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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Summer 2017

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Korani Connolly on What Color Means to Us; Kip Andersen Considers Cowspiracy, What the Health Impact; Terra Frutis in the Spotlight; Eva Straub Shares Transformation Story; New Magazine Writer Chris Kendall on Diet Flexibility; Paul and Yulia Tarbath on Raising Raw Children; Raw Food Leaders Dive into Oral Hygiene

Hello, readers! I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and are treating your bodies, other creatures and the environment right! I’m thrilled to share with you the wonderful stories in Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s summer 2017 issue, which might just be the best in the magazine’s 49-issue run since it got going in October 2012.

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This year, I’ve enjoyed the honor of working with Korani Connolly, helping her eliminate pain through regular practice of exercises in my Posture Exercises Method. We had our latest session by video chat Tuesday, and when it was over, I was treated to a color therapy session by Korani, who is very knowledgeable and passionate about this field. A color therapy practitioner, teacher, teacher trainer and author, Korani revealed to me marvelous insight about how my color choices are connected to my thoughts, feelings, life circumstances and so much more. At the end of our spellbinding session, I resolved to make more time for myself, to give myself more opportunities for rest and play as well as connect spiritually. Korani’s captivating piece, “Color Therapy Lends Mirrors to Your Life and Windows to Your Soul”, is this issue’s In Season story.

Kip Andersen is part of a duo making the best environmental and health documentary films at the moment. With Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret and What the Health, Kip and Keegan Kuhn expose the leading causes of environmental destruction and health conditions. I chatted with Kip in April shortly after the latter film launched, and our Closeup interview puts a lens on the impact of these films as well as takes a look ahead at what’s next for this team.

Terra Frutis has been a place in my mind since I heard about it a few years ago. I’ve published transformation stories featuring the core group of three founders—Peter CsereJay Kaiser and Jason Kvestad—but I wanted to know more about how the idea for the fruit haven bubbled up into consciousness. I asked them to trace the history of how the Ecuadorian spot came to be, and Jason came back with a Spotlight feature story that tells how plans crystallized and focuses on ongoing plantings and projects.

Many of you, I’m sure, have seen the magnificently colorful recipe photographs Eva Straub, a.k.a. Naturally Rawsome, posts on social media. These brighten my day, and I wanted to feature Eva in a Transformation story package so readers can learn more about this Germany citizen, who also broadcasts videos on her YouTube channel. In this issue, Eva shares her story—the 107th Transformation story published in the Magazine. Also, enjoy Eva’s Top 6 Tips for Good Digestion and recipe for Meatless-Meat Sauce for Zoodles.

In the Insight from Raw Leaders department, new Magazine writer Chris Kendall—I’m stoked to say this! :)—examines in “Finding Flexibility with Natural Hygiene” why he relaxed his once-strict diet, freeing himself to get more creative in the kitchen and get more people to enjoy raw foods. Enjoy Chris’ new column, Raw Food Lifestyle Simplicity and Fun.

I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, when Paul and Yulia Tarbath discovered that they were pregnant in fall 2013. It was such exciting news! The Tarbaths write about raising their daughter, Elanie, as a raw vegan. Paul and Yulia have done some special things in preparing for and raising their daughter, who sounds to be such a wise individual at such an early age. Enjoy their latest A Rawsome Life story, “Raising a Raw Vegan Child.”

Finally, I asked for some help from some friends to give readers a powerhouse story that’s been on my mind for a few years. In “Improving Oral Hygiene on a Raw Food Diet,” five raw food leaders and I share our experiences with oral hygiene before and after embracing a low-fat raw food diet. We talk about issues, solutions and routines. You don’t want to miss this comprehensive piece!

If you’re celebrating it now, summer is such a wonderful time to be raw vegan! The selection of colorful, yummy, nourishing fruits is off the charts, and temperature management is much enhanced compared with eating cooked foods. If you want to go raw and don’t know where to begin or need help righting your way on journey, I’d be happy to be your guide. I’ve renamed my raw food coaching service the Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program and am skilled in making the transition simple!

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Enjoy summer! 🙂

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