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Fruit-Powered Magazine - October 2013 cover

Fruit-Powered Magazine: October 2013

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Weekly Installments of Fruit-Powered Magazine; on the Road to Fruitopia

Hello, readers. This issue launches the second year of publication of Fruit-Powered Magazine and first weekly installment of this growing monthly e-magazine. That’s right, each week on Thursdays you’ll receive in your email inbox a mix of stories, interviews, features, articles, tips, recipes, photo essays and more! If you’re not a subscriber, join my mailing list today!

Apples, bananas, grapes and other fruits against a white backgroundLook for more articles written by me as well as regular submissions by columnists Arnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein (who writes about maintaining alkalinity in this issue) and Matthew David. I’ll also introduce a new department, Fruit-Powered Fun Food Facts, which will serve up bite-size information about fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. During the four months a year with five Thursdays, including October, you’ll receive arts-oriented installments the last Thursday of the month.

I also plan on producing more Fruit-Powered Video segments to share with you. So far, I’ve done mostly recipe and interview videos but have much more in store. In these Fruit-Powered Magazine emails, I’ll also share with you the Fruit-Powered Quote, a project that’s been rewarding, especially with the addition of images this year to complement formidable words. Finally, keep an eye out for the Spotlighted Book—lots of times, this book will be on sale for a limited time only!

Megan Sherow in a composite photographWhat I hope to accomplish over time with Fruit-Powered Magazine is build—with the help of many so giving of their time and insight, of course—a richly colored tapestry of powerful and moving raw food transformation stories—profiles, interviews and guest stories. I want this e-magazine to be a place where an overweight person can learn about Jason Young’s 65-day juice fast, which morphed into a wholly raw food lifestyle. I want this e-magazine to be a place where a person stricken with cancer who’s adopted many dietary changes can learn about the end-all, be-all diet from Megan Sherow, who’s triumphed over brain cancer. (Speaking of this story, a story published October 1 cites Fruit-Powered Magazine and Fruit-Powered Video pieces with Megan.) I want Fruit-Powered Magazine to be a place where information and inspiration can be found, turning on the curious and transitioning and seasoned raw fooders.

Megan Elizabeth outside by a lake

Learning about the stories of so many in the past year lifted me each month while putting together the Magazine. I’m happy to share this week a profile on YouTube star and author Megan Elizabeth. I met Megan in May 2010, when I found my way back to Arnold’s Way after starting on my path to a raw diet with green smoothies. She’s been a friend who’s offered me and others raw food tips and has helped countless more with her first-rate media projects. Megan, who shares her Raw Vegan Pizza Bites recipe in this issue, had and still has a glow that attracted me to a wholly fruit-based raw food diet.

Later this month, look for:

  • Megan Elizabeth’s Top 5 Tips for Creating the Life You Want
  • A condensed interview with and Top Tips and a recipe from Eva Fruit of
  • A contributed story by Charles “Chuck” Schmidt Jr., who’s excelled in the 30-Day Raw Challenge at Arnold’s Way
  • And much, much more!

Lastly, there comes a time when just about every fruitarian dreams of selling his or her possessions and embarking on a trip across the world to a tropical fruit haven. I’m in the early days of doing just this and am writing from Warsaw, Poland, where I’m staying briefly. Next week, I’ll touch down in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ll write about this country, called a fruit paradise, over the next several months, reporting on what captivates me.

You can help Fruit-Powered Magazine be a bright light—and have a hand in changing the world one person, one fellow living creature and one parcel of land at a time! Please support this e-magazine by making a donation—large or small! Thanks so much for your donation!

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You can help Fruit-Powered Magazine be a bright light—and have a hand in changing the world one person, one fellow living creature and one parcel of land at a time! Please support this e-magazine by making a donation—large or small!

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