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Paul and Yulia Tarbath pose at Mount Shasta in California

Paul and Yulia Tarbath’s Top 5 Tips for Going Raw

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Paul and Yulia Tarbath of share their Top 5 Tips for going raw. They have led a low-fat, raw vegan lifestyle since 2009. Their YouTube channel features more than 100 videos on a variety of topics. Paul and Yulia are co-authors of Deliciously Raw Dinners and The Raw Message. Yulia is also the author of The Spirit of Transition.

  1. Have a strong desire to switch to a raw food diet and succeed on it. Write 10 reasons how switching to a raw food diet can benefit you and change your life. This can be, for example, regaining health, getting into great shape, contributing to environmental well-being, setting a healthy example for your family, etc.
  2. Commit to ongoing education. To succeed on a low-fat raw vegan diet, you need to study resources and learn from people who are doing a low-fat raw vegan diet successfully. Read books, watch videos, invest in DVDs and get yourself recipe books and any other information that can help you.
  3. Take steps toward becoming raw. Start from having a 100 percent raw, fruit-based breakfast, then make your lunch 100 percent raw and fruit based, then transition to having raw dinners. Keep your diet high in fruit and greens and low in fat.
  4. Make sure that your dietary change is accompanied by a lifestyle change. As well as eating a fruit-based raw vegan diet, commit to regular exercise, keep yourself hydrated, ensure that you attain sufficient levels of sleep and rest, spend time in contemplation, learn to manage your stress levels and surround yourself with like-minded people.
  5. If you cannot make this switch by yourself, get help. Having an experienced coach guiding you through the initial stages of your dietary and lifestyle switch can save you months or even years of struggle.

Paul and Yulia Tarbath pose while holding a coconut

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