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Fruit-Powered Magazine: September 2013

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Woodstock All the Rage; One Year of Fruit-Powered Magazine; Contributions from Matthew David

Hello, readers. All the buzz in the raw food world in mid- to late August is about The Woodstock Fruit Festival—and rightfully so! Almost 600 fruit fanatics plus dozens more presenters and volunteers from around the world gathered at Camp Walden in Diamond Point, New York, and the word is the third annual event was the best yet. I had planned last year to attend but was unable to make it. I’m living vicariously through all the reports, photos and videos being shared on the Web, though.

Just after the festival wrapped up, Michael Arnstein, also known as “The Fruitarian,” was interviewed on CNN about his performance as a runner on a low-fat raw food diet. “Eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables—primarily fruits—has absolutely transformed me as a person,” Arnstein said. “I’ve become almost superhuman.” Right on, Michael!

Elisa Oras hunched beside boxes of colorful fruitsI’m a big fan of raw food transformation stories and love sharing them with you in this e-magazine. This month, which wraps up the first year of publication of Fruit-Powered Magazine, you’ll get to know Elisa Oras, who I profile. A mostly raw food diet has set Elisa on fire, and she’s helping promote raw food and all its benefits in her native Estonia and beyond!

Speaking of transformation stories, I wrote my very own for Issue 9 of Vibrance, a wonderful raw food magazine published by Dr. David Klein. In “Fruit-Powered & Alive!, I tell how green smoothies and a fruit-based raw diet helped me change the way I eat, think, feel—really, changed my entire life, all for the positive!

Luis Souza smiles while resting an arm against a treeLuis Souza, whose energy and enthusiasm for a raw food diet is contagious, is interviewed in this issue of Fruit-Powered Magazine. Luis is highly active in the raw food world, interviewing folks such as Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Chris Randall and Mimi Kirk via video. Luis even interviewed me a few months ago. He’s on a mission to connect with a million folks, turning them on to a raw food diet!

Anna Chmielewska concludes her special meditation series with an excellent story, focusing on words and their impact, “Practicing Awareness with Words.” If you missed her earlier stories, start with “This Is My Meditation” and then check out “Ways to Meditate—Even with a Busy Life.”

Red apple beside red books against red backgroundLast month, the Magazine published the first of Dave Klein’s Lessons from the Orchard contributions with a piece on food combining. This month, the digestion expert offers “Tools for Success Along the Raw Food Path.” In one tip, Dave, author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and many other fine selections, recommends reading books by Natural Hygiene authors and hiring a coach to help guide you. I wholeheartedly agree—and can help as your coach. The Internet is a fantastic source of information, but knowing that 80/10/10 doesn’t mean 80 percent fruit, 10 percent vegetables and 10 percent fats is just one of many keys needed for success. Dave’s The Vibrant Diet, written with T.C. Fry, is an addition to the Fruit-Powered store. All Dave’s titles will be available in e-book format soon!

A squash bug is perched on a leafI’m thrilled to announce Fruitarians Are The Future author Matthew David launches his gardening column for the Magazine in this issue. The column is titled: In the Garden Is a Mirror; in the Mirror Is The Beloved. Matthew is an exceptional writer, speaker, thinker and human being, living a life of passion and service. He’ll get many thinking with his first entry, “Are You Sure You’re a Vegan?

Elisa and Luis generously offer tips and recipes in this issue, which also features several photos from Raw Experience 3, run by Arnold Kauffman, owner of the raw food café Arnold’s Way. Arnold is known for doing many exciting things in the raw food and local community, and one of them is operating a 30-day program designed to get folks to give a raw food diet a chance. He writes about this program in his Stories from Arnold’s Way column. Arnold asked me to host the August 17 potluck, at which Desarae Jeter delivered her incredible weight-loss story.

P.S.: Dan wrote me in August about Issue 11 of Fruit-Powered Magazine (August 2013):

Loved your interview with Dr. [Doug] Graham. Keep up the great work.

And Jered shared these kind words:

Thought you’d like to know that we just got a Vitamix as an engagement gift from my family! Superstoked to have it—thanks to your posts, I got hooked on green smoothies about a year and a half ago. I’ve been having one every day since!

Go Fruit-Powered to supercharge your life!

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