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Fruit-Powered Magazine: Spring-Summer 2020

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Hello, readers! I’m wrapping up my writing of this greetings column for the spring-summer 2020 Fruit-Powered Magazine issue at a time when the United States and most or all the world is under self-quarantine over the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. I have a number of things to cover in this column space, which was running quite long before this hysteria broke, so don’t wish to delve into what all this means and where it’s going.

I will share this, however: If you think all the government and news media are telling you represents the whole truth, I would encourage you to ponder any agendas governments and Big Pharma might have and consider how this outbreak might fit into the very real and possible concepts of human overpopulation, forced vaccination, human tracking, freedom vs. control, and money. I’ve been learning lots as fear escalates and economies quickly crumble.

This might be taken as good advice at any time, but especially now: Open your mind, educate yourself, boost your health with fruit, exercise, love all, immerse yourself in nature and meditate while connecting with spirit!

Moving on! I’m excited about this issue, encompassing some powerful pieces that will surely illuminate and inspire readers across the world! At a time when health and doomsday headlines about health and the global economy dominate the news, I’m sure these positive and empowering stories will arrive like a breath of fresh air.

Before I preview this latest and 55th issue, let me cover some news about, natural health websites in general and special word about the ideals of veganism and justice getting the spotlight they deserve.

Along with a new website theme, look and feel, your eagle eyes might’ve spotted a new Fruit-Powered logo. This logo seamlessly unites diet and exercise, which represent the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center‘s twin services: the Raw Vegan Coaching Program and Posture Exercises Method.

With some artistic liberties I took in producing it, the logo is a yellow watermelon fruit art cutout of a man running, with the glorious sun’s rays fanning out in the background. I recast yellow as amber, or new gold, a color I’ve long been obsessed with along with green, creating the twin Fruit-Powered logo colors, with a white rind separating the two. The sun’s rays help propel the runner forward in an explosive fashion. A heart and lightning bolt across the runner’s left chest signify love and energy.

To me, there’s a strong superhero vibe about this logo, and I believe Fruit-Powered human beings can be superheroes in their own lives, others’ lives, other species’ lives and the environment, helping raise the collective vibe across the planet. The world needs as many Fruit-Powered superheroes as possible, so don your costume and find ways you can positively contribute to the world, in need of so much help and at such a critical time!

If you enjoy this logo as much as I do—I also love the watermelon’s curlicue tail!—look for a Fruit-Powered email soon once all-new merchandise in my new print-on-demand store is available to serve as your superhero costume and help inspire your community in person and online!

Natural Health Websites Need Your Help to Make Our Work Visible Again to All Those Who Need It

I launched in June 2012 and have grown it into one of the internet’s premiere natural health websites, with an emphasis on raw vegan content. I thank what must be, by now, 150-plus contributors for being part of this magazine, sharing stories about themselves and/or their work in stories and interviews. This website is more than 1,000 pages deep.

I learned in recent months the exact reason why this website and its magazine lost a considerable amount of traffic in August 2018: a Google algorithm update. In April 2018, I was forced to pause on Fruit-Powered work for many months after a fire destroyed practically everything I owned. When I got back to work, my traffic had nosedived. I was in the midst of dealing with a series of major life events in what was a dark night of the soul and couldn’t properly investigate. What I learned recently is that Google shook up its algorithm, causing natural health websites and websites in other industries to lose as much as 70 to 99 percent of their traffic.

Overnight, huge websites such as and along with suffered severe blows, with ours and many more related websites losing a great many keywords, in Google’s eyes, for which we had ranked highly enough to attract visitors.

When planning this spring-summer issue, I mentioned this finding to Fruit-Powered Magazine‘s regular contributors, and Dr. David Klein, who is the Magazine‘s longest-tenured contributor and whose once-published Living Nutrition and Vibrance magazines served as the inspiration for this magazine, took it upon himself to dig for more—and do a whole lot more.

Dr. David Klein crafted an inspiring, no-holds-barred letter to U.S. lawmakers, urging them to break up monopolies such as Google that are suppressing freedom of speech with the related goal of giving Americans options for how they approach health care.

