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Eva Straub’s Top 6 Tips for Good Digestion

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Eva Straub shares her Top 6 Tips for Good Digestion. Eva went from a nonvegan flexitarian to raw vegan from one day to the next and is still thriving on fresh fruits and veggies. She loves to take beautiful food pictures and shares them and her daily life updates on Instagram and Facebook.

1. Eat enough fiber-rich fruits such as papayas, mangos and bananas. Papayas are extremely helpful when it comes to moving your bowels. They also help remove the protein plaque that might have built up in your bowels from eating meat.

2. Don’t overeat! If you eat too much and exceed the point of being perfectly satiated, your digestion will slow down.

3. Watch your fat intake! Eating overt fats slows down digestion. It’s not as if you have to omit them completely, just pay attention to how much your body can handle without slowing down your digestion too much.

4. Eat tender leafy greens! Kale, collard greens and cabbage are pretty hard to digest. That’s why I prefer juicing these greens whenever I want to consume them as this will remove all the hard-to-digest fibres but leave you with all their valuable nutrients. And remember to chew your juice so the body can recognize what you’re eating. When it comes to eating tender leafy greens, chewing them well will make them easier to digest as well. You could also blend them up and make a smoothie if you’re afraid of eating big amounts of them.

5. Eat dried foods sparingly! Dried fruits and, especially, foods such as crackers, buckwheat or coconut flour slow down digestion.

6. Supplement with magnesium! I know a lot of people are against supplementing, and I can totally understand it. I also avoided supplements for quite awhile, but sometimes supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals might be beneficial as stress can really drain our storages. Whenever my digestion gets too sluggish or I get muscle cramps, I supplement with magnesium glycinate.

Enjoy This Illuminating and Inspiring Content? Show Your Love by Sharing!
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