equal parts. We take that in large amounts, and then over the period of a year, we can easily get rid of an autoimmune disease. Nobody else can even get rid of autoimmune disease, but in about a year, we can get over them.

David Christopher: Key Life and Career Lessons Plus Dream for the World

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in life and in your career?

David Christopher: I think one of the most important things that I’ve found is that we can’t take people’s word for something just because they’re “authority.” I think the problem with most Americans is that they believe their doctor because he’s an authority, you see? That’s why people go and get vaccinated.

These authorities have no clue. You tell them that they’ve got mercury or aluminum in their vaccines, and they look at you like you’re an alien from outer space because these “authorities” have never read the label on what they’re making people take. They have no clue what’s in those vaccines. They don’t know that they’re damaging people because they’ve never been taught that. They’ve never been shown that. They never read the label. You would think that somebody would really a label when they’re forcing people into something. I find that that’s the biggest thing I’m having a problem with out there is that people just believe authority without any proof.

So countering that is one of the most difficult things I think I’ve had to deal with. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years, and I’m getting a little discouraged. It’s really hard mopping up after these guys. They caused all this damage with their drugs and vaccines.

Then they say you’re a liar if you say that it’s unsafe. Well, we know all we have to do is look at government statistics, and they show we put out over $4 billion in damaged children from these vaccines—$4 billion. It’s not one in a million cases, like they claim. There’s a lot of kids being damaged. That’s just a very fraction of the ones that are being damaged because most people don’t report it. Most people just don’t report it, and they’re required by law to report it, and they don’t. In fact, they’re taught in medical school not to report it.

So, of course, we’re only seeing a very slim scratch in the surface of the ones that [are damaged]. Then, in order to get through the whole court system, which isn’t even in the legal system—it’s executive courts because they took it out of the judiciary and put it in executive—you have to take your case before the executive branch to show that you’ve been damaged. That’s a very difficult thing. It costs you a lot of money to go through that court system. And then they think that your child’s only worth $25,000, $50,000, if they die.

From my understanding, if the autism incidence rates continue skyrocketing as they have been, virtually every boy will be along the autism spectrum disorder by 2032, with every girl by 2041, and this is right around the corner.

David Christopher: Yeah, so who’s going to be in the military, who’s going to be in the police departments, who’s going to be in the fire departments? Who’s going to do these things? Maybe that’s why they’re all opening the borders so that we can get other people in to do these jobs. I don’t know.

What is your hope for the world?

David Christopher: My hope is that you make the pharmaceutical industry responsible for their product. See, that was with the Reagan administration: Congress passed a bill that said that they weren’t responsible for their products. So you’ve seen a real jump in vaccines. In fact, they’re coming up with vaccines that have nothing to do with vaccines. They just want to call it that so they can get away with not doing the research and not being responsible for the products. So you see a lot of these vaccines coming up that aren’t really vaccines. Like there’s no such thing as a vaccine for cancer. That’s total MS, with my apologies to multiple sclerosis patients. Instead of BS, it’s MS—medical stuff. But anyway, that’s ridiculous.

Cancer has nothing to do with that. Now they may come up with a vaccine for a virus that would damage tissue, which would lead to cancer, but that’s not a vaccine for cancer. It’s a vaccine for that particular virus. In fact, the one that’s the most prevalent out there is of course the SV40. They injected all or most of these children in the United States with this SV40, simian virus 40. And then they found out that it caused cancer. So Richard Nixon he declared war on cancer before it was an epidemic. You know that there were no oncologists before 1980? That’s a new profession.

Because there was no epidemic, but he declared war on cancer because they knew it was coming because they had injected all the children in the United States with this SV40, knowing that that was going to cause cancer. Now here’s the kicker, this is one thing that I need to warn people about right now, and that is they found out that—you see, they were trying to find out how to destroy this virus, so guess what one of the things they use on it? Of course, radiation. Guess what they found out happens when they used radiation on this virus? It multiplies like crazy.

It actually spread this SV40, which causes cancer. Now just look at this: So you take a woman’s breast and you press it between two metal plates, and then you irradiate it, and they’ve got that SV40 in there, guess what’s going to happen? Yeah, a Swedish study noticed exactly that. The women that got mammograms we’re more likely to get cancer than women that didn’t.

When we heard that, boy, our medical profession just about fell apart and they just—”Bada, bada, bada”—backpedal. And so what do they come up with? Well, instead of giving women mammograms every year, we’ll give it to them every other year. The thing is, it’s not as though they don’t have something better, a better diagnostic tool, because those mammograms are like almost 40 percent inaccurate, so you get false negatives and false positives. So you get women that are told they have cancer and they don’t, and they get their breast taken off, and they didn’t have cancer. Or the opposite: They are told they don’t have cancer, and then they don’t do anything. So it’s a very inaccurate test, and they’re trying to get everybody to take it, and it causes cancer.

So what have we got? We’ve got thermogram. Thermograms can detect cancer five years before mammograms can. And guess what? They don’t have those false negatives and false positives.

The problem is that mammogram machines run in the millions to get them all set up. Thermogram machines are about $25,000. So the fact that the big expensive machines are keeping them off the market—that’s just pure politics. I love science. I hate politics for science. That’s probably going to be my ending remark.

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