I’ve pasted Dr. David Klein’s letter, co-signed by many, below and encourage all readers to copy and paste it in an email to their U.S. representatives and senators. This effort will take you five to 10 minutes, and it could make all the difference in not only your life but the lives of your family, friends and generations to come.

This can’t be swept under the rug and forgotten about.

Together, let’s help put pressure on search engines to give website publishers the opportunity to rise to the top positions in search engine results pages organically without pay-to-play activity—beyond traditional web advertising—influencing what internet users see.

People have the power!

Dr. David Klein’s Letter to U.S. Lawmakers

Joaquin Phoenix Spotlights Veganism and Connection to Nature During Groundbreaking Oscar Awards Acceptance Speech

Joaquin Phoenix: Thank you! This self-described selfish man, at times, used his platform during the Academy Awards not to gush over his career-pinnacle glory in winning the Best Actor Oscar for playing the Joker but to use his voice for the voiceless. He ties gender equality, racism, gay rights, indigenous rights and animal rights as truly united visions to correct injustice. This vegan since age 3 (he’s 45) goes on to shine a light on how humans have lost touch with nature as well as focus on animal rights.

“I think that we’ve become very disconnected from the natural world, and many of us, what we’re guilty of is an egocentric world view—the belief that we’re the center of the universe. We go into the natural world, and we plunder it for its resources.

We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives birth, we steal her baby, even though her cries of anguish are unmistakable. Then we take her milk that’s intended for her calf, and we put it in our coffee and our cereal.

And I think we fear the idea of personal change because we think that we have to sacrifice something, to give something up, but human beings, at our best, are so inventive and creative and ingenious. And I think that when we use love and compassion as our guiding principles, we can create, develop and implement systems of change that are beneficial to all sentient beings and to the environment.”
—Joaquin Phoenix

Watch Joaquin Phoenix’s Heartfelt Acceptance Speech

Earth Day: Celebrating 50 Years and a Look at Our Planet Today

At long last, I’ll introduce this Fruit-Powered Magazine issue’s stories. Earth Day’s 50th anniversary will soon be upon us! Every day—more than ever—should be Earth Day. Truly, it’s up to all us to protect Mother Earth and live every day as if it’s our last to take care of the environment and home for all species. In this issue’s In Season story, “Make Every Day Earth Day to Save the Planet”, I offer commentary on our state of the environment and share some key ways we can make a big difference.

The Raw Food Movement Has Grown to Be Mighty From Small but Strong Roots

This issue’s Closeup interview, “A Modern-Day Raw Food Movement History,” also hits the rewind button with none other than Dr. David Klein, who’s the greatest living historian of the raw food movement. In this fascinating interview, Dr. David Klein opens up about his time since the mid-1980s immersing himself and helping grow the raw food community in California’s Bay Area before moving to Maui, Hawaii, a decade ago. Along the way, he helped bring the raw food experience to folks across the United States and world. This is a time-capsule piece for this magazine, so enjoy it and share it!

A Fruitarian Diet Can Lead One to Enjoy a Sublime Connection With the Divine Source

In this issue’s Spotlight feature, Rob Rehnmark shares an insightful story, “How Fruitarianism Influences Spiritual Connection and Intuitive Clarity.” Rob serves up a number of examples throughout his life about how he sensed his being respond to thoughts and emotions while explaining how incremental dietary improvements helped catapult him to experiencing the ultimate in spiritual connection on regular basis. On a fruitarian diet, “Your clarity, connection and intuition will be of another world,” Rob writes.

