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How Fruitarianism Influences Spiritual Connection and Intuitive Clarity

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I work as a spiritual healer. I help my clients with a range of issues they may have. These issues can be spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, relational or anything in between. My clear connection with Source and the group consciousness I am a part of is truly a gift, and I feel called to take part in the healing of this world.

Connection and awareness like this lie at the very core of our beings. I’m grateful that I happened to be open to some of it from birth or at least from a very young age. 

Ever since I was a small child, I could sense the life force flowing in and around my body. I could feel how it was given different qualities by our emotions, how it was following or focused by our thoughts, and how it was at the core of and connecting every living being and inanimate object.

One second of stopping, relaxing and focusing allowed me to feel the buzzing and vibrating energy flowing through my hands. It was and still is natural and undramatic to me, but when I was little, I never talked about it or had the thought that others might not experience the world in the same way.

Growing up, I was always a bit torn between the reality and connection I could feel and see behind the curtains of the material world and the drama and difficulties we create and face in our lives. I now see all these “difficulties” as beautiful gifts for experiencing, healing and awakening.

With this article, I would like to give you an important piece of the puzzle for greater connection with the Divine Source and more intuitive clarity.

Fruitarianism - spiritual connection - intuitive clarity - person meditating - Fruit-Powered
Rob Rehnmark began cleaning up his diet at age 15 and also started meditating. Embracing a series of lifestyle changes enabled him to enhance his spiritual connection and intuitive clarity.

Food Affects Our State of Being and Vibration

At 15, I started eliminating meat from my diet for ethical and moral reasons. Around the same time, I had also started meditating and exploring spirituality in different ways. A year or two later, I started doing martial arts, meditating more and actually practicing sensing and using the life force (Ki, Prana, Chi, etc.) on a regular basis.

I didn’t notice a clear difference in my connection until I went completely vegan. I found that changing my state of being and going deeper in meditation suddenly got much easier. I’m not pretending to know exactly why this is so, but am not surprised that all great spiritual masters I have read about, including the Buddha and Jesus, strongly advised strict vegetarianism (vegan diet and lifestyle of no harm). Yes, I realise that a very large majority of the people claiming to be following them are paying little to no attention to these core parts of their teachings, but that’s beside the point.

Noticing all the positive health effects and the physical and spiritual well-being enhancements, I kept making changes. These changes enhanced the more fruit and less processed and heavy foods I consumed, while still eating enough to sustain my training, work and daily life. Eventually, I was eating mostly fruit plus a bit of rice, rye bread and lots of alfalfa and mung bean sprouts that I made at home.

The ease with which I started changing my state of being and vibration was astounding. My extensive meditation practice, both in stillness and in martial arts, made a big difference. I realised more and more how the food I ate was playing an important role. Food that was “light” and easy to digest, even when eaten in larger amounts, was clearly the way to go. A bonus was that my physical health kept improving, too! I experienced no more debilitating migraines and benefited from great skin and energy.

The Perfect Food for a Warrior

At this point, I was running my own martial arts club and had more than 30 students. The quality of training I could provide increased a lot through my increased intuitive sensitivity. I could feel the emotional states, focuses and energies around me. When I or a student got hurt, I would occasionally use my ability to sense and manipulate the energies to help the healing.

Fruitarianism - spiritual connection - intuitive clarity - hand striking - martial arts - Fruit-Powered
Rob Rehnmark’s engaging in martial arts helped fuel insight and peace in him.

Of course, I also used these senses to find the weak spots and blind angles of my “opponents,” sense and counter attacks coming from behind or before they even moved their bodies, manipulate their senses, generate more force and so on.

This may seem counterintuitive to many who might be wishing for more peace, but martial arts (not sport), Budo, the warrior’s way to enlightenment was my way and in my heart. I guess it still is. It has led me to greater understanding, insight and peace. So, yes, provided that you eat enough, fruit is the perfect food for physical strength and speed while enhancing the sixth sense needed to survive in dangerous situations.

The Perfect Food for a Healer or Intuitive

I am not sure about the details of exactly how and why it works this way and I don’t really need to know, but it’s abundantly clear that some foods are detrimental and some are more beneficial to spiritual awareness, connection and intuition. This is clear from many years of experience in going back and forth with different foods, both personal and in intuitive people close to me. It is also something that many well-known spiritual teachers agree with even when they don’t fully live up to these teachings and ideals themselves. The only spiritual teachers I have seen not agreeing with this are the ones who have made little to no progress in this area and sometimes even use spiritual bypassing to justify their current choices.

