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Arnold Kauffman at the Arnold's Way December 2013 potluck

Arnold’s Way Owner Arnold Kauffman Is a Raw Food Pioneer

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Arnold Kauffman is the owner of the raw vegan café Arnold’s Way, popularly called The Raw Food Capital of the World, and a guest writer for Fruit-Powered Magazine, writing Stories from Arnold’s Way. He’s my friend and also a raw food mentor. A way to learn about him short of popping by his world-famous Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw food café for a Banana Whip is to check out the story I wrote on Arnold’s Way for Vibrance 8, published in September 2012.

Also, check out this feature story I wrote on Arnold for Issue 6 of Fruit-Powered Magazine, published in March 2013.

Want to know even more? Be sure to check out Arnold’s YouTube videos—there are hundreds! These videos often feature Arnold’s Way regulars and newcomers explaining how raw foods have changed their lives for the better. Subscribe to stay tuned!

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Explore Stories from Arnold’s Way, Arnold Kauffman’s guest stories for Fruit-Powered Magazine.

Watch a Fruit-Powered Video Feature on Arnold Kauffman’s Book The Way of Arnold

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