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Fruit-Powered Magazine: July 2013

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Smoothie Stand; Raw Food Classes; Sweeping Raw Journeys

Hello, readers. Late this spring and early this summer, Anna Chmielewska of and I have undertaken a fun project: bringing smoothies to the people! The kind folks at Longview Farm & Market in Worcester, Pennsylvania, have embraced us to sell smoothies—strawberry-orange is the early favorite!—in a corner outside the market, and we’ve even gotten to talk about our low-fat raw food lifestyles with several customers.


Last weekend was especially fun because we went to pick strawberries in the market’s field, which attracted dozens on weekend days in May and June. It was my first time picking strawberries and proved to be loads of fun!

Anna and I took our raw message to the raw food café Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, the day after summer began, teaching a raw food recipe demonstration class. During the two-and-a-half-hour course, we prepared recipes such as smoothies, fruit desserts, cabbage wraps, salad dressing and Pepper Pizza with Savory Marinara Sauce while spooning out tips and explaining the basis for our raw food diet. We marked our calendars for our next class, July 21 at Longview Farm & Market. Stop by if you’re in Greater Philadelphia!

Paul and Yulia Tarbath pose while holding a coconut

I had the pleasure of talking via Skype to Paul and Yulia Tarbath of a couple of weeks ago. We chatted about their raw food journeys, fitness gains and worldwide travel. They share their very inspiring and powerful story, packaged in a profile article by me, in this Fruit-Powered Magazine issue—and have much more to say in their forthcoming book, The Raw Message.

Josh Fossgreen looks into the distance in front of a green-and-yellow wallLike me, Josh Fossgreen of never thought he’d be a vegan, but these days, eating a vegan diet is the only way he can imagine eating. Josh lends insight on being a raw fooder who, like Paul and Yulia, is on the road quite a bit. This musician and author also highlights several of the health gains he’s experienced on a low-fat raw food diet.

Janie Gardener smiles with arms raised

Janie Gardener‘s road to raw food bliss wasn’t as easy as some have it today. She began making dietary changes while in college in the mid-1980s and eventually received information from Dr. Doug Graham online about a decade ago that helped her thrive. Janie, from whom I learned quite a bit in summer 2011, once I got on track with a low-fat raw food diet, contributes a colorful story to this Magazine issue.

The Tarbaths, Josh and Janie all share tantalizing recipes in this issue as well—and be sure to look for Paul and Yulia’s Top 5 Tips for Going Raw!

Anna Chmielewska is featured in a composite photograph on meditationIn the last issue of Fruit-Powered Magazine, Anna launched a series of special stories on meditation. In this issue, she explores ways to meditate, even if folks lead busy lives.

For the past year, Arnold Kauffman of Arnold’s Way has talked about the benefits he’s experienced from dry fasting, the subject of his article this month. The king of raw food YouTube videos, who just launched his first documentary, 30 Days Raw, shares one aspect of his daily routine.

P.S.: Aaron wrote me after reading Issue 9 of Fruit-Powered Magazine:

Getting better with each issue!

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