Jack Childs’ Health Improvements on a Raw Food Diet Propel Him Spiritually

Jack Childs saved the day for me and readers the world over, ensuring Fruit-Powered Magazine would be able to publish a Raw Vegan Transformations story for the 55th consecutive issue—every issue, in fact. He reached out to me after someone had accepted and then dropped a commitment to share her story, and this extraordinary man contributed a first-rate story package. Jack Childs’ First Person story, “Jack Childs Overcomes Chronic Fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” is the 113th Raw Vegan Transformations piece to be published. It’s a fascinating piece about how this young man, after adopting a on a low-fat raw food diet, triumphed over health conditions that slowed him down in life on his way to exploring and elevating his spirituality. He is now a world-leading spiritual business coach. Also enjoy “Jack Childs’ Top 10 Tips for Creating a Life You Love” and “Morning Power Smoothie” recipe! Thank you, Jack! 🙂

Juicing Tips from Digestion Expert Dr. David Klein

When kicking around story ideas for his latest Lessons from the Orchard article, I asked Dr. David Klein whether he’d contribute a piece on juicing. Over the years, I’ve met some who like to juice a lot and was curious what the limit should be to ensure a body that doesn’t just feel great in the short-term future but is able to work optimally years down the road. I had theorized some might weaken their digestive systems by passing on solid food too many times a week or juicing for periods that are too extended. This digestion expert came back with a fascinating story, “Juicing Dos and Don’ts,” that serves up some great advice for anyone into juicing or wanting to try it out.

After years of having very little juice, I, personally, have gotten into juicing since December 2017, making my Magic 100 Juice (100 ounces of apple, orange, cucumber, celery and, sometimes, lettuce juice) every Sunday evening for dinner. I’ve also been experimenting recently with having celery juice each morning.

Anne Osborne: To Enjoy “Maximum Health,” Reach for Organic Fruit

In her latest The Fruitful Path contribution, “The Vital Importance of Eating Organic Fruit,” Anne Osborne puts a lens on organic fruit and ticks off a number of reasons why it’s superior to conventionally grown fruit. Anne Osborne includes some wonderfully visual examples to help drive her point home. This longtime fruit enthusiast even includes some helpful insight on how folks, despite their life circumstances, may bring more quality fruits into their lives. “The more I travel along this fruity path, the more I see the importance of consuming organic fruit in order to experience maximum health and avoid health issues,” she writes.

Mango Wodzak Breaks Down What Human Beings Are Designed to Eat

Mango Wodzak, in his latest Eden Fruitarianism piece, “Are Humans Really Omnivores?”, puts the spotlight on human beings’ physiology and behavior, stacking us beside true omnivores and carnivores. In doing so, this longtime fruit lover helps anyone questioning whether we’re designed to eat animals to see clearly that human beings are actually suited to eat fruits. This story is packed with startling examples that show just how different human beings are compared with true meat eaters. I’m sure anyone who enjoys a fruit-based diet will find excellent examples in this story to share with folks who contest their lifestyle choices.

Celebrating 10 Years on the Path to Peak Health

In my own Raw Food and Health story, “Self-Love Has Powered Me During My Health Transformation,” Brian Rossiter celebrates his 10-year anniversary of pursuing peak health with reckless abandon by telling the greatest love story you’ve ever heard. I dial up what I felt as I got going in April 2010 and reveal insight on what’s motivated me to achieve sustained excellence and experience continued joy in what I consider to be the best diet and exercise programs known to humankind. I hope this piece echoes in your mind for the rest of your life, inspiring you to feel the best, be the best and give the best you can in your life. As you’ll read throughout this issue, we all deserve this, including Mother Earth, but no one deserves this more than you!

Put Your Health in High Gear by Embracing the Finest Diet and Exercise Programs

When you read my story, it’s my hope you’ll come away motivated to take up a notch your life quality and experience for the betterment of you and all those you impact. I help people transition to a plant-based or fruitarian diet through my Raw Vegan Coaching Program. I also help people eliminate chronic pain and position them to experience peak performance through my Posture Exercises Method. These natural health services are offered as part of my Fruit-Powered Life Force Center.

If you and/or loved ones are seeking guidance, I’d be thrilled to serve as your holistic health coach in what I believe to be the finest diet and exercise programs on the planet. With these natural health services, I can work with anyone anywhere through video chat.

Explore the Posture Exercises Method and Experience Pain Relief and Peak Performance

Posture Exercises Method - Pain Relief and Peak Performance - Fruit-Powered

Create supreme vitality in your life!
Brian Rossiter

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