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Fruit-Powered Magazine: May 2014

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

50-Plus Transformation Stories, Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series

Hello, readers. I hope you’re having the best time and enjoying mounds of fruit—or at least finding this idea of eating so much fruit and achieving peak health to be attractive!

Closeup photograph of Tasha Lee holding fruitI’m thrilled to share that Fruit-Powered Magazine posted its 50th transformation story, on Korey Constable, two weeks ago! Enjoy all 50—and enjoy more each month—by clicking on the names in the footer of any page on This week, this e-magazine presents two more, on Tasha Lee and Mango Wodzak, both of whom recently launched books. Tasha is someone who’s got a lot of drive in her because she’s endured a roller-coaster ride while finding her footing on a raw food diet. Her story shines a light on nutrient deficiencies and how they can hamper your health—even when you’re eating our natural, species-specific diet—plus shows how resolve is needed to achieve something you believe in.

Mango Wodzak photographed with a birdI enjoyed watching Mango and his partner in the documentary Pure Fruit. Mango is a full-fledged fruitarian, eating fruit and only fruit. He traces the story of his journey to raw food and shares his vision for a more beautiful world, one that resonates with me deeply. Learn how fruit plays a big part in Mango’s concept.

This month, the always insightful regular Magazine guest writer Don Bennett takes a look at whether it’s possible for human beings to push their workouts too far. Don recently weighed in on whether chin-ups and pull-ups are beneficial for us in a story I wrote.

Next month, I’ll have special preorder information for a project I’m very excited about—the Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series! This four-volume series features recipes from Jesse Bogdanovich, Anna Chmielewska, Ashley Clark, Jenee Hallick, Harley Johnstone, Arnold Kauffman, Chris Kendall, Dr. David Klein, Elisa Oras and Karen Ranzi, all of whom have been featured in the Magazine, and myself. This collection is perfect for those wanting to eat more healthfully, those transitioning to a raw food diet and even seasoned raw fooders wanting some dynamic recipes from a world-class lineup of raw fooders! From smoothies and appetizers to main courses and dressings, the Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series has you covered!

Cover of Smoothie Recipes from Raw Food Trailblazers by Brian Rossiter

Quick notes:

Flier for July 2014 recipe classes at Shankara

This month, in weekly installments, look for:

P.S.: Jason Young has inspired me since I met him in April 2013. Last week’s Fruit-Powered Quote shined a light on a line Jason posted to, and then Jason wrote this post:

So honored to call Mr. Brian Rossiter a friend and a great source of inspiration. You can’t find a more genuine, kindhearted person as well as a very talented and hardworking writer, teacher, mentor and so much more. You all owe it to yourself to follow him on

Inspiration is the fuel that drives change.
April 20—Jason Young

I received the following message from Jerry:

I lo♥e that video with Jean Campbell—I feel the same way about the excitement and telling other people, and I guess we all do that with raw foods. You almost have to share it. After seven years raw, I still have as much enthusiasm. I have watched that Jean Campbell video over 10 times in the past day or two.

A few days later, after Jerry began reading Alive!, he wrote me back:

Cover of Alive! by Brian RossiterI got up to the part about holding your arms skyward in a ‘V,’ and I knew I’d have to get to you and say, ‘I lo♥e this book.’ … I just closed the pages, driven to happy tears and thank you for writing this book and telling it like it is. I can’t wait to hear the rest of what you are going to say in the book!

Diana wrote me:

Thank you for sharing your amazing site with me. I am truly enjoying it.

Stephanie told me at the last Arnold’s Way potluck:

Your chin-up story was just what I needed.

Go Fruit-Powered to supercharge your life!

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