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Morning Power Smoothie

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Jack Childs shares his Morning Power Smoothie recipe. “You need to start your morning off great!”, he says. “Here, I share the smoothie recipe that makes me feel great each morning and tastes amazing, too.”

Jack Childs is a world-leading spiritual business coach who helps spiritual people create businesses they love. After suffering from illnesses during his teenage years Jack healed by transitioning from a standard Western diet to a raw vegan diet focused on fresh ripe fruit.

This resulted in a remarkable transformation. Jack Childs healed his illnesses, ran an ultramarathon with all the new energy he had and started to become interested in spirituality. He has since gone on to train in a wide variety of spiritual and business modalities, speak and teach meditation at the UK Fruitfest and create a life he loves. Visit

Morning Power Smoothie: Ingredients

Morning Power Smoothie: Directions

  • Put the kale or spinach into a blender as a base. Peel the bananas, break them up and add them on top.
  • Put in the raspberries, camu camu powder and barley grass juice powder.
  • Add enough water for the consistency you want.
  • Blend and enjoy!

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