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Anna Chmielewska meditating outside

This Is My Meditation

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This is the first story in Fruitarianna’s three-part meditation series.

Each morning, I wake up, stay still and contemplate my dreams. I do not dare open my eyes for I know I will lose this memory. Every evening before I go to sleep, I review my day and think of what I’m grateful for and what I desire. This is my meditation. When I sit down to eat, I contemplate my food. I count the blessings that let me have my meal. I smell and taste my food and feel happy and grateful for its nourishment gifts. This is my meditation.

Every time I talk to somebody, I try to stay focused on their presence. I look into their eyes, I breathe the same rhythm for a while, I listen with all my being to be able to connect and see through another’s soul even if just for a moment. This is my meditation.

When I’m in nature, I lie down on the grass, with my hands and legs spread. I close my eyes, I breathe deeply from the bottom of my belly and let the earth hold me for a while. I listen to the wind dancing in the trees, I see the kids running around, I feel the sun’s rays caressing my skin while all my troubles and fears sink into the ground, and I feel happy. This is my meditation.

Anna Chmielewska lays on grass, holding a flower

I love contemplating the cattiness of the independent creature, the stones of unbreakable gems, the wetness of the lake or the electricity of the thunderstorm. I feel alive, and this is my meditation.

Sometimes I sign out from the usual awareness practice and dive into a world of my own, a world of my imagination, where I’m constantly creating my healing center, my future home, my kids, my garden. I see colors, I feel the wind, I can taste the salty water, I can hear the ocean roam. I listen to the music, stare into the flame or just let myself play the game of feelings, looking for the best ones in alphabetical order. I contemplate the feelings that come with abundance, beauty, bliss, joy and love until I run out of words or feel filled up and happy and loved. This is my meditation.

my imagination

Sometimes I sit down just to find nothingness, to disconnect from my feelings and the ideas I have about the physical world. I dive deep into myself, knowing I am what I am, and accepting everything as it is. I stay open for whatever guidance is going to be revealed for me at this time by my higher self, my guide.

spiritualtransfromationIn moments like this, I know I’m a part of this world, just as you all are, important and beautiful although not always aware of that. Each and every one of us is a teacher to one another, for we experience our highs and lows in the face of others. Rising from failure, celebrating our victories, we forget to ask ourselves, “What’s the meaning of all this?”

We came to this world to learn how to love and serve others. Right now, the world needs healers and peacemakers more than any other leaders, and every one of us has the power of healing. Say “I love you,” hug a friend, forgive the mistakes they made and hold on to your judgment. It’s easy to heal with love and words when you stay aware and notice what they experience at this time.

This can be your daily meditation, and you can find your calling by clearing up your crazy, nonstop-thinking monkey mind just by truly listening to others, by practicing awareness in each of your experiences. Start observing your life more carefully and listen to the words you say. Are they words of love or hatred?

be-still-and-knowIf you find yourself in a moment in which you lost your head or you just want to get back to your center, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Let all your thoughts come through to you, be thankful for all that’s coming and do not fight with your thoughts. Practice observing them as they go and feel free of the need to interfere, just for a moment. This is your meditation.

Most of all, take one day at a time, not thinking about the future or the past. Don’t think, “What if?”, and don’t make any assumptions about knowing the truth. Just be still and know all is just as it is supposed to be. The proof is that it is. Just be still and accept it. Stay still and listen to what comes to you in silence, when you are just observing your being. Just be still and feel the light coming to you, bringing you love, strength and inspiration. Just be still. This is your mediation. banner

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Anna Chmielewska meditating outside

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Anna Chmielewska lays on grass, holding a flower

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