Both in myself and in others close to me, the effects have been apparent after only a meal or two of the more detrimental foods when coming from a light, clean and more-optimal diet. This is so even if the poor food choices are still considered very healthy by most people. When staying on this optimal diet for some time, the connection is stronger and intuition just flows with lightning speed and great clarity.

So what kind of foods help the most with keeping a strong and clear connection?

Some claim that it’s the most nonviolent and karma-free foods, and others place more focus on how light the food is and how easy it is to digest. Yet others emphasise the life force in the food or the type of caloric energy our bodies are designed to thrive on.

Whichever perspective you choose, the answer is the same: fruit.

Fruitarianism - spiritual connection - intuitive clarity - fruit assortment - Fruit-Powered
Leading a fruit-based raw food diet helped Rob Rehnmark elevate his spiritual connection and intuitive clarity.

Fruit itself requires no violence or any kind of killing and has no karmic load. It is the only food we can eat in complete peace. In fact, frugivores and fruit trees live in a mutually beneficial symbiosis, in which the trees provide us with food and we help them multiply and spread by eating the fruit and dispersing the seeds. It really is a beautiful arrangement in which no one is harmed or brutalised, and love can flourish. A true paradise on Earth. A perfect environment for connection and healing.

As we are anthropoid apes and a specialised frugivorous species, the fruit is the one food in nature that we can eat in its raw form and digest easily with very little burden on the body as a whole, our digestive system, specifically, or our general health. When healthy, we digest sweet fruit with great ease while staying “light” without the sedative effects of other foods. The further we move away from our natural and raw species-specific diet, the more health problems we get and the more heavy, sedated or stimulated we feel.

Yes, fruit is the only food we can eat fresh, raw and alive without problems. All the life force and chemical life processes are still intact. Fruit is alive, growing and ripening all the way up until we start digesting it. As long as the quality is good, fruit is the only food we can eat exclusively and truly thrive on.

Our bodies are specialised for a diet high in carbohydrates and low in amino acids and fat. When we have sufficient amounts of all three, we will use mainly carbohydrates for energy (our brains and nervous systems run exclusively on carbohydrates). With a low-fat intake, we maintain the most-stable blood sugar and energy levels. On this diet, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, and the same goes for many other illnesses.

It is important to note, though, that I am not referring to any processed foods, even if they are often high in carbohydrates, or sugar. The low-fat diet will also optimise the uptake, transport and delivery of nutrients like oxygen to all parts of our body, including the brain. The average amino acid ratio of fruit is almost the same as in mother’s milk. Fruit is the perfect food for maintaining ease of digestion, high physical and mental energy, perfect health, and clarity of mind and emotions.

Yes, fruit is our divinely given and perfect food in every sense.

Yes, after transitioning and healing, you will be able to enjoy health and a life you never experienced before. Your clarity, connection and intuition will be of another world.


You can give yourself a beautiful gift and a greater chance at being and living more in your divine higher self.

Fruitarianism - spiritual connection - intuitive clarity - Rob Rehnmark smiling - Fruit-Powered
Rob Rehnmark is thriving in health, spiritual connection and intuitive clarity, thanks to his adoption of a fruitarian diet.

OK, Let’s Start Eating Fruit! But Where to Start?

Yes! Let’s embrace this wonderful insight and make some changes. In love and beauty, for healing on all levels.

You can start by learning more about the fruitarian lifestyle and what it may take to make it really work. You can enlist the guidance of a health coach who is a successful fruitarian and with whom you resonate. I am part of the admin team in a Facebook group, 80/10/10 Raw Vegan Fruitarian, with 30,000 members. We support people transitioning to and maintaining a low-fat raw food diet. You may want to read some books such as The 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham.

You may face difficulties and will most likely require help. Many, if not most, of our foods are addictive, and when you free yourself from these addictions and comforts, you will have to face yourself in a way that you probably haven’t before. This can be very challenging, but the opportunity for healing is amazing and beautiful. Let it take the time you need without making excuses.

Do the mental and emotional healing required for you to stand more open and honest in front of yourself and the divine. Remember that healing and changing what you have been doing your entire life may not be an easy thing. Give yourself the healing time you need, and remember to be patient with yourself.

Transitioning to a fruit-based diet is a journey that is remarkable and tough but amazing and beautiful.

We are all divine spiritual beings, and love makes the difference.

Healing is the way home.

Be in love.

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