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Arnold Kauffman writes The Way of Arnold in his back yard

Dry Fasting Arnold’s Way

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

I am a 66-year-old man who is driven by what he does: eating fruit all day and feeding off an endless stream of continual energy to recharge his battery to be the light force for himself as well as others. My goal in life is to live in the most fun-filled, nonmaterialistic way possible—hence the futon mat on my bedroom floor.

Cover of Quantum Eating by Tonya ZavastaI choose 11 p.m. as the latest hour I want to go to bed. It is about five hours after my last meal, which lately has been fruit. On this particular day, I ate a banana whip at 5:30 p.m. and would not eat or drink, including water, until 10 a.m. the next day. That is 16-and-a-half hours with no food or drink. The technical phrase for this is “dry fasting.” Doing this on a daily basis resonates with me as a way to rejuvenate my body to such an extent as described by Tonya Zavasta in Quantum Eating. If one continuously dry fasts, by age 70, all the wrinkles should go away. I should look 17 years old—wowie kazowie!—if I do this daily.

This is what I do every single day, starting between 5:30 and 7 p.m. I stop eating and begin dry fasting for youthful energy and wrinkle removal. I am my own expert.

I generally sleep seven to eight hours, depending on what I eat. If I eat a fruit dinner, generally a banana whip, I need less sleep—about seven hours—because my body can focus its energy on rejuvenating me and to use its force of 75 trillion cells, with each cell having about 20,000 life units within to regenerate my body. These are my doctors. These forces are my detoxifying agents. There is no greater force in the world that knows me and the workings of my body to determine what is best for my body.

I’m in a continuous state of humble appreciation and awe for the innate wisdom of my body and how it uses every force, every moment and every second to keep doing the things I do. To keep me opening and closing my eyes to see what I see—never, ever once foiling me. To keep my heart beating, to keep my hand moving, to keep my legs walking—wowie kazowie!—I am a continuous miracle of light and love.

Sign banning eating and drinkingIt is on this basis that I rise in the morning, about 10 to 12 hours after my last meal and drink of any kind. You would think I would reach for, at the very least, something to drink—water, smoothie, anything! It’s quite the opposite. This is when my morning workout begins. This period of time is called “me time,” when everything going on in my life is set aside. No work. No bills. No computers. No figuring out what has to be done in the real world. To me, it’s about balance. It’s about creating a world based on the love of yourself, love of others, love of what you do in work.

I get up at 6:30 a.m. and generally meditate quietly in bed, allowing the love of life to gently flow within me. I look around at all the plants in my room. The greening of their beauty is a gift to me. Each moment becomes my glory for the best day ever.

With my exercise program, I work out outside during the warmer months. I can’t overstate that we live in a world of continuous miracles, and I see this as I exercise. Trees stand tall, requiring sun and water. The birds chirp, moving from flight to tree to anything where they can rest momentarily before their next adventure. With so many things, I am in eternal gratitude.

On a mid-June day, I begin exercising on my rebounder. I exercise from half an hour to two-and-a-half hours, depending on what is going on. Keep in mind that all the time I’m exercising, I’m not eating or drinking. I’m shooting for a 15- to 17-hour dry fast daily. This is my belief, as of today, what is best for me.

I have done about five water fasts, ranging anywhere from three to 21 days. I have done juice feasting and fasting, which lasted as long as 35 days. Although all these were good and beneficial—and I got great results—they were temporary fixes, which I could not sustain. The other side is, when coming off these feasts or fasts, you have to be in total control of your appetite, which borders on voracious. I was starving and, for as many days as I was feasting or fasting, my eating was out of control.

When one dry fasts, he or she receives the same benefits without the up-and-down cycle of erratic eating. So I take my words and begin my exercise and give thanks for another day.

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