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Jack Childs’ Top 10 Tips for Creating a Life You Love

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Jack Childs shares his Top 10 Tips for Creating a Life You Love. “Since a raw vegan diet transformed my life, I have been focused on one question: How can I create a life I love?”, Jack Childs says. “Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to find some answers to this and believe we all have the potential to create an amazing life.”

Jack Childs is a world-leading spiritual business coach who helps spiritual people create businesses they love. After suffering from illnesses during his teenage years, Jack Childs healed by transitioning from a standard Western diet to a raw vegan diet focused on fresh ripe fruit.

This resulted in a remarkable transformation. Jack Childs healed his illnesses, ran an ultramarathon with all the new energy he had and started to become interested in spirituality. He has since gone on to train in a wide variety of spiritual and business modalities, speak and teach meditation at the UK Fruitfest and create a life he loves. Visit

Presenting Jack Childs’ Top 10 Tips for Creating a Life You Love

1. Get vibrant health as a foundation. To create a life you love, you need energy. The energy is already there, but you need to create a lifestyle that allows it to come through a lot more. The key areas should be a raw fruit-powered vegan diet, appropriate sleep and rest, exercise, walking in nature and reducing stress.

2. Start and end the day with an awesome routine. Habits define your life. The most important way to change your habits is to change your start and end to the day, when your brain is most receptive to transformation (in my own experience). Your routine is individual to you. My current routine at the start of each day and before bed is a list of 11 long-term things I am trying to manifest (say aloud and imagine feeling each one), 11 things I want to feel (say and feel each one), a gratitude stone I hold and shout aloud things I am grateful for and then a 20 minutes of silent meditation.

3. Understand the Law of Attraction and take responsibility for your life. All the top performers across any field take responsibility for what they attract into their lives. This is very empowering. I recommend The Secret as the best education on the Law of Attraction. I read this book at 19, and it changed my life.

Raw Vegan Tips for creating a life you love - Jack Childs - walking with castle in background - Fruit-Powered
Along with embracing a fruit-based vegan diet, Jack Childs recommends walking in nature as a way to obtain vibrant health, a springboard for creating a life you love.

4. Be clear about what you want. We are often very unclear about what we want. Real clarity allows you to align every habit, every action and every decision you take to one simple question: Does this or does this not help me get what I want in my life? Things become a lot easier and more simple then.

5. Stand firmly in your power. It can be tempting to people-please and try to live up to others’ expectations for our lives. This will lead to only unhappiness. Once you have the clarity on what you want, you have to follow through and sometimes upset people by standing firmly in your power. Over time, these people go out of your life, and you will attract much better people, but this takes time.

6. Learn from great teachers. The quickest way to learn is to ask someone who already has what you want. Over the years, I have always focused on learning from the best teachers I possibly could, doing a wide variety of spiritual trainings, working with spiritual teachers and masters one on one, attending the UK Fruitfest multiple times and doing lots of business trainings. Every aspect has helped me on my path.

7. Love life. To create a life you love, you have to love life back. When we recover from illnesses and heal through diet, there can be a tendency to overfocus on diet and not explore all aspects of life. I encourage you to explore. For a time, I was very scared to fully embrace other aspects of life after recovering from chronic fatigue and serious digestive issues, but, eventually, I realised how I was living a limited life. Love life and it will love you back!

8. Meditate more. To create a life you love, you need great awareness of what is happening inside you. There are many different parts to you: Some you need to use more, some you need to use less and some you need to heal. Meditation is the best way to raise awareness. I always do 40 minutes of meditation every day: 20 minutes upon waking and 20 minutes before bed.

9. Share your story. When we transform our lives through diet, part of us normally wants to hide our greatness. Whether it is fear of what others think or bad experiences from the past, we can start living a life where we feel we can’t be open and honest with others. Transform your whole mindset. If you are eating a vegan or raw vegan diet, you have something great to share and also probably many other great things to share to help others. Never be preachy but do share. The more you share, the more the universe starts to open up doors for you, the more you help others, and it makes you understand things a lot deeper, too. Win, win, win all round!

10. Do the shadow work. We all have pain that holds us back. To really live a life we love, we need to do the shadow work: healing our limiting beliefs, trauma and issues from the past so we can create a new future based on our light and greatness. You are ready to do this!

I hope that helps you live a life you love. My life has been a constant evolution in so many aspects, not the least in my career. I started by working for an accountancy firm in my gap year, and then worked as a high-performance sports coach, and then as a spiritual teacher and now as a spiritual business coach, helping spiritual people create businesses they love.

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