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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Autumn 2019-Winter 2020

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

2020: Looking Into the Future with Clear Eyes

Hello, readers. This autumn 2019–winter 2020 and 54th Fruit-Powered Magazine issue arrives on the edge of our starting a new decade. At this time 20 years ago, panic was rampant over whether Y2K would demolish computer systems. Now, we’re 30 years away from what some environmental experts call doomsday.

As I explore in Issue 54’s In Season story, “Why You Should Go Vegan for the Environment,” which is an open letter to the world, human overpopulation, finite land and water resources, and climate change are colliding in way that threatens life on earth. My story is a clarion call for everyone alive to get illuminated and inspired to make radical changes to their lifestyles to ensure our planet is sustainable for many generations to come.

Get Guidance in the Finest Diet and Exercise Programs

To help people transition to a plant-based or fruitarian diet, my Raw Vegan Coaching Program, part of my Fruit-Powered Life Force Center, is a resource for folks wanting to cut through the clutter and learn from a guy who’s been a vegan for nine years and wholly low-fat raw vegan for almost eight years. One recent client, all of 19 years old and living in a popular barbecue region, sees people in his family and community who are overweight and obese along with suffering from Type 2 diabetes. He’s choosing a life of good health.

Another client, in my Posture Exercises Method, said enough is enough with chronic pain, which held her back from participating in activities she desired. Improvements came quickly, as they generally do when we give our bodies what they need so that we can correct suboptimal joint alignment and posture.

If you and/or loved ones are seeking guidance, I’d be honored to serve as your holistic health coach in what I believe to be the finest diet and exercise programs. With these natural health services, I can work with anyone anywhere through video chat.

Explore the Posture Exercises Method and Experience Pain Relief and Peak Performance

Posture Exercises Method - Pain Relief and Peak Performance - Fruit-Powered

Ken IlGunas Zooms in on Minimalism and Wanderlust

This issue’s Closeup interview, “Ken Ilgunas on Vandwelling, Wanderlust and Society,” is with this author, who’s explored a range of timely interests, including minimalism and climate change. Ken and I grew up mere miles apart outside Buffalo, New York. I didn’t know him there, however. I stumbled on his Walden on Wheels: On The Open Road from Debt to Freedom in December 2017 and was blown away by what this resourceful man achieved. I’ve followed him since and enjoy his work and masterful storytelling. A lot of lifestyle attributes Ken Ilgunas writes about such as spartanism and freedom are needed if we’re going to make it in the future.

Dr. Barry Gillespie Shines a Light on Why Babies Are Fussy

Dr. Barry Gillespie contributes a Spotlight piece that pulls back the curtain in revealing the answer to the question practically every mother and father alive wants to know: “Why Is My Baby So Fussy?” Dr. Barry Gillespie is on a mission to ensure every baby alive is given his Baby Brain Score minutes after birth to determine whether they’d benefit from receiving Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy to release strain and optimize brain function.

Don Bennett Shares Secrets to Success for Thriving on a Raw Food Diet

In “How to Be Successful on a Raw Vegan Diet,” the latest Don Bennett Says … installment, Don Bennett digs in deep and divulges his secrets to thriving on a raw food diet. Key among these is a discussion about nutrition and how it intersects with diet. This article also features a sidebar in which Don Bennett dispels some passages from a popular book about a raw food diet with the goal of helping raw vegan enthusiasts succeed in the long term.

Alicia Grant Celebrates the Awe of Nature, Inviting Us to Get Lost in It

Alicia Grant crafted a marvelous piece, “Forest Bathing: Enjoy the Beauty and Health Benefits of Nature,” her latest Finding Your Synergy with Alicia Grant installment. There is a stop-you-in-your-tracks quality about nature, and Alicia Grant aptly captures this feeling in a story that will have you stepping out into the great outdoors for a walk deep in wondrous nature this autumn (or spring, for folks in the Southern Hemisphere).

Chris Kendall Finds Silver Linings During the Biggest Challenge of His Life

In his latest Raw Food Lifestyle Simplicity and Fun with Chris Kendall story, “Silver Lining,” Chris Kendall reflects on the motorcycle crash that upended his and his girlfriend’s lives starting in July 2018. Chris explores how he remained positive during monumental challenges in regaining mobility and health and found silver linings in getting to spend time with Kamilla Jönvik during an early period in their relationship.

Karen Ranzi Opens up on Creating and Running Wellness Retreats

Karen Ranzi has been running wellness retreats for a few years. In her latest The Best in Family Health by Karen Ranzi story, “How to Host a Wellness Retreat,” she shares how she got going in this space and the different tactics she’s used to connect with folks looking to enjoy a retreat experience. Karen Ranzi also shares some of the key features—including yoga, qi gong, meditation and ecstatic dance—that have been hits among retreat attendees.

Brian Rossiter on Sitting up Straight and How Sitting Can Impact Your Posture and Gait

In Brian Rossiter’s Raw Food and Health story, “Achieve Proper Sitting Posture with a Posture Exercises Method Practice,” the companion piece to “Achieve Proper Standing Posture with a Posture Exercises Method Practice,” I break down the correct sitting posture and why equipment we use every day is failing us, resulting in atrophied muscles, suboptimal alignment and posture, and chronic pain. Get educated on why your gait can worsen and what you can do to start feeling fantastic today and for the rest of your life!

Caileigh Feldman’s Uplifting Raw Vegan Transformation Story

I came across a post about Caileigh Feldman on Facebook and knew instantly I had to ask whether she’d like to participate in a Raw Vegan Transformations story package. Caileigh Feldman sent me the greatest selection of and most-colorful photos among all 112 of these transformation stories. Her Conversation, “Caileigh Feldman Heals from Chronic Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal,” is among the very finest Raw Vegan Transformations. Be sure you also catch “Caileigh Feldman’s Top 5 Tips for Surviving Airports As a Raw Vegan” and “Caileigh’s Creamy, Dreamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe.”

Create supreme vitality in your life!
Brian Rossiter

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