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Fruit and Flow in Life: Alignment and Synchronicity

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Insight From Natural Health Headers - The Fruitful Path by Anne Osborne - Fruit-Powered

I believe that each and every one of us has our own unique and special path in life. We may travel on a similar route to other people at certain times in our lives; for example, when we are in a close intimate relationship, when we are parenting or when we have a circle of dear and cherished friends.

Flow in Life: Events of Synchronicity Play out When We’re in Alignment

During our lifetime, we will join paths with many people we meet, and when we closely connect with another person, we can feel a beautiful harmony and an alignment of energy. But our path is truly our own, and it takes us ever onward in the direction of our dreams, hopes and goals.

When we are in alignment with our desires and aims in life and our path is running true, then we may experience a wonderful synchronicity in our lives. Because each person has their own specific direction in life, however, what gets one person “in flow” could very well throw another person right off track.

And regarding our diet, I believe we also each have our own special and personal path. Therefore, when we are traversing the dietary route that resonates with us, again, we seem to experience a beautiful flow. We meet the “right” people, select books that appear to be totally in accord with us and may also find many seemingly extraordinary coincidences occurring.

Woman in alignment smiles over flow in life and events of synchronicity
When we are in alignment with our desires, we may experience a remarkable flow in life and enjoy synchronicity, Anne Osborne writes. A fruit diet can amplify this flow in life.

Anne Osborne Experiences Extraordinary Flow in Life on Fruit Diet

In my 27 years following a fruit diet, I have felt a truly amazing flow in life and balance in life. When we are following a dietary way that brings us health, happiness and harmony, then I believe we are in alignment with our higher selves and our higher purpose in life. And the Universe, or the higher power we have faith in, lets us know we are in concurrence by signs of synchronicity.

From all I have studied and researched over the past three decades, I have a strong belief that, by design, we are all frugivores. We may all need to tweak or adjust the diet, however, to best serve our individual needs. For example, each person has certain fruits that resonate with them more than others; some people may need more overtly fatty fruits in their diet; and the amount of greens we need and desire will differ from person to person. In addition, these needs are not static over time, and our requirements and desires will also vary depending on our age, gender, activity level and lifestyle choices.

Arnold Ehret, who was a pioneer of the modern fruit-based diet, said on page 31 of his book Mucusless Diet Healing System:

“We shall now learn why fruit diets and fasting have produced such doubtful results, thru their incorrect use and misunderstanding, caused thru the belief that general rules of this cure are suitable for everybody and for every case. Nothing is further from the truth! No other cure requires so much individual specialization and continual changing to meet the reaction of the patient.”

And I would very much agree with Ehret. I believe that we all need to tailor the raw vegan diet to meet our individual needs at the present time. An example of this concerns Vitamin B12. I have known several long-term raw vegans who show no deficiency symptoms over 15 years whilst not supplementing, but I have also known people to exhibit severe B12 deficiency symptoms after just 18 months on a raw plant-based diet. I believe there are so many factors that need to be taken into account, so blanket dietary prescriptions for everybody are not always useful and can be a little suffocating at times!

Grapes on a plate - fruit - flow in life - alignment - synchronicity
Anne Osborne, who contributed this photograph of grapes forming a yin yang sign, has experienced tremendous flow in life. Her leading a fruit diet has helped her come into alignment, enabling her to experience magnetizing events of synchronicity. Anne Osborne enjoys making fruit art, highlighted in “Anne Osborne’s Fruit Art Is Making a Splash.”

Addressing our individual needs can allow us to truly flourish and grow on a fruit-based diet. Remembering the Tortoise and the Hare, we all travel along our paths at varying speeds, which change according to our individual needs at each point in time, and there can be moments when we do a rapid sprint and other times when life is more of a leisurely stroll. Faster does not necessarily equate with “better,” and we all need to find the most effective way for us to travel.

In a dietary example of this, some people may go straight to a raw vegan diet from an omnivorous lifestyle whilst others may find a transitional period very helpful. Remember, there are no absolute “rights” or “wrongs” just what works best for you, taking into account your current needs and circumstances. So sometimes it can be the scenic route that we benefit most from, rather than the quickest.

Fruit Diet Can Enhance People’s Relationship with the Planet

Another important part of the flow in life that I have experienced on a fruit diet is in regard to my relationship with our planet. Of all the foods available to humans today, fruit is the only food that is truly offered to us or given freely by the parent plant. Plants cannot walk about unless they are Triffids! Therefore, they need to find effective methods of spreading their seeds.

It is not useful for seeds to grow up next to the parent plant, where they will be competing for water, space, soil and sunlight. Which is why the plants need efficacious travel plans for their fertilised seeds. Water is one method and is used by coconut palms. When ripe, the coconut falls into the sea to travel far away from their origin. This is why coconut palms often fringe tropical beaches.

Coconut and palm float in the sea - fruit - flow in life - alignment - synchronicity

Wind is another useful way to spread seeds, but only for small seeds like dandelions. It would take a cyclone to carry off mango, avocado and other large seeds!

Finally, animals can prove an effective method of seed transportation. One method is for seeds to be sticky or thorny, and so they stick to an animal’s coat and in this way seeds can travel happily on their host for many miles. The man who invented Velcro was inspired by seeing a burr stuck fast in his dog’s hair!

Another animal-based method of seed transportation occurs when seeds are encased in a delicious body that attracts an animal either by sight (picture the bright red rambutan) or by smell (think of the highly aromatic durian).

If the seeds are small, including those found in passion fruit or tomatoes, they will be swallowed whole, for the most part, allowing the seeds to pass readily fertilised to the ground, well away from the mother plant. If the seeds are larger, often the fruit will be taken from the tree to be eaten someplace else, and the seeds will be transported in this manner.

And so exists this beautiful symbiotic relationship between the fruit-eating animals such as humans, primates, birds and bats, and the fruit-producing plants. We get a tasty meal, and the plant gets its genes carried into the future.

Woman cuts fruits in a kitchen - flow in life - alignment - synchronicity

Human Beings May Improve Alignment and Flow in Life by Embracing Nature and All Life, Forming a Symbiotic Relationship

I believe one of the biggest issues facing our planet is that humans are not embracing symbiotic relationships with other sentient beings and with physical land features and formations. Humans clear ancient forests; they kill fellow creatures for food and sport; and they mine, frack and decimate natural structures and environments. And in this way of life, we are continually taking: taking animal life, taking plant life and taking the mineral riches we desire. Where then is the giving back?

When a species takes and takes, then we develop a parasitic relationship with the rest of the planet rather than a symbiotic relationship. With a parasitic relationship, there is no true flow, just a one-way street. This leaves the planet heading nowhere. Whereas, with a symbiotic relationship, there is a giving and receiving on both sides and mutual benefits. Then a truly beautiful flow happens with a reciprocal exchange of favours and love.

There is a Buddhist adage that states:

“Every person should plant five trees in their lifetime.”

When this was written, it was probably a fair amount of trees for each person to plant; and five trees would most likely replace the trees that a person used during their life for fuel, construction, firewood and paper. Nowadays, however, we would most likely need to plant 5,000 trees each to replace the vast amount of resources a typical person living in the West consumes from birth to death.

Illustration of Buddhist adage to plant five trees - fruit - flow in life
A Buddhist adage calls for each person to plant five trees, but Anne Osborne argues that 5,000 might be a better number to counter the massive effects of human consumption in the modern day. Graphic credit: Anne Osborne.

Symbiosis is what helps create balance in any relationship. When we realise that we are connected to everything else on our planet, we get a beautiful view of the myriad of connections that exist between all entities.

And so when we live with a flow in our personal life and also with a flow in our relationship with everything else on our planet, we start to experience a true joy and happiness and to be in accord with our inner desires and the path we tread as well as with the rest of our world.

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