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Caileigh Feldman - top 5 tips for surviving airports as a raw vegan - Fruit-Powered

Caileigh Feldman’s Top 5 Tips for Surviving Airports As a Raw Vegan

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Caileigh Feldman shares her Top 5 Tips for Surviving Airports As a Raw Vegan. “Traveling and exploring the world is an incredibly expansive and rewarding experience,” Caileigh Feldman says. “I am a Saggitarius and absolutely adore visiting new countries and checking out cool markets and beaches. But, it’s no fun to travel if you feel wiped out of energy and suffer from major brain fog from heavy foods. That’s why I always plan ahead with enough fruits and juices before long trips. After traveling the world—from Perú, Costa Rica and Bolivia to France, Nicaragua and Croatia—these are my Top 5 Tips for Surviving Airports As a Raw Vegan!

Caileigh Feldman is a certified detoxification and cellular regeneration specialist, raw food chef, Marconics Energy teacher-practitioner and yoga instructor. She has healed her body and consciousness from eczema, suicidal depression, chronic fatigue, crippling anxiety and topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). She has been vegan since 2012 and loves her plant-based lifestyle. She finished a 144-day juice cleanse on January 1, 2019, and is feeling more radiant than ever!

Caileigh Feldman and her husband, Brian Russo, co-founded the Detox Mastery Academy to empower thousands of light workers, leaders and families to transform their health and experience true vitality! Caileigh Feldman and Brian Russo lead international yoga, raw food and detoxification retreats in Costa Rica.

Caileigh is on a mission to empower millions of people to reconnect with their divine source in their hearts, restore health in their bodies and truly give joy a chance! Explore Caileigh Feldman’s website, Give Joy A Chance, where you’ll find seven free raw vegan recipes, and join the Detox Mastery Academy. Follow Caileigh Feldman on Facebook and Instagram.

Presenting Caileigh Feldman’s Top 5 Tips for Surviving Airports As a Raw Vegan

1. Hit up a grocery store to stock up on fruit before going to the airport. It isn’t guaranteed that the airport will have any fresh fruit or vegetables for sale. Trust me, I’ve been in that situation, and let me just say, it wasn’t fun. Plus, even if they are for sale, they will generally be much more expensive at the airport. You are allowed to take fruit and vegetables with you onto the plane (finish eating them before you land) as long as they are not in liquid form. So go to grocery stores or fruit stands before heading to the airport to select your favorite travel fruits. My favorite travel fruits are grapes, pineapple chunks, mango slices, mini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. You can also bring nuts and seeds, if you want.

2. Bring a big bag or two of organic oranges to slice and squeeze into juice at the airport. As a total juice lover, I cannot miss my morning and midday fresh juices. So when I travel, I make sure to follow this step. Once you get through security, get a cup and reusable knife from a food stand, slice the oranges in half and start squeezin’. You may get a funny look or two from the people at your gate but who cares? You have fresh orange juice, and now they will totally want to be your friend to get some. You can even purchase a handheld orange squeezer if you want to pack that tool (I always do!)

Caileigh Feldman - top 5 tips for surviving airports as a raw vegan - holding fruits - Fruit-Powered
Photographed holding fruits, Caileigh Feldman is seen surviving airports as a raw vegan once again. Caileigh Feldman has traveled extensively in recent years, and this raw vegan has come up with wonderful tips to help any raw vegan stay nourished and satiated in airports and on their flights.

3. Pack your big, beautiful salad pre-airport. It always pays off to prepare. As the saying goes: “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Pre-airport, I love making a delicious salad with soft greens like butter lettuce topped with mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fresh mango and half an avocado with a squeeze of lime. I always feel like a queen eating this delicious fresh dinner with my bamboo cutlery on the plane while everyone else eats their plain food. Oh, excuse me, I mean “plane food.” 😉

4. Scope out the salad bars at the food court. Occasionally, you’ll find a really top-quality salad bar with delicious greens or veggies. I have no problem going up and kindly asking for a big bowl of cucumbers and tomatoes, if that’s all that I want. At Chipotle or other Mexican restaurants, you can easily find fresh guacamole or salsa to add to your salad. Be aware that there will generally be salt added to these, but you can always request to have some made without.

5. Move your body! Movement helps with digestion and regulating the body’s bowel movements. On flights, you likely will be sitting for a long period of time, so take the opportunity at the airport to go for a nice long walk or find a quiet corner to practice some gentle stretching and yoga.

Happy travels and have fun tasting delicious fruits wherever you go! ♥

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