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Fruit-Powered Magazine: February 2017

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Rising Above Political Chaos; Back Spasms and Hip Pain Gone with Posture Exercises Method Practice; Amy Yuter’s Transformation Through Dietary Change; Don Bennett on Just How Healthy Do You Want to Be

Hello, readers! We’re into February and the start of a new U.S. presidential administration. Just like post-Election Day, I see lots of confusion, anger, division, helplessness and hopelessness. Can the country survive four entire years of this negativity? When we let circumstances drag us down and tear us apart, we’ll never reach our full potential and become merely finger-pointers for why things are they way they are. I encourage folks to speak out, listen and find a way to work together.

This was the story of the Bickering Bills, the 1989 Buffalo Bills team, which went 9–7 on the heels of a 12–4 campaign because quarterback Jim Kelly called out some players and running back Thurman Thomas called out the signal caller. The Bills, loaded with future Hall of Famers, got their act together the following season and went to four straight Super Bowls, something no other team has done. This story works the same way when it comes to making—and, the challenging part, sticking to—dietary and other lifestyle changes. When we let our schedule, planning challenges and motivational shortcomings get the best of us, we sabotage our own desires to create change in our lives.

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I want to tell you about the sheer excitement I’ve been experiencing in working with a new Posture Exercises Method client. After just her initial session with me, this life coach’s back spasms, which plagued her for months, ceased. The pain in her left hip, a driver in sidelining her once-active life, has all but vanished. And yesterday, during our third maintenance session and fourth consecutive week working together, she easily completed some exercises that she balked at two weeks earlier, having made mental calculations that they’d be too much for her. She’s now ready to begin walking regularly again! Talk about progress!

If you want to give your body some of the best exercise just as many Fruit-Powered Magazine readers are interested in giving their bodies the best food, explore my Method offerings. Clients who make the commitment to themselves and their practice by purchasing a package of 10 maintenance sessions stand to see the biggest gains in the least amount of time and are likely to turn their Method commitment into a lifelong lifestyle practice. These folks will enjoy living in a functional, pain-free body for the rest of their lives!

Amy Yuter in a closeup photograph outsideAmy Yuter is someone I met at a raw food café outside Philadelphia a couple of years ago. When she saw me, she turned to her mother and said, rather excitedly, “Mom, it’s the guy from Fruit-Powered.” I turned watermelon red, feeling for a moment like a rock star. I’ve gotten to see Amy quite a bit at monthly raw food potlucks at Arnold’s Way. Month by month, she shines evermore! Amy’s been on my list to feature in a transformation story package, but I never had contact information for her. So when someone dropped the ball and didn’t deliver materials for a transformation story package on time, I asked Amy the next night at the January potluck. By 9:30 the following morning, Amy delivered a sensational story, tips and recipe, setting the Magazine record for turning in materials so quickly. This woman is impressive! Enjoy her transformation story and Daily Green Smoothie recipe—and look for her tips in two weeks.

Man eating a green smoothie and wearing a smoothie mustacheFilling in this issue for Alicia Grant, in his latest Don Bennett Says … story, the disease avoidance specialist challenges readers, asking them, “How Healthy Do You Want to Be?” A raw fooder for 25-plus years, Don traces the history of health care—from bad spirits to bad blood to Big Pharma—and emphasizes that the best form is self care. “But what if the healthiest of diets was also delicious and enjoyable, just like the other, less healthy, diets?”, he writes. “Maybe this wouldn’t turn out to be a compromise … .”

On February 16, look for in the second half of the Magazine‘s February issue:

  • A guest story by Karen Ranzi
  • Top Tips from Amy Yuter
  • Plus more